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Although we're a nutrition coaching and certification company, we get a lot of questions about supplements. First things first: it's important to know that we don't sell nutritional supplements here at Precision Nutrition. However, since a great deal of our time is spent answering questions about them, we created this resource to help you locate some brands we've had success with. For more information about how to use these supplements, pick up a copy of our Precision Nutrition System or consider Precision Nutrition Personal Coaching.
And for more information about how to purchase these supplements, please contact the manufacturer or distributor directly by clicking any of the links below. We use the products below with our clients and don’t hesitate to say that they come from reputable companies and taste great. Whey Protein Isolate by Thorne ResearchOur top recommended whey protein choice, it's sourced from cows not treated with hormones and is cold-filtered to reduce the risk of denaturing its proteins.
VegaLite by Thorne ResearchOur top recommended vegan protein choice, it's a great-tasting, dairy-free, vegan protein using a blend of rice and pea proteins.
Low Carb by BioTRUSTThis is an all-natural, hormone-free, milk protein blend that tastes really good.
While greens can't replace a diet sufficient in vegetables, the blend of antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in these products can be extremely helpful. Activfuel+ (whey protein) by Genuine HealthOur favorite whey-based workout supplement, containing protein and carbs, as well as other exercise enhancing ingredients: taurine, coconut water, creatine, rhodiola, and appleboost.
Activfuel+ (plant-based) by Genuine HealthOur favorite plant-based workout supplement, containing protein and carbs, as well as other exercise enhancing ingredients: taurine, coconut water, creatine, rhodiola, and appleboost. Amino Complex by Thorne ResearchOur top recommended essential amino acid formula in powdered form, it offers more than just BCAAs and has been shown to have positive effects on development of lean body mass, exercise capacity, aerobic metabolism, and support of mitochondrial growth. Fast Recovery BCAA + Creatine by Genuine HealthThis is our favorite BCAA product in powdered form. Surge Recovery Fuel by BiotestThis is a carbohydrate + protein recovery product Dr Berardi designed based on the most recent research and on his own dissertation work. ActivRecover+ (whey protein) by Genuine HealthAn excellent whey-based recovery product containing fast-digesting protein and carbs, and as other unique ingredients: tart cherry and lemon verbena extracts. ActivRecover+ (plant-based) by Genuine HealthAn excellent plant-based recovery product containing fast-digesting protein and carbs, and as other unique ingredients: tart cherry and lemon verbena extracts. We believe continual, low dose, creatine supplementation is essential for good health as well as athletic performance.
Fish oil is rich in DHA and EPA, two powerful fats responsible for things like: increased metabolic rate, improved fat burning, and reducing our risk for a host of diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes).
Omega Superb by Thorne ResearchOur top recommended fish oil product, it's high in EPA and DHA, comes in great-tasting raspberry lemonade, contains astaxanthins for antioxidant support, and is extremely pure.
Super EPA by Thorne ResearchAnother excellent Thorne Research product, this one provides fish oil in capsule form and is free of heavy metals and toxins. Multi-Vitamin Elite by Thorne ResearchThis is our top pick and it's not your typical multivitamin.
Probiotics and digestive enzymes act as a powerful one-two punch for folks with digestive complaints and inadequate gut health. FloraMend Prime Probiotic by Thorne ResearchOur top pick, this is a proprietary blend of three human-derived strains: Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Bifidobacterium longum. Pro-X10 by BioTRUSTPro-X10 is an advanced probiotic formula that helps reduce bowel inflammation, promote regularity, boost immune health, and restore a healthy intestinal lining. Bio-Gest by Thorne ResearchOur top pick, this product has been formulated to aid in the breakdown of food to macro- and micronutrients so they can be absorbed and keep you on the path toward better health, improved fitness, and maximum performance. Please keep in mind that we have nothing to do with the ordering, shipping or delivery of these items.
If you're looking for product-specific information or information about ordering these products, please contact the manufacturers or distributors directly by clicking any of the links above. It’s inevitable that among the thousands of supplements and hundreds of companies that make each one, our lists may not overlap.
We’ve chosen these because we like the ingredient lists, we like the quality control, and we like the prices. It's important to know that each supplement or grouping is used for specific circumstances. If a supplement category isn’t on the list, we probably only use them in special situations. For example, we do recommend some sports supplements - like glutamine, beta alanine, or HMB - for some of our athletes in specific situations. In it you’ll learn the best eating, exercise, and lifestyle strategies – unique and personal – for you. Contains 5 veggie protein sources, 8 essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and no animal products whatsoever.
Adding a serving of greens to every protein shake you drink is a good strategy.  Further, when on the road, greens can really come in handy.
Great for when following a lower-carbohydrate diet or when extra carbohydrates aren't required during or after training. While creatine has been discussed in the athletic context quite extensively, it has some amazing regenerative effects on all tissues of the body including brain.  3-5g per day is recommended.
For coaching clients without contraindications, we generally start with 1g of total fish oil per % body fat for 2 weeks. As with the Thorne Research product, we prefer liquid as it's easier to get higher doses of fish oil in liquid form vs.
Formulated with superior forms of vitamins and minerals, this is actually two unique formulations. Each dose delivers 5 billion CFUs in an acid-resistant capsule to ensure delivery to the intestines. There could be other products out there that meet our standards that we simply haven’t used. The AM formula is designed to support daytime energy, while the PM formula is designed to support better rest and recovery in the evening. Rather this is our preferred list of supplements and manufacturers, a list of supplements that we’ve personally had success with. Rather, this is a list of supplements that we draw from when considering what one of our clients might need.

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