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The digestive system starts from the mouth, it continues with the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, goal bladder, colon and rectum.
The malfunction of our beautifully designed body usually starts because we do something inappropriate to it. My acupuncturist once told me that in Eastern medicine people love with their liver not with their heart. When the digestive system is inflamed like in Crohns disease or ita€™s constipated or irritated, it simply can not do ita€™s job and will cause health problems. Ideally, the human body should be able to fight off some viruses and infections without the use of antibiotics and a healthy liver should be able to filter out most toxins and chemicals from your body. With Crohns patients, it becomes complicated because our immune system is over-active and it needs help to stay in balance.
Digestive system disorders like indigestion, GERD, heartburn and gastritis are mostly final steps in your journey with unhealthy habits.
You can choose to start doing light exercise, detox your body, change your diet, change sleeping patterns, etc.
I am a lucky Crohns patient, in a sense, that I am able to better understand medicine because I am a pharmacist.
I still think that traditional medicine is indispensable in many ways but it really should be incorporated with alternative therapies. Be grateful if your symptoms are under control and stick to healthy habits and a healthy diet.
Pin139 Share44 +12 Share TweetShares 185Sadly, the endocrine system takes a back seat to the other systems of the body. Healthy Living flipchart Arbonne Essentials Fit Kit Set + Digestion Plus,7 day body cleanse. So lets begin by talking about Arbonnes nutrition products and our popular 30-day Feeling Fit program…our inside health. First, Digestion Plus- 11 Digestive Enzymes that promotes digestion to eliminate toxins and helps with nutrient uptake Listen to some things that toxins in our bodies may cause: Fatigue, Depression, Disturbed Sleep, Mood Swings, Weight Gain, Anxiety, PMS, Low Libido, Hot Flashes, Joint Pain, Aching Muscles, Slow Digestion, Slow Elimination, Slow Metabolism. Detox Tea -9 Botanicals support the kidney and liver function for detoxification Obesity is more closely related to liver dysfunction than any other abnormality University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Japan Contains milk thistle, which supports your liver….
7 Day Body Cleanse - Boosts immune system, protects liver from toxins, relieves digestive issues, adds vitamins, minerals & amino acids Every 30 Days our liver, kidneys, GI tract and blood need a tune up. Once your digestive track is clean, youll want to discover the foods that make you feel poorly and eliminate them. Fiber & Fit chews Arbonne Essentials Daily Fiber Boost –Supports our elimination organs –Supplements daily fiber intake while assisting with appetite control. The Arbonne Essentials 30-Day Fit Kit contents and price 2 Protein Shakes (60 servings) 2 Fizz Tabs (40 drinks) 2 Detox Teas (40 drinks) 2 Fit Chews (60 chews) 1 Fiber Booster (30 servings) 1 Feeling Fit Guide Its a $289 value, but I am going to show you how you can get it for 20%, 50% and even 80% off! Now, Let's try our skincare products ( If theres time, sample each one on the back of your guests hands) Soothing Facial Cleanser removes dirt, oil and makeup cleanses, smoothes and renews skin's surface Regenerating Toner brings the skin back to the proper pH, firms & tones! Soak at least overnight, 12-20 hours is preferable, in warm water with added splash of fresh whey, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar.  Rinse before cooking. Hi, am new to eating healthy and please forgive my ignorance, but, when you sprout seeds and nuts, does this mean you have to cook them?
Poor diet, stress and chemicals in our environment can all be the cause for this malfunction.
This means that the liver is so important in the digestive process that it becomes the main organ.
Digestive enzymes can ease up pain and cramping in people with Celiac disease, Crohns disease, IBS and Ulcerative colitis. Ita€™s 10 teaspoonfuls of sugar in your body which turns into a vicious cycle of your body craving even more sugar. I try to minimize my pharmacological treatments and maximize natural, herbal and homeopathic therapies.

Even though I am a pharmacist, I try to lean towards more natural healing to repair the digestive system because a lot of times the natural solution is the way to minimize side effects.
Learn about Functional Medicine Wellness Methods and make an appointment with your personal wellness coach on the phone. However, without the endocrine system, our body would not be able to carry out many of its functions. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any consultant will be financially successful, as each consultants results are dependant upon his or her own skills and effort.
Arbonne is a 32 year old health and wellness company that formulates cutting edge botanically-based products that are inspired by nature, free of harmful ingredients. Then in a minute I am going to let you sample Arbonnes flagship anti-aging skincare line, RE9 Advanced…our outside health First, I want to quickly share my 30 day testimonial (very quickly share your results or someone you know) Our 30 days to Feeling Fit Plan (hold up plan) is: – Not a diet, its a way of helping us identify our food sensitivities, gain control over our food addictions and get rid of toxins in our bodies so we can absorb the nutrients we need.
Here are some of the things that the Feeling Fit plan suggests that you eliminate for 30 days because they are highly allergenic, addictive and possible toxic: dairy, gluten, soy, corn, white potatoes, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol and processed foods.
And how you can get the Vitamins for FREE You are also going to love our Special Delivery program that will give you free shipping and free products every 6 months. Becoming a client, preferred client or a consultant 1.) Client –I will take care of your orders and keep you up to date with all the new products. But 1 st, Lets see who won our games… 1.) Lets draw from our client profile cards to see who won a free product! I realized that one person may do very well with one product while someone else may not tolerate it at all. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are connected via a system of blood vessels, which is called a portal system. Largest Organ of your body Requires extra protection and nutrition Skincare ingredients go directly into blood stream Arbonne's all about reversing the signs of aging..
THIRD STACK: Prospecting Clipboard with ARBONNE NOW Opportunity brochure tied in a PRETTY bow Hand her the brochure and say, Here is a brochure about Arbonne.
You will know when you get abdominal cramps(primarily on the right side), nausea, indigestion, etc. Hormones are responsible for a number of things from temperature regulation to our moods to metabolism and development of other organs.
Every Arbonne product is designed to promote health, wellness and anti-aging from the inside out. Simply pour one of these bottles (hold up bottle) into 32 ounces of water and drink throughout the day. Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews (sample) – Assists with appetite control while delivering energy boosts. Would you consider letting me treat you to coffee to hear a little more about becoming an Arbonne consultant? The liver reacts instantly to stress causing the goal bladder to alter the production of bile. Also make sure to tell them if they would like to learn more, that you have a packet to send home with them!
The ingredients have been clinically proven to control hunger, increase energy and even improve your mood. Clinically proven to work in 24 hours RE9 is clinically proven to increase cell turnover and collagen production by stimulating sluggish cells Six products work together to visibly reduce and prevent the signs of aging through 9 powerful and effective anti-aging ingredients. The combo retails for $87 for I am going to show you how you can get these two products for just $25. Most people who are interested in the products become a preferred client or a consultant so they can get their products at a 20%-50% discount. The Trifecta Closing station will help you and your consultants to remember to offer every single person the opportunity to become a pc, host or become a consultant! Include your favorite Arbonne facts: Own your own business Work from home-part-time Work around full-time job or busy life Incredible six-figure + income potential Residual and passive income (earn income on your work and the work of others Tax deductions Great training and teamwork approach No geographical territories (US, Canada, Australia, UK) Mercedes Benz Reward Earn trips, Great products & discounts ANY QUESTIONS?

I love the fact that Arbonnes products are results-oriented and if do not get the results that you hoped for, you can return your products for a refund for up to 45 days.
TRUE It is designed to receive nutrients and remove toxins This packet (hold up packet) is a combination of mineral salts and trace elements found in seawater. Makeup Primer- Vitamin-rich makeup primer visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application. Although Arbonne has many different products for people of ALL ages, the product lines we are going to focus on this evening are nutrition and anti-aging skincare. Did you know that research shows that extra weight in your stomach, hips and thighs usually disappear when you detox. Soaking 30 minutes in this bath will draw toxins and heavy metals through the pores of the skin. They are sugar free contain only 12 calories and cost less than energy drinks and all those expensive coffees. Heres how it works: 2.) Preferred Client –When you sign up to be a Preferred Client you will receive your products at 20%-38% off, you can order for yourself online or through me and have the products delivered to your door!
The Arbonne nutrition products we are going to talk about tonight are: Certified Vegan, free of allergenic ingredients like gluten, soy, dairy and artificial sweeteners. 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system, nearly all skin conditions start in the digestive system and 80% of serotonin is in the there.
We have an incredible line of make-up too and its really fun to get your friends together for facials and makeup tips! The cost is only $20, but if you select at least $150, which will cost you $120, you get to select a free product from a select group.
I am going to share a little about Arbonnes popular and effective 30 Days to Feeling Fit program And about Arbonnes best-seller, our Flagship anti-aging skincare line, RE9 Advanced We are also going to play some fun games & you are going to have the chance to win some free prizes… 1 st, we will draw a name from the client profile cards. They are pH Correct, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, free of artificial dyes, fragrances, mineral oil, and other harmful toxins found in mainstream cosmetics.
Nearly all brain cells are influenced by serotonin Digestion Plus has: Patented Probiotic ( good bacteria that benefits your health) Supports the intestinal wall that is damaged by diet, antibiotics, medications and stress Improves calcium absorption Manufactures B Vitamins This is the perfect product for eliminating toxic build up, which we so desperately need. You can also place your orders on-line yourself – with or without having to contact me - or by calling customer service at 1-800-Arbonne.
Thats important because it takes only 26 seconds for toxins to enter the blood through the skin. If you dont believe this, go home tonight and put a clove of garlic between your toes and in 15 minutes youll taste it on your tongue.
If you think it would be fun to have a few friends over and earn our great hostess rewards, then you will want to play Deal or No Deal!
You can add fruit, frozen spinach or other vegetables to the powdered shakes and mix them in the blender. Did you know the 5-year average for Arbonnes top income earners, NVPs is about $15-20K a month! You can either open the box you have to win the product inside or you can exchange your product for a $50 voucher and choose your own product. Make it a big deal and ask them NOT to open it until you say!) 3 rd, we are going to play a kissing game!…with chocolate kisses. Drinking meals is easier on digestion and allows our body to have energy for detoxification.

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