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With words like probiotics and weight loss being thrown around recently it can be hard to distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction.
One of the latest diet buzz words has been a€?probiotics,a€? specifically those that exist in yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker and richer than regular yogurt, and typically contains lower sugar, higher protein and higher amounts of probiotics.
As far as bacteria are concerned, Greek yogurt can contain up to six strains of probiotics, while regular yogurt usually contains just two. What to look for: For the highest probiotic content, look for full-fat, organic, and plain yogurts that don't have any flavors or sugars added to the mix. Have you noticed that the yogurt section of most grocery stores has practically taken over the space of dairy aisle?
In fact, its health benefits are so impressive that many health-conscious people make it a daily habit.
Despite its narrow range of participants, the study confirmed that probiotic yogurt aided many of those involved.
Gastrointestinal illness is a common side effect in an antibiotic’s battle against bacterial infection.
The British study monitored 113 patients taking antibiotics predominantly for respiratory ailments or prophylactic reasons before or after surgery.
The study found that just over one in 10 of those patients ingesting the probiotic product was stricken with diarrhea, but none caught C. Her paper refers to a previous study led by Lorraine Kyne of University College Dublin in Ireland, which indicated that hospital patients with bouts of C. For the Dannon Company, the growing buzz about probiotics has translated into impressive sales figures for Actimel, which is sold under the name DanActive in the United States. But some consider Dannon’s claims to be dubious at best, and the impact of the British study as rather limited in scope. Nonetheless, Roberta Lee, the medical director at the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, a holistic service center run by Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, is convinced that probiotics are beneficial, especially when used in concert with other treatments. This answer is provided by Scienceline, a project of New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program. We have looked into the differences between Greek and regular yogurt to find out the truth for you.
This type of a€?good bacteriaa€? has been shown to boost immunity and help maintain healthy digestion, and one of the prime sources of probiotics is yogurt. These high levels aid in converting milk lactose into lactic acid, making it easier to digest, especially for those who are lactose intolerant. While it only has a few strains of healthy bacteria for your belly, it is a great way to support your digestive system — but not all yogurt is created equal.
Ita€™s getting harder to find more traditional dairy foods, such as cottage cheese and sour cream.
Decide Between Whole-Milk, Low-fat or Nonfat typeWhen buying, your first decision is whether you want regular-fat, low-fat, or fat-free.

Instead of just choosing between regular and light, or fruit on the bottom versus premixed varieties, customers can now select what kind of bacteria they wish to devour with each cold spoonful.
Scientists continue to conduct research into how these microbes may contribute to healthy living. During antibiotic treatment, subjects consumed two daily servings of a Dannon probiotic yogurt drink called Actimel. In January, a Los Angeles firm served Dannon with a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company intentionally hyped its probiotic wares and made millions based on false claims.
She says that probiotics have appeared in clinical settings in the past and their prevalence is on the rise. If you've been snacking on low-fat yogurt in the past, enjoy some of this yogurt with a little fresh fruit on the side; it will feel like a rich, luxurious dessert. But it only makes sense that a functional food with as many health benefits is given prime real estate in the supermarket.And just what are the health benefits of this healthy food?First off, your body needs to have a healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria in the digestive tract, and many yogurts are made using active, good bacteria. You probably have a favorite brand, with just the right texture or tang for your taste buds. A study published in the British Medical Journal last year supported the medicinal benefits of yogurt, though in a limited setting. This collateral damage allows deleterious organisms to establish themselves, often inflicting abdominal distress and discomfort as a result.
In contrast, a third of those on the placebo had diarrhea, and 17 percent came down with a case of C. Increased hospital stays and antibiotic reinforcements to eradicate the infection lead to these higher bills, but fortunately for sufferers, insurance picks up the tab. As Dannon unveils new probiotic lines of yogurt, Michael Neuwirth, the senior director of public relations at the company, points to 30 published scientific studies that bolster the health benefits of DanActive and other probiotic foods. It showed that geriatric hospital patients who drank a probiotic yogurt beverage were less likely to suffer from diarrhea caused by ongoing antibiotic treatment.
Stool samples were analyzed for solidarity and for the presence of a particularly harmful bacterium, Clostridium difficile.
All told though, Kyne’s paper conservatively estimates the annual cost overruns related to C. While the amount in Dannona€™s Activia may not be as much as claimed, probiotics are still an important part of a healthy diet.
Many provide their benefits by adjusting the microflora (the natural balance of organisms) in the intestines, or by acting directly on body functions, such as digestion or immune function.
Find out which brands have added vitamin D by checking out the table below, and by reading labels when you shop.Benefit No.
But some nutritionists remain skeptical about the potential advantages that probiotics can offer most people. These microorganisms assist us in absorbing nutrients from our food and also occupy valuable real estate so that pathogens cannot proliferate and make us sick. Comparatively, a full course of the Actimel supplements in Hickson’s study that help ward off the malignant microbe only costs about $100.

So consumers of such products will also get a dose of animal protein (about 9 grams per 6-ounce serving), plus several other nutrients found in dairy foods, like calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium.
Choose Your SweetenerThe other decision is whether you want artificial sweeteners (which are used in most ''light'' versions) or whether youa€™re OK with most of the calories coming from sugar.
If you don't mind NutraSweet, there are lots of light yogurts to choose from, and all taste pretty good.3. Look for Active Cultures and ProbioticsTo make sure your yogurt contains active cultures, check the label.
Most brands will have a graphic that says ''live and active cultures.''If you want to know which specific active cultures it contains, look to the label again. 4: Active Bacterium Cultures May Discourage Vaginal InfectionsCandida or "yeast" vaginal infections are a common problem for women with diabetes. This particular yogurt contains the probiotic culture bifidus regularis, which works to regulate your digestive system. Enrich it With FlaxseedGet in the habit of stirring in a tablespoon of ground flaxseed every time you consume one. 5: May Help You Feel FullerA study from the University of Washington in Seattle tested hunger, fullness, and calories eaten at the next meal on 16 men and 16 women who had a 200-calorie snack. A tablespoon of ground flaxseed will add almost 3 grams of fiber and approximately 2 grams of healthy plant omega-3s, according to the product label on Premium Gold brand ground golden flaxseed.5. Look for Vitamin DWhen enjoying calcium-rich types, why not choose one that also boosts your intake of vitamin D? You can find many lower-sugar breakfast cereals with 4 or more grams of fiber per serving.7. Whip it Up a Creamier SmoothieMake your smoothie creamy and thick by adding yogurt instead of ice cream. Customize by create different menu with itIf you want to create your own flavor, start with your favorite plain yogurt and stir in all sorts of foods and flavors. Eat it at WorkBuy some and keep it in the office refrigerator (dona€™t forget to put your name on it).
On those days when you need a morning or afternoon snack, that healthy option will be ready for you.10. Plain types can take the place of sour cream in a pinch (over baked potatoes or garnishing enchiladas).
You can also substitute a complementary flavor of this creamy healthy paste for some of the oil or butter called for in a muffin, brownie, or cake recipe.
It can replace all of the fat called for in cake mixes, too.By Elaine Magee, MPH, RDWebMD Weight Loss Clinic-FeatureReviewed by Louise Chang, MDPublished March 7, 2007.

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