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As a practicing endodontist, I would like to share with you five tips for effective use of bioceramic technology in your general dental practice.
Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Breakthrough Clinicala€™s Editorial Director Stacey Simmons, DDS, says, a€?Not everything we do in dentistry is black and white and therein lies the conundrum a€¦ Oftentimes the chief complaint is difficult to pinpoint, and the pathology is asymptomatic or vague in appearance.a€? Dr. Se houver algum problema ou se nA?o receber o produto exatamente como o comprou, devolveremos o dinheiro.
Pediremos o cA?digo relativo ao Vale-Presente e o vendedor terA? o dinheiro logo em seguida.
Considere que se usar boleto bancA?rio, o pagamento pode demorar de 1 a 2 dias A?teis para ser aprovado. Para saber quanto pagarA? de envio, digite o CEP do endereA§o que deseja receber o produto.

NA?o digite dados de contato, nA?o use linguagem vulgar, oferte ou pergunte por outro produto. These tips will allow you to not only perform better endodontics, but to accomplish it in a more expeditious manner. Bioceramics and their use are not just limited to the specialist practice a€“ they have great application of use for the general practitioner as well.
Nasseh is the president and chief executive officer of Real World Endo, and MicroSurgical Endo Educational Institute. Simmons hopes to clear the gray area surrounding internal and external resorption in endodontics procedures with this 101 guide to their definition, causes, identification, and differentiation between the two lesions to arrive at a definitive diagnosis.
Additionally, for those dentists not yet using bioceramic sealers for their root canal therapy procedures, it is my hope this article will stimulate you to further investigate the use (and multiple applications) of this material. If you have not yet experienced this material, we suggest that you make the effort to check it out.

He is the endodontic advisor to several educational groups and study clubs and is editor to several peer reviewed journals and periodicals. This reference may be used as an adjunct to offer predictable treatment and successful clinical outcomes. He has been a Clinical Instructor and lecturer in the Post-doctoral endodontic program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine since 1997 and the Alumni editor of Harvard Dental Bulletin. He has published numerous articles and lectures extensively nationally and internationally in surgical and non-surgical endodontic topics.

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