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We discovered that through drinking kombucha regularly, his digestive issues were vanishing. By drinking kombucha regularly to rid your body of toxins, you are making the job easier on your pancreas and liver. Kombucha is also high in Glucaric acid, which has been shown to be beneficial in cancer prevention in recent studies. It is normal to experience some digestive upset when you first begin drinking kombucha, especially if you are knew to detoxifying foods and strong probiotics. Kombucha contains vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need to maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin B12 is found in animal foods and naturally fermented foods, and is a requirement for the healthy functioning of several processes in our bodies. The second reason that kombucha can provide immediate energy is it’s detoxifying effect on the body. Kombucha is a rich source of glucosamines, which have been found to be beneficial in reducing the pain and inflammation of arthritis and can even be beneficial in reducing migraine headaches. Glucosamines also increase the production of synovial hyaluronic acid, which can preserve cartilage and act similarly to NSAIDs in reducing pain and inflammation in the body.
Vanessa Pruitt is a wellness coach with the goal to help people take one step at a time toward a happier, healthier, more natural life. Welp, I am one of those people that drink it and know it’s supposed to be good for me but has no idea why ?? Thanks for the information! It is that time of year again, when the weather is finally getting warmer and soups and hot drinks are swapped for ice-teas and strawberries on cream. With the summer season producing so many juicy, and delicious strawberries, it is perhaps comforting to know that they are also good for us in so many surprising ways.
There are over 600 varieties of this scrumptious fruit, with different textures and flavours. But did you know that they are often used for alleviating some of the most common medical conditions? Strawberries have a high potassium content and can help to negate the effects of sodium in the body.
Strawberries contain powerful antioxidants that can mitigate the effects of free radicals, reduce tumor growth and decrease inflammation in the body.
A study published by US scientists showed that freeze-dried strawberries may help prevent human oesophageal cancer. Strawberries are a great source of potassium, vitamin K and magnesium, which are important for maintaining healthy bones. A study published by Norwich Medical School showed that by regularly eating anthocyanins, a class of flavonoids found in berries, you can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 32% in young and middle-aged women. Women who consumed at least three servings of strawberries or blueberries per week were the least likely to get heart disease. The flavonoid quercetin, contained in strawberries is a natural anti-inflammatory that appears to reduce the risk of ?atherosclerosis and protect against the damage caused by low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Strawberries also have a high polyphenol content that both reduces blood pressure and is good for the heart. Like most other fruits, they also contain a healthy supply of fibre, which is also great for the heart. Strawberries can also help to cut the risk of stroke because of its high quantity of quercetin, high potassium content and and anthocyanins, which reduce blood clots. Actually it is hard to do this article any justice, because condensing the full benefits of strawberries is almost impossible. In ancient times, they were used to alleviate symptoms of fainting, fevers, throat infections, kidney stones, halitosis, attacks of gout, and diseases of the blood, liver and spleen.
Interestingly, in the 13th century, strawberries were given to newlyweds in soups, because they were thought to be an aphrodisiac. In short, strawberries are good for preventing so many nasty diseases and have the added bonus of being a tasty and delicious health snack.
Akashic Times is the UK’s only online, fully independent not-for-profit newspaper that brings you real news from across the globe. If you want to keep ahead of what is really going on in the world, subscribe to our newspaper via the subscribe button and join our Facebook & Twitter pages. A human sacrifice ritual has been caught on camera on a campus owned by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The government is considering plans to investigate families which home-school their children in the UK. As summer winds down, I hope you’ve been able to take some time off to rest, relax and unplug. VISIT FLORIDA is proud to support the effort by signing up as a founding partner of the Project: Time Off Coalition.
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The secret of green tea lies in the fact it is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Selective green leaf is a distinct advantage to maintain the "finest quality " & freshness at highest level. Production capacity is ranging from 350 metric tons to 550 metric tons per annum & a range of Products are on offer including " specialty Green Tea. Sanquhar consists of 209 acres of tea plantation, is nestled amongst picturesque mountains and cascading waterfalls in the central hill capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Melfort factory situated in Pussellawa valley on the Nuwara Eliya road in the central hills of sri lanka. And with a guaranteed wide range of products, the manufacture ability starting from 420 to 650 metric tons per annum.
This is the only green tea plant in the island & with accredited haccp food safety management system & ISO 22000.

Taste : They are sweet when immature but in ripened state it loses its sweetness acquiring a rather bland taste, like that of the cucumber. For preventing blood loss from nose or as a result of piles, a mixture of Indian gooseberry and fresh juice of winter melon can help.
It is an effective diuretic, which helps in eliminating toxins by causing frequent urination.
It has been regarded as a vegetable or fruit which provids quick energy as revealed by ancient yogic science. It has natural cooling properties which can be checked during the winters by adding a hint of honey to it. It is an important ingredient for making ‘Petha’ highly popular in Pakistan and the northern parts of India.
Not only the melons, leaves and shoots of this plant are also nutritious and hence consumed as green vegetables. For improving sperm count and its movement, often the seeds of this vegetable is cooked with milk and consumed.
An effective remedy for tapeworms and intestinal infections can be offered by the winter melon’s seeds. For treating chapped lips, a powder made by grinding the seeds of this fruit vegetable can be applied. Chinese Winter Melon Soup, known popularly by the names of dong gwa jong and tung qua chung is a very popular recipe which uses either pork or beef to churn out this dish. It is believed that winter melon jam is good for pregnant women as it endows the child with good looks.
Best part about these vegetables is that they can be stored for about 5 to 6 months and can be eaten during the winter months, like they do it in China. As the game of tennis has evolved and moved towards hard hitting baseline rallies, the western grip has gained in popularity among players of all ages and skill levels.
In this article we’ll take a complete look at the western forehand tennis grip and talk about some of the main benefits and drawbacks for players that choose to use this grip. About 100 years ago, the continental grip was the de facto tennis grip used by virtually all tennis players.
Add to this that the sport of tennis has become considerably more competitive, and it makes sense that there has been a natural evolution away from the ultra conservative continental grip, to the rather extreme western grip. As a result, the western grip has become one of the more popular grips used by professional and recreational players, providing them with the ability to generate an unprecedented amount of topspin when hitting the ball.
When most players grab a tennis racquet for the first time, the western grip is usually far from how a player would consider holding the racquet. When holding your racquet you may have noticed that your grip forms roughly the shape of an octagon, just like a stop sign with eight sides, as pictured in the diagram below. We can easily find the western grip by placing the palm side of your index fingers knuckle against the 5th bevel of the racquet handle. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong grip, rather you’ll want to find something that feels comfortable and allows you to play the style of tennis you’d like.
If you’re looking to develop a heavy baseline game with big groundstrokes that have a ton of topspin, then the western grip might be the right grip for you. Without a doubt, the main benefit of the western tennis grip is the ability for players to generate a significant amount of topspin, which can be great for a few different reasons. First, topspin is important in the game of tennis because it allows you to hit the ball aggressively, while still keeping the ball in the court and not hitting it out of bounds.
When this occurs a player can hit a few feet over the net, and due to the topspin, have the ball drop back into the court. Beyond consistency, a high amount of topspin also causes the ball to “jump,” or spring back upward when it hits the ground on your opponent’s side of the court. This is beneficial because it keeps the ball out of your opponents ideal striking zone for groundstrokes, which is typically about waist high, forcing them to step into the ball to catch it on the rise, or to step away from the ball to catch it as it drops. The farther back your opponent stands, the harder it becomes for them to hit a winner and the fewer angels they can hit, which can be helpful to keep your opponent on the defense.
Most notably is that switching from a western grip to the continental grip used for slice shots and volleys can be challenging since it requires the player to rotate the racquet in hand quite a bit. Another, less impactful drawback of the western forehand grip is the ability for players to hit a tennis ball that bounces extremely low.
You are probably thinking to yourself, surely it’s not as magical as people make it out to be. Just a couple of years ago, he was to the point that he was suffering from heartburn, gas, bloating, and indigestion daily. It is especially high in vitamin B12, with one glass containing as much as 20% of the recommended daily amount for an adult. By eliminating the body of excess toxins, you will feel better, and therefore have more energy. She is the original creator of Natural Family Today and Nerdy Millennial, where she also blogs about tech, pop culture, amateur photography, and more. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This article is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. A lack of potassium in the body can increase your risk of high blood pressure, in the same way that eating too much salt can. Stuart Rodger, 23, hid in a toilet at the Grand Central Hotel before entering a room where the prime minister was addressing Conservatives. The bizarre mock human sacrifice shows individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe’s top physics lab, in what appears to be an occult ceremony.
A review is currently being launched by Nicky Morgan after education officials claimed that many parents who homeschool their kids could potentially be “poisoning their minds” with extremist and terrorist ideologies. Unfortunately, Americans are taking less vacation today than at any point in the last 40 years.

Travel Association is leading the charge to shift American culture so that using personal time off is not considered frivolous, but essential to strengthening families and improving personal health. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow, “Unused days off translate to overworked Americans who are stressed, unhappy and less productive at home and at work.
Tiran Peiris has been involved in the Tea industry and Green-Tea industry for well over 30 years and Mr.peiris has a passion for green-tea. This is an excellent means of gaining weight after suffering from diseases like tuberculosis or diabetes. Apart from that a stew can also be made out of it with soy sauce, ginger, onion, garlic and wet cornstarch.
However, it is also suggested to avoid cooling food like winter melon during the initial months of pregnancy. Winter melons are such vegetables that are natural sources of minerals and some amount of Vitamin C which helps the body survive and stay fit. Launched in the spring of this year, the brand offers necklaces, bracelets and earrings in both bright and neutral colors.
At the time, the game was slower and the technology, in the form of racquets, tennis balls and gear, was much more simple compared to the equipment available to tennis players today. However, it can be rather easy to find a western grip by using the handle of the racquet as a guide. As such, many players might prefer to start with a semi-western or even eastern grip and then slowly move towards a grip that better suits the type of game they’re trying to develop.
Topspin occurs when a player brushes up and over the top of a tennis ball causing it to spin forward extremely fast. This can be extremely beneficial as it allows you to hit the ball consistently into the court.
New players often find this transition to be quite difficult, however with time most players will become quite comfortable with the transition to the point where it’s not a major issue. In order to be effective, a player hitting a forehand with the western grip needs to get underneath the ball to hit up and over the top, which can be particularly difficult using this grip. However, if you’re just getting started with tennis you may opt for the eastern or semi-western grip and then move your way over to the western grip if it feels comfortable. However, through experimentation and remaining flexible you’ll be sure to find a grip that suits your style of play. When you drink kombucha, you are actually drinking living beneficial bacteria that help body digest food, absorb more nutrients, and fight the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the body, including yeast. They also contain the antioxidant ellagic acid, which protects the elastic fibers in our skin to prevent sagging. The prime minister’s bodyguards then tackled Mr Rodger, who was then led away by Special Branch.
Having enough antioxidants in your diet means that your organism is able to react to some conditions much quicker. His immense proficiency and knowledge on the Tea industry and green-tea has been built up throughout his three decades of study and training in Countries such as Japan, china, Taiwan, Kenya, Vietnam and Indonesia.
If you have a string craving for sweets, you can try making a dessert of small winter melons, rock sugar and water.
There might be cons associated with its consumption during pregnancy for which medical help can be sought. For example, your skin cells are rebuilt at a faster rate if you have more antioxidants in your body. They can be easily blended into health drinks, soups and sweet dishes which can be savored not only on specific occasions but also on regular basis. Knotty Gal was founded by New York-based mother and daughter duo Nur-E Gulshan Rahman and Nur-E Farhana Rahman.
Also, your internal organs function at a better efficiency – mainly the liver and kidneys, which will be better protected against most of their associated diseases as well. While cultivating them, never keep the soil soggy as it restricts the growth of the plant. Some varieties of Winter Melons are Casaba, Cavallion, Crenshaws, Ein d’OR and Honeydew Melon. They use cotton cords, leather, link chains, and metal accents to create stunning pieces that are handmade in New York.
Add to that the fact that green tea contains the most powerful antioxidants known to man, is why it's so healthy and useful. Stand-out pieces include the Under the Sea necklace made from woven ivory cord and turquoise and gold leather, and the Rumor Has It cuff bracelet made from shiny brass that is partially covered by an intricately knotted black cord.
The Pedal to the Metal bracelet comes in several colors, has a convenient magnetic closure, and is accented with lose gold metal beads, while the Once in a Blue Moon earrings are teardrop shaped and made with cobalt blue cord and gold metal.
The Bless Your Heart necklace was designed by Liz Cummings of the Honest Fashion Blog, and features a box knot hung from a long chunky gold chain and comes in several colors.
And be sure to check out the Party Like a Rock Star choker necklace, made from a layer of leather, thick brass chain, braided cords and metal spikes hung from a gold link chain. A portion of all sales proceeds from Knotty Gal jewelry is donated directly to the Bhandari Girls School in Bogra, Bangladesh. This school was the first of its kind in Bogra, and helps more than 1,000 students in grades 3-10, the majority of whom are from extremely poor families.
The funds help the school to reduce classroom overcrowding and provide much needed school supplies, desks, chairs and other important resources.
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