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If you are taking digestive enzymes, you may have noticed two things: first, you digest way better when taking them and second, you begin to realize that you are becoming dependent on them. After 28 years of practice, it still amazes me how many people are taking digestive enzymes. I am a firm believer that we can all have the digestive strength of an 18-year-old, even as we age, without the help of pills or powders. If your digestion is dependent on digestive enzymes, please join me as I share with you some digestive reset strategies.
A few years ago, I was honored to lecture with one of the most brilliant natural medicine doctors of our time, Bernard Jensen.
I had so much respect for this man; I just could not believe he was on digestive enzymes—let alone 17 with each meal. It became painfully obvious in my practice that you can cleanse out the gut and feel great for a spell, but getting the gut to function on its own long after such a cleanse was the real test. The intestinal wall is dependent on a very delicate balance of not being too wet or too dry.
This intestinal irritation will congest the villi and force toxins through a default route back to the liver for a second chance to detoxify. Now that you understand why we are lacking in these enzymes, you may ask, why not just decongest the bile and pancreatic ducts and improve the bile flow? Step 6: Consider regular detoxification of the liver and fat cells, which store toxins that are processed through the liver.
John Douillard, DC, has published over 500 health videos and articles that are available on his website.
While this articles does address some truths, the idea that digestive enzymes and probiotics can assist people in a targeted way with their digestive health has long been proven to be clinically truthful. I have been diagosed the on set of cancer in the blood , commonly called miloma , this is protin being produced in the bone marrow and thrown into the blood steam , but all of the symtoms of emzyme problems i have had for the last 2 years , ie cramps bloating runny stools wind , i have had scans cameras down my throat to my stomach and the other end and yet they have told me they cannot find the problem , yet 3months ago i was hit with this bad news , looking through all the items on emzyms deficiency seem to point to all my problems for the last 2 years ,i am having no treatment as yet from the heamatolagist, any advise on how to reverse my bad gut and how to stop the bone marrow producing protine into my blood .

We are told by an arsenal of pundits that the ability to make enzymes decreases with age and that we must all take digestive enzymes in order to digest our food properly. He was in his 90s, and after writing 50 books, developing iridology and numerous colon cleansing therapies, I was shocked to find out that he was taking 17 digestive enzymes with every meal. Interestingly, he had developed the first bentonite clay intestinal cleanse (which I did when I was 18) and the Colema Board, a slant board enema system. Rather than hosing the gut down with water, which can dry it out, Ayurveda suggests soaking the gut in herbalized oils that have a soothing and lubricating effect. Jensen’s belly was largely distended and bloated—a telltale sign that the villi inside the gut, and the lymph directly outside the gut, were congested and inflamed.
This will super-hydrate your stomach, encouraging it to produce more hydrochloric acid and increasing the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes. Regularly cleansing these is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimal digestion. Its more about trusting and understanding what a brand has to offer, and whether or not their products have been clinically tested. As someone with chronic health conditions, who has to take meds twice a day every day, I'd say that daily enzyme supplements, a pill which makes most people feel better without many side effects, is not that bad of a fate. I’ve been struggling with digestive problems for about a year now, it all started when I went Paleo to address supposed food allergy symptoms. In the same way that water can dry out the outer skin, water enemas may slowly dry out the villi, forcing them to become dry or produce reactive mucus. The cellulose in greens will attach to the toxic bile and escort it to the toilet like a non-stop flight! This will exercise the liver and gallbladder while supporting healthy bile flow in the bile and pancreatic ducts.
He has written six books, produced numerous health DVDs and CDs, and has formulated his own line of organic health care products.

If enzyme therapy enhances my quality of life, I am not going to worry about any other effects, whatever they may be.
The lack of yogurt had a huge effect, and probiotic supplements are now a regular thing for me. In one study, 46 percent of patients who had pancreatitis had thick or viscous bile, indicating that thick bile will affect the function of the pancreas. I took defective enzymes for about 3 months because my stomach acid was at a pH level of 10. These are but just a few of the complex side effects to living life without a gall bladder. I know for a FACT that for myself and my own experiences, that supplementation makes me a lot healthier than no supplementation. He currently directs the LifeSpa Ayurvedic Center in Boulder, CO, where he lives with his wife and six children. It's not as straight forward as this presentation suggests when you factor in people who have NO gall bladder.
I think I may still have some damage control to do in terms of getting my tract back up to snuff. I am drinking a liver support tea, but I’m going to add these tips and see how my tummy fares.

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