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You can also lower your monthly energy bill while enjoying the comfort and a good lifestyle. Mix and match the Chef II Set pieces to make useful cooking combinations – like having 19 different utensils! If you use Instagram and it’s not currently making you money then you are missing out. 20,000 members have seen the raw power of InstaProfitGram and are earning hundreds of dollars per week. Often, a homeowner will opt to have the arborist leave the wood where it lay rather than pay for it to be hauled off and disposed of. Of course, you will need a pick up truck or a utility trailer to be able to pick up the wood.
When you post unique videos to YouTube you can monetize your channel and YouTube will share a portion of the revenue’s generated from ads played alongside your videos. Research on YouTube shows that some of the types of videos that get consistent plays are those that demonstrate something, such as DIY home improvement techniques or how-to videos demonstrating a skill.
Maybe you’ve got a side business baking organic all-natural dog treats and you can demonstrate your recipes and preparations. Your video contains royalty-free music, and you can prove commercial rights using direct links to the song and applicable license.
Your friend’s band wrote and recorded a song for your video and states in writing that you can use and make money from it.
Your video is not eligible if it contains content that you didn’t create or get permission from its creator to use. You found a video on the Internet and you cannot prove that it’s in the public domain. You are singing words of your favorite copyrighted song and there is copyrighted audio in the background, such as instrumental or karaoke tracks. You have used content from someone else without permission, but you haven’t yet received a copyright notice on your video. Your opportunity is in collecting used cartridges from companies that are just dumping their inkjet and toner cartridges in the trash.
Tell the office manager that you are an inkjet and laser toner recycler and ask how they dispose of their cartridges.
They may tell you that they send their inkjet and toner cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling.
Independent studies have proven that recycled ink cartridges have a carbon footprint that is one third that of new cartridges.
Once you’ve landed an office to join your recycling program, pick a day to visit the office and meet the office manager. Be sure to check out each sites list of cartridges that they are buying and how much they are paying for each.
It should not take long before you’ve enrolled 10 to 15 offices in your recycling program. Local bakeries have a steady flow of customers that are usually celebrating an event like a birthday or seasonal holidays.
Go to your local party supply store and purchase several foil or mylar balloons with birthday or seasonal themes. Take your newly purchased balloons to a local bakery and pitch the owner or manager on consigning the balloons near the cash register. Let a week pass and then go visit the bakeries that accepted your balloons. If they sold, collect your money and get feedback from the owner or manager on how well the balloons did. You’ve now successfully established yourself as a vendor to local bakeries and provide them with a complimentary product they can offer to their customers. Wholesale supplies for balloons can be purchased locally from party stores or often cheaper online. Over time, look for additional retail locations that may be a good locations to sell balloons such as local florists.

After a couple months of streamlining your sales and operations of the balloons and continuing to reduce your costs, this business will lead to you making $300 in less than a day per week. Reselling items you find on or other online classified websites can be a great stepping stone on your way to making $300 per day. This section is oftentimes a section for the thrifty to keep an eye on, but it is also a way to find items that can either be resold immediately for a profit, or may need some minor refurbishing in order to flip them for a profit. For me, I know nothing about copy machines, their maintenance or what it takes to repair them. Ryan Finlay, an entrepreneur living in Portland, Oregon, built a successful business around reselling used appliances that he found on Craigslist. The updates include improved and increased ways to market your firewood products, creation of high-margin, high-profit firewood products and much, much more. Whether it be from trees that had fallen during a storm, or that a homeowner recently had cut down by an arborist. In the New England area, there are often as many as 6 to 10 new listing for free firewood every week. However, don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and find that the video of your cat playing with a cardboard box is going to get you a million video views.
Also videos that show the unboxing and assembly of the latest toys or electronics and gadgets are high in popularity. Everyone has some skill or talent that they can share with others and YouTube is an excellent medium for sharing that skill or talent. Prices range from around $1.00 for low end common inkjet cartridges and over $20 for some of the higher end laser and copier toner cartridges and drums.
You will want to survey the types of offices in your area that may be heavy consumers of inkjet and toner cartridges. They may already be in a program where they send their old cartridges back to the manufacturer for recycling.
Each year more than 350 million ink cartridges will end up in land fills in North America alone. Use these facts and others you find through research to become an authority on the environmental impact ink cartridges have in landfills. Walk in and speak with the receptionist and ask if there is an office manager you can speak with. However, with that in mind it could lead to a steady stream of extra income for you requiring very low effort. While local bakeries are great at making their product they aren’t always good at cross marketing complementary products. As your costs decrease you can offer to continue consigning the balloons with your customers and split the higher profits.
However, once you have ten bakeries on board you will start earning $200 to $300 per week in a business that requires only a few hours per week. Armed with nothing more than their Instagram account, their mobile phone and their love for taking pictures, people are turning their passion into cash. This book is a must read if you’re looking for a way to earn consistent side income while doing some hard work. An arborist will charge a homeowner for hauling off and processing trees that they cut down. These sections are easily processed into firewood that can be resold to customers for a profit. It’s easy and simple to create an ad on craigslist advertising your firewood product.
YouTube places ads either before a video (pre-roll) or as a banner ad over the low section of a video while it’s playing.
So a content provider that averages 100,000 view per month could expect to earn around $760 per month from their unique content, around $25 per day.
The key is to find something that you enjoy doing that you are knowledgable at and can demonstrate.

Law firms & doctors offices consume lots of ink printing out steady stream of documents and invoices. Most of the time they don’t receive any benefit aside from a free shipping label to return the used toner cartridge.
The plastics used in manufacturing ink cartridges and the trace amount of inks inside them contain toxic chemicals. During your visit provide the office manager with your business card and schedule a date in advance when you will retrieve their cartridges for recycling.
Anticipage how much you’ll be able to collect from each office by asking the office manager about their ink usage. ShareThePie is a new service that pays you to listen to new music and provide your opinion. It also has the benefit of meeting local small business owners in your area that be useful at a later date. Or you could offer to have them purchase the balloons from you at a distributor cost that they can have greater control over the retail price. He’s an example of an entrepreneur who created an opportunity out of demand and has been making a decent living working for himself and enjoying what he does.
Occasionally, you will stumble on an add for free firewood that has been cut, stacked and seasoned. If the wood is fresh cut, you will need to let the wood sit split and stacked for at least 6 months to season it before you can sell it. While it’s nowhere close to the $300 per day, but having some fun producing how-to videos or gadget unboxing videos in your spare time can build up your passive income stream putting you on your way to earning $300 per day in passive income. There is a tremendous opportunity for you to turn their waste into a business that brings in a steady cash income stream. If not recycled ink cartridges that end up in land fills will eventually leach those toxic chemicals into the soil. Oftentimes, they will already have some cartridges set aside for you to take with you that day.
If you can schedule your pickups on days when you’ll be able to pick up a dozen or so toner cartridges and a few dozen inkjet cartridges you should be able to resell them for a couple hundred dollars. Be sure to sell her on the benefits of ink cartridge recycling and provide her with your business card and contact information. Explain to her or him that if these balloons sell well you’ll be able to provide the balloons at a lower wholesale cost down the road.
Then, drive to the next bakery and start your pitch with that bakery’s owner or manager. Larger tanks can be rented from a local wholesale helium supplier for usually a nominal cost, but will usually require a refundable deposit be paid on delivery.
Depending on whether the machine was maintained properly and toner readily available for a low cost will impact the value of the machine. I suggest that you start by calling larger firms and ask to speak with their office manager. The office manager is most likely the person responsible for ordering and swapping out inkjet and toner cartridges.
If they tell you that they throw their inkjet and toner cartridges away ask if it would be possible for them to set their used cartridges aside for you to pick up once per month, or more frequently if they use a lot of ink.
Other medicinal uses include the removal of tapeworms and other intestinal parasites by swallowing a few teaspoons of powdered betel nut, or by taking tablets containing the extracted alkaloids.
Nutritional analysis of the nuts suggest it to be a richest source of organic chromium salts.

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