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In this tutorial we’ll create a custom pattern brush that can be used to draw cool, comic style ropes in Illustrator. Open a new document in Illustrator and grab the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Click somewhere on the stage. Draw a vertical line on top of the shape, select both the line and the shape and hit the Divide button from the Pathfinder window. Ungroup the resulting object by hitting cmd+g, then place the the right half on top the left half, select both and unite the shapes via the Pathfinder window.
Set the color of the resulting shape to a lighter brown and hit cmd+b to paste another copy of the basic shape in the back. To create the repeated pattern, we need a few copies of this shape and we need them to align perfectly without any gaps. Draw two lines along the guides and divide all the affected shapes (one by one) using the Divide button from the Pathfinder window.
In the upcoming window, set the brush type to New Pattern Brush and leave the other settings as they are. As you can see in the image above, there seem to be some unattractive gaps between the tiles.
I added separate tiles for the starting and ending points using the techniques described above.
Thank you for your very interesting tutoriel, it has me allowed to understand how we made the brush of texture. On the other hand, I noticed that we see the separations of the shape repeated as on your image number 13! I am not sure on what size to set to get the rounded edges, it is pretty small and not sure what numbers, the X-Y W-H should be set as?
Thanks for the tutorial but I am lost at the 3rd step There are no images explaining this. It worked out fine, but now i am I’m having big trouble with the endings of the stroke. Uber michIch beschaftige mich bereits seit 11 Jahren mit der Gestaltung & Programmierung von Webseiten, arbeite seit 3 Jahren hauptberuflich in diesem Bereich und bin seit diesem Jahr auch auf selbstandiger Basis als Webdesigner tatig. Neben der Konzeption und Umsetzung von Online-Projekten gestalte ich auch Logos und Printprodukte. In addition to an internationally acclaimed culinary art school whose graduates constantly add to the diversity of the local food scene via their own inventive ventures, Tijuana is home to a growing craft beer scene that is heavily influenced by its San Diego counterpart, which is nothing short of a world-famous beer mecca. Once branded “the most visited city in the world,” Tijuana receives millions of tourists annually thanks to its proximity to San Diego.

Booking a hotel room — the city offers many options, so check TripAdvisor for user reviews — not only frees you up to enjoy the city after dark without having to worry about getting back across the border by a certain hour, it also allows you to explore Tijuana once the sun has come up, a completely different but usually delightful experience.
Founded in 1889, Tijuana came to be as a direct result of United States’ victory in the Mexican-American War in 1848. We recommend studying a bit about the subject beforehand, as it puts into better context the iconic and surreal but at times overlooked sights such as where the border fence trails into the Pacific Ocean in Playas de Tijuana, the northwesternmost corner of the country, as well as the historical border monuments that have dotted the official boundary between the two nations for nearly an entire century before the United States constructed the fence in 1994. A visit to the Museo de Historia de Tijuana (the Tijuana History Museum, located inside the old municipal palace at the corner of Second Street and Avenida Constitucion) or the Sociedad de Historia de Tijuana (a bit east of the downtown area on Ermita Norte) also makes for an additional dose of contextual info regarding the city’s unique past. Too many first-time visitors arrive hoping to stroll across the border and straight into a Corona ad, with visions of white sandy beaches, palm trees, free-flowing booze, and barely-there bikinis running through their heads. One could argue that the city should be thought of as a Mexican extension of Los Angeles, which, at only 225 kilometers to the north, was originally founded on Mexican territory. It’s difficult to imagine, but many Mexicans who visit Tijuana from other regions around the country — be it Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Monterrey — often find themselves feeling just as out of water as any foreigner. But many locals will unabashedly admit it is this very dynamic that makes their city — capital of the would-be “Third Nation,” a term some scholars use to refer to the border region — so unique. Rooted in the spirit of its Prohibition-era boom, a time when Americans craving temporary refuge from their nation’s ban on alcohol flooded across the border, Tijuana is a world loaded with added liberties and temptations, many of which are not necessarily legal but readily available. Posted in Latin America, Mexico, Things To Do In, Tijuana Tagged mexico, mexico travel, things to do in, things to do in tijuana, tijuana travel. Belgian Blocks pavers are used for curbing, paving, garden borders, walkways, driveway aprons, walls, and decorative pieces.
We’ll make heavy use of the Pathfinder tool while working on the individual shapes and of course you will learn how to create brushes in Illustrator. An easy way to get this done is to draw a temporary horizontal guide line with Line Tool as shown below. Drag in two guides and make them snap to two points that define the same position in the repeated pattern. You can now apply it to any path or shape and also use it in typographical designs for example. He's very passionate about creative, mobile friendly design and loves to implement customized websites using the latest technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery and WordPress. I just forget to inform you that you said to set the width to 20px, height to 50px and the corner radius to 10px, but at the time of project you set the height 35px.
It takes place in 1 or 2 pixel near… Except on your images according to it is first-class! I had no gaps either, but the piece entered into the brush pattern had the little extension on the left and not right as in your example, if this makes any sense.

It seems when i draw the lines and divide in pathfinder it groups everything together, it just doens?t do the split like your picture. Traditionally, most come to enjoy its shopping, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the afternoons and evenings, but only a handful wind up staying longer than a few hours. Mexico was forced to sell more than half of its original territory to the United States, moving the border from the 42nd parellel at the modern-day California–Oregon state line to its current location along the 32nd parallel.
This, while true of resort destinations in central and southern Mexico, is essentially the opposite of Tijuana’s urban borderland vibe. Doing so will probably better prep you for the city’s actual persona, one that constantly transitions from ruggedly gritty to cosmopolitan polished and back again, as well as from one culture to the other, within a matter of metres. Indulge in a food lovers’ adventure that shows off the city’s best and most authentic flavours in one epic afternoon of eating! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This Morrisville Pa client wanted their existing Belgian blocks removed and properly re-installed.
This way you can reduce the height of the shape without interfering with the rounded corners.
I did this on AI but it appears to exist a white line (1px) between pattern and pattern in my brush, how can i fix this?
In case you’re planning to animate the rope in Flash, you might need to try a different approach though. This Mexican border city is far more than just a party town (although we’ll forgive you if you do want to stay out until the sun comes up).
This is undeniably Mexico’s most American city, but it feels like anything but the States.
Chalk it up to capitalizing on cultural ignorance, but as a result certain visitors experience less than success as far as staying out of trouble goes. Eventually you’ll have to get back to step 3 and adjust the height or width of your basic shape. Don’t be overly paranoid, but do everything possible to enjoy yourself while not becoming a victim, be it at the hands of opportunistic thieves or police.

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