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Of all the functional foods that claim to enhance health and performance, probiotics are perhaps the most popular.
Probiotics can be defined as “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” As Outdoor Fitness has previously reported, in recent years, there’s been an explosion of research into the immunestimulatory properties of probiotics and some of these results have been encouraging. A study on lactobacillus fermentum supplementation and gastrointestinal and respiratory-tract illness symptoms in 99 competitive cyclists(2).
A study on runners who took lactobacillus fermentum, which found it significantly reduced the incidence and severity of URTI episodes(3).
There’s also the issue of how fresh or “viable” a probiotic supplement is and how resistant it is to degradation by naturally produced acid in the stomach. However it also concluded that because of all the confounding variables, the quality of the evidence from these studies was low or very low, which therefore makes it very difficult to determine just how effective probiotic supplementation really is. As if to underline this point, around the same time, a group of scientists at University College London was carrying out research into the viability of solid and liquid probiotic formulations(6). The researchers looked at a probiotic called lactobacillis bacteria, which is found in a number of popular products on supermarket shelves.
This was in contrast to solid probiotics (capsules and so on), which all contained fewer viable bacteria than the labels claimed. Despite this, three of the products (Actimel, VSL3 and Symprove) maintained viable bacterial numbers for up 90 minutes after exposure to stomach acid, suggesting these products might be able to deliver useful amounts of bacteria to the small intestine of the gut, which is where they are able to deliver any potential benefits.
However, due to the wide range of bacteria used in these different studies, and the problems in getting enough of the right bacteria through the stomach and into the gut, it’s by no means guaranteed that you’ll see tangible benefits if you take probiotics.
Stomach discomfort in babies is one of the most awful things that both you and baby can go through. The first step to soothing your baby’s stomach distress is preventing it to begin with. No matter how rushed for time you are or how perfectly peaceful your baby seems, burping your baby is absolutely essential to preventing stomach discomfort. Closely related to burping after feeding, but still different, burping while feeding became one of my secret weapons to preventing stomach discomfort. Instead of all the above business, Wellements Gripe Water uses all-natural organic ingredients like ginger and fennel extract and juice and vegetable concentrates to help ease the pain of stomach discomfort in a way that’s all-natural and that uses NO CHEMICALS. We all know that probiotics are excellent for maintaining the gut health of adults and children.
My first experience with probiotics was about 8 years ago, when I really started to get serious about running and nutrition. One reason why I was really interested in starting probiotics is their ability to help with depression.

As someone who has not only dealt with depression most of my life (not just in the past year since I’ve been diagnosed) but with a range of gastrointestinal issues, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start making probiotics a part of my daily routine.
I’ve been taking Just Thrive for about 2 weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference in the way I feel.I typically get sick within the first 2 weeks of school but have yet to deal with anything more than a sore throat from having to yell all day long (because our gym has terrible acoustics). I highly suggest researching how probiotics can benefit YOUR health and what it can do to make you a healthier person! The KeVita drink collection features a series of fruit-based probiotic tonics that are naturally carbonated with a vinegar base to promote healthy gut function and digestion. Apple cider vinegar is known for being a natural supplement to help aid in upset stomach, bloating and overall digestion which is why it is the main ingredient in the KeVita Cleansing Probiotic beverages.
It found that probiotic use produced a marked reduction in tummy upsets during high-intensity training phases and a reduction in the duration and severity of URTI symptoms. It found that the probiotic reduced the incidence of URTIs lasting over a week by around a third(4). While these studies make for encouraging reading, there’s still considerable doubt about probiotic use. A recent review study (a study that pools together all the data from previous studies) into the benefits of probiotics was carried out last year by Chinese researchers(5). To be effective and therapeutic, probiotics have to be able to deliver a sufficient amount of the friendly bacteria they contain to the small intestine.
The good news was that the liquid products (such as yoghurts and probiotic drinks) all contained viable bacteria equal to or more than the claimed amounts on the labels. However, regardless of whether they supplied in liquid or solid form, all the products lost viable bacteria when exposed to the acidic gastric fluid. An important implication of these findings is that any probiotic should be taken on an empty stomach and at least 15 minutes before food. Well, on balance, it seems that they might be able to deliver some health benefits to sportsmen and women in hard training – mainly in terms of supporting immunity.
Always be sure to address the causes of distress whenever possible to prevent it from occurring.
Your baby may not seem gassy in the moment, but if you don’t burp your little one, you could be looking at a painful situation for them a half hour down the line. When you take breaks from feeding to burp your baby, its easier to keep as much air as possible out of their little bellies. Recent research has shown that probiotics can help promote a healthy gut in babies as well.
It’s the Superman of tummy soothing, and you can find it nationwide at at Walgreens and online through Amazon very soon.

At some point, your little bundle of joy is going to endure the agony of stomach discomfort, whether it’s from gas, colic, teething, hiccups, or the like.
The drinks are made using apple cider vinegar that is then rendered much sweeter in taste with the addition of citrus and berry fruits to combat the acidic tartness. The tonics contain natural live and fermented probiotics derived from the vinegar that are supported with herbs, produce and spices that also help maintain a healthy stomach. But how effective are they for otherwise healthy people and are they useful for sporting performance? This is partly because in these studies, numerous strains of probiotic bacteria have been used, some of which may be far less effective than others.
It concluded that probiotics did seem to reduce the number of participants experiencing episodes of an acute URTI, the mean duration of an episode of acute URTI, antibiotic use and cold-related school absence, and that probiotic use could be more beneficial than nothing. Simply swallowing enough active bacteria is no guarantee, especially when faced with the very acidic conditions of the stomach, which the bacteria need to pass through before they can enter the small intestine.
This is because in these conditions, gastric emptying time will be faster, meaning less exposure of the bacteria to destructive stomach acid. All the rocking, rolling, and general movement while baby is on his or her stomach works any gas out quite well. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find all-natural supplements which are also kosher!
On top of that, Probiotic Gripe Water helps strengthen our babies’ guts while it soothes them. The earlier you get those suckers into the gut, the better  because they immediately begin to multiply and start doing their thing for better health – which is everything from more regular bowel movements to a less achy belly to increased nutrient absorption. I highly recommend Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water to help lessen those instances of stomach upset and to help treat them when they occur – and believe me, they will. I struggled daily to make him comfortable, while he tried his best to communicate that his miniature body was not feeling it, often via an Olympic-caliber projectile vomiting session (#mombrag).From the soothing positions that the doctor suggested to an intepretive dance of jiggling and rhythmic bouncing that would make my lower back cry, I tried it all. After all the shushing and special feeding positions, gripe water was definitely in my rotation of things to help my fussy baby.I was frustrated.
Wellements is now available on Amazon and at your local drug stores.Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water can be used for daily discomforts including upset tummy, gas, colic, hiccups and all-around baby fussiness, plus the probiotics will start your baby on the right track for better overall digestive and immune health. Wellements Probiotic Gripe Water is easy to administer and safe for everyday use starting from newborn-plus.

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