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As always with restaurants aimed at people younger, cooler and thinner than I am, I’d brought along my 22-year-old colleague from the Telegraph website, to act as my translator.
Next she had the raw bruschetta, which  were punily small but unexpectedly tasty: savoury little mouthfuls of olive and marinara. Doctor's Best Vitamin C capsules are made with a brand of ascorbic acid manufactured in Scotland and prized for its quality and reliability. Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients and cannot be produced or stored by our bodies. Please note: due to continuous design updates by manufacturers, the product supplied may not exactly match that pictured. The ‘clean eating’ fad – no meat, no dairy, heaps of greens – is unexpectedly fashionable among them. She must be very pleased with the pun in its name, because she’s made the outside of the building look like a chemist’s: green signage, green and white striped awnings. This was nothing special, but was at any rate fresher than the one you get at your average curry house: for one thing, you could taste the vegetables, rather than just a homogenous saucy mush.

I had what I can only describe as a nonchocolate chocolate sundae with cream-free ice cream.
Great when it comes to salads and other straight- forwardly vegan food; not so brilliant when it comes to imitations of non-vegan food. Yet studies show they’re drinking less than previous generations, are  less interested in drugs, and hardly smoke at  all. The inside feels like a chemist’s, too: the lights glare down with an unnerving, sterile brightness. Why, I’m not sure, because you’re meant to squirt it into  a shot glass rather than inject it into your  arm, but I suppose it gives you something  to stick on Instagram.
It contained spirulina hummus, ‘activated seeds and sprouts’ and quinoa tabbouleh, which is a kind of  Middle Eastern vegetarian mulch.
The poor 22-year-old, meanwhile, had a ‘Bee Grateful Super Healthy Parfait Jar’,  containing ‘house-made probiotic spirulina “yogurt”’.
Too busy sitting at home, glued to their phones, when they should be staying out late, getting into trouble and causing moral panics  in newspapers.

The descriptions of the food, meanwhile, were full of words such as ‘cleansing’, ‘alkalising’, ‘activated quinoa’ and ‘great source of magnesium’. I would  love to dismiss it as pretentious nonsense but I’m sorry to say I can’t, because it was very nice, far tastier than something so healthy had  any right to be. In place of Parmesan (no cheese permitted in vegan-land) she was presented with a bowl of what looked like peeled skin. Over the road was a Nando’s – and yet they were here, gnawing on avocado and steamed buckwheat. She washed her mouth out with  some water, which at Farmacy is served  with twirly strips of cucumber floating in it.
Maybe that’s why vegans are so slim – as soon as they hear what their dinner’s made of, they push the plate away.

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