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Specifications of AG® MP-1 Resin Resin Crosslinkage Approx.
Selecting Cation or Anion Exchange Support Separation strategy for amphoteric molecules.
Analytical grade (AG) resins are extensively purified to remove both organic and inorganic impurities. If you are an educator at the high school or college level, visit our Education Discount Policy page to establish an education account number.

If you are placing an order, you may proceed with your order; the account price will be applied if it is lower than the list price. They are also sized to consistently give narrow wet mesh ranges, which provide high resolution and excellent reproducibility.
To support this effort, the company has implemented a discount policy that allows high school and college teaching laboratories to purchase kits, instruments, reagents, and other equipment at preferred prices. AG resins are available as both strong and weak anion and cation exchangers and as mixed-bed ion exchangers. AG resins are primarily used for the separation of low molecular weight compounds such as inorganic ions, organic acids, nucleic acids, or carbohydrates.

Its effective surface area is approximately 23 m2 per dry gram, which is equivalent to 20% porosity. It can be used in organic solvents and is useful for adsorption of silica from water, separation of isozymes, and HPLC protein purification. Its effective surface area approximates 23 square meters per dry gram, 20% porosity.Larger volumes and special packaging for industrial applications are available on request.

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