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Most RFLP markers are co-dominant (both alleles in heterozygous sample will be detected) and highly locus-specific.
An RFLP probe is a labeled DNA sequence that hybridizes with one or more fragments of the digested DNA sample after they were separated by gel electrophoresis, thus revealing a unique blotting pattern characteristic to a specific genotype at a specific locus. The RFLP probes are frequently used in genome mapping and in variation analysis (genotyping, forensics, paternity tests, hereditary disease diagnostics, etc.). SNPs or INDELs can create or abolish restriction endonuclease (RE) recognition sites, thus affecting quantities and length of DNA fragments resulting from RE digestion.
Total DNA is digested with a methylation-sensitive enzyme (for example, PstI), thereby enriching the library for single- or low-copy expressed sequences (PstI clones are based on the suggestion that expressed genes are not methylated). The digested DNA is size-fractionated on a preparative agarose gel, and fragments ranging from 500 to 2000 bp are excised, eluted and cloned into a plasmid vector (for example, pUC18). Southern blots of the inserts can be probed with total sheared DNA to select clones that hybridize to single- and low-copy sequences. The probes are screened for RFLPs using genomic DNA of different genotypes digested with restriction endonucleases. Mention of specific products or vendors on this website does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Absorbs liquids and odors while changing smelly liquids into an odorless semi-solid for fast easy cleanups. BACINATOR is a unique active bacteria odor eliminator especially designed for easy application on carpets and upholstery to eliminate odors that are organic in nature. BUGS IN A BAG is a high potency dry bacteria complex used to safely speed up the natural decomposition of organic waste, leaving carbon dioxide and water as byproducts. Green Tea Burst concentrate malodor can be used to attack industrial malodors, diluted as a contact or spray or, as a mop solution additive. ELIMINATOR is a dry spray room deodorizer can be used as a space spray or as a total release fogger without leaving a residue.
This fast acting, spray room deodorizer is solvent based for increased hang time but like water-based sprays it leaves no residue behind. Instantaneously eliminates unpleasant odors instead of simply covering them up with heavy perfumes. This unique product is designed to eliminate the sanitation problems that restaurants and food preparation facilities often face due to the buildup of organic waste like grease, in drains and grease traps as well as under heavy equipment. FRESH AND CLEAN provides a two-phase approach to cleaning and deodorizing carpet and fabric. FRESH SPRINKLES is a unique multi-action formula that eliminates those hard to remove odors in carpet that are caused by smoke, pets and mildew. This granular odor control product contains citronella making it the perfect solution for garbage areas, dumps, drain beds, sewer manholes, barns, etc… where odors and flying insects are a problem. GERM-A-WAY Disinfecting Wipes are formulated to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces such as walls, counter tops, metal and stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, tile, plastic, bathroom stalls, shower stalls, desktops, doorknobs, tables, telephones, exercise machines and more.
HOSE AWAY is used for preventive maintenance and odor control in garbage dumpsters, public restrooms, locker rooms and other areas where foul odors build up. KILLA PINE is a multi-purpose germicidal detergent effective in the presence of a moderate amount of organic soil. A convenient liquid form of living bacteria in suspension that promotes decomposition of organic matter without the use of acids, caustics or solvents. MEGA-BAC MINI CONCENTRATE is a convenient liquid form of living bacteria in suspension to promote decomposition of organic matter and the odors associated with decomposition. MEGA BAC MIXED BERRY is a synergized blend of three bacillus microorganism for optimum enzymatic activity. This floating lift station degreaser is formulated to quickly dissolve deposits in wet wells which could greatly reduce capacity and emit offensive odors.
This unique product blends a phenol and a quaternary ammonium chloride, therefore MEGAPHENE PLUS is germicidal, fungicidal, staphylocidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal and pseudomonacidal. This dry spray has excellent suspension time, ultra fine particles, no fall out, and no residues, without using ozone depleters. ODOR CAP is a uniquely formulated, environmentally friendly sealer designed for use in waterless no flush urinals.
ODOR CONE is a fragrance cover which is composed of a unique material containing 2-3 times more fragrance than other air fresheners like gels or metered aerosols. ODOR OUT is a very effective way to clean the air and remove especially tough odors from fire, smoke, flood damage, cooking, pet odors, sewage and more. The ultimate deodorant gel cup that doesn’t mask odors, but is a powerful malodorcounteractant.
SCENT APPEAL water soluble deodorant has been developed to attack odors at the source and eliminate them.
SCENT APPEAL LEMON CONCENTRATED is a water soluble deodorant has been developed to attack odors at the source and eliminate them.
These flushable sanitary wipes are the perfect way to keep restrooms and other hard surfaces in public places clean and free of germs.
THE ANSWER is a unique gelled deodorant designed to be used anywhere offensive odors are a problem. TRASH IT is designed for the tough job of deodorizing and cleaning trash chutes, dumpsters, and trash facilities.
Is a urinal cleaner and deodorizer, installed at the top of the urinal , with every flush it releases powerful cleaners that leave the urinal with a like-new condition. U-TAB PLUS attacks urinal fixture odors two ways: by removing the source of the odor, uremic salts that accumulate in the drain, and by dispensing a pleasant scent. In species with low polymorphism rates, additional restriction endonucleases can be tested to increase the chance of finding polymorphism.
However, PCR can be used to amplify very small amounts of DNA, usually in 2-3 hours, to the levels required for RFLP analysis. The tag is used to limit the search to articles for which major subjects are represented by terms included in the NLM MeSH database.
Nutrients are the elements and compounds that an organism obtains and uses for energy or for the synthesis of new materials. This versatile product can also be used on most hard surfaces to counteract pet and body odors and more.
When used regularly, BUGS IN A BAG will eliminate odors, reduce sludge, and prevent pipes and drain fields from clogging.
Green Tea Burst uses micro emulsion technology to release all the active ingredients for the most effective malodor control. BURST “O” contains a unique blend of all organic, natural perfumes in an oil base to provide long-term results. One can of ELIMINATOR PLUS will treat up to 6,000 cubic feet, removing odors caused by decay, urine, feces, cigarette smoke, curry cooking, pet odors and much more. It goes to work on malodors by attacking the molecular structure of the foul smell, and leaves pleasantly scented fresh air behind. First, the unique natural chemical system instantly deodorizes and dissolves embedded grime and organic matter.

FRESHEN UP AWAY destroys malodors at the source and may also be applied to areas to prevent odors before they occur. When used, a message appears on the screen, and releases cleaners and deodorizers into the fixture. MEGA BAC may be used as a deodorizer in bathrooms, trash chutes, dumpsters, drain lines, grease traps, septic tanks, holding tanks and around urinals.
MEGA-BAC MINI CONCENTRATE is recommended for use in grease traps, septic tanks, drain lines, holding tanks and garbage areas to control odors, and prevent buildup. MEGA BAC MIXED BERRY produces protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase for excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, protein, tissue paper, fats, grease, oils, and vegetable gums.
MEGA LIFT is added directly to lift station wet wells in its concentrated form for effortless cleaning. MEGAPHENE B is classified as germicidal, fungicidal, staphylocidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, and pseudomonicidal. Kills HlV-1 (AlDS virus), Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Streptococcus hemolyticus (Strep), Salmonella enterica, Influenza A & B virus, and more on hard surfaces.
ODOR ABSORBENT BAG does not mask odors, it removes them in a simple and cost effective manner. The ODOR CONE dispenser has a motor driven fan that moves the air freshener further than a typical passive system, thus freshening larger areas. ODOR OUT uses activated charcoal to refresh stale air and remove odors without heavy perfumes or scents. Use to control and neutralize odors caused from nirogenous and sulforus sources such as urine, feces, decay, racidity, animals, fire, smoke, cooking and mildew. SCENT APPEAL BUCKETS are specially formulated to seek out and destroy the source of the odors.
Scent Appeal Liquid may be added to mop water, carpet extraction machines, and paint to deodorize while cleaning and is ready-to-use with a trigger sprayer, or may be diluted with water. SCENT APPEAL LEMON CONCENTRATED is such a versatile product that it may be added to mop water, carpet extraction machines, and paint to deodorize while cleaning, is ready-to-use with a trigger sprayer, or may be diluted with water. The clinging gel allows product to be applied on horizontal, vertical and irregularly shaped surfaces.
The super concentrated formula is a very powerful odor counteractant combined with powerful detergents to effectively remove obnoxious odors while completing necessary cleaning tasks. By positioning them under urinals and toilets, any unwanted splashes or drops will be absorbed and the odors they cause neutralized. It also helps keep the drain lines clear and free flowing by depositing a micro thin coating that seals and protects, and by releasing an enzyme that digests organic materials. The URINAL SCREEN also provides an easy to use out indicator system to assist in timely maintenance.
ABSORB is ideal for spills, broken containers of food or drinks, chemicals, vomit, urine, blood, and any other fluids. Containing 50 times more air freshening than standard rimsticks, The BOWL CLIP & SMELL gradually releases air freshener over 30 days. Can be used as a liquid deodorant, a space spray, and as a contact spray both indoors and outdoors. This versatile product is great for use in any area that has unpleasant odors such as locker rooms, garbage areas, restrooms, banquet facilities, and more! Second, the bio-enzymatic activity begins breaking down the organic residue, eliminating stains and odors at the source. Great for use on walls, floors, metal and plastic surfaces, sinks, toilets, showers and other non-porous areas. The rise and fall of the water level accomplishes cleaning and degreasing of the vertical surfaces of lift stations, wet wells, and similar treatment facilities, reducing the need for routine physical cleaning.
This amazing product is formulated with soy bean oil derivatives, Delimonine and natural corn surfactants.
The rise and fall of the water level cleans and degreases the vertical surfaces of lift stations, wet wells, and other treatment facilities, reducing the need for physical cleaning. THE NATURAL WAY breaks down grease and grime buildup that can lead to odors in drain lines and grease traps. ODOR CAP has a pleasant cherry fragrance to give instant and long lasting odor problems from dried out traps, keeping them wet and odor free. ODOR CONE releases approximately the same amount of air freshener daily over 30 days by controlling the fan’s operation.
Kills germs that cause flu, pneumonia, staph infections, cold sores, food poisoning, plus eye and skin infections. SCENT APPEAL BEADS are primarily designed for HVAC systems, but can be used in many other applications such as vacuum bags, drawers, fan units, and in vehicles. U-TAB PLUS lasts an average of 30 days under normal conditions due to its unique design that protects the chemical block from excessive erosion caused by rushing water. The URINAL SCREEN releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens, over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh. An alternative name for the technique is Cleaved Amplified Polymorphic Sequence (CAPS) assay.
On the other hand heterotrophic organisms obtain their food from other organisms and use it for growth and energy.
The BOWL CLIP & SMELL works on the outside of bowls (where the seat goes down and stays down), the tops of restroom partitions or the side of tanks to combat odors and create freshness. Great for use in carpet extraction machines, and when added to mop water and cleaning rags.  Available in Berry, Vanilla, and Dreamsicle Scents.
Furthermore, it can be used in many different applications indoors as well as outdoors, thus making it a truly versatile product. It can also be used as a space spray to help control many other odors with a pleasant citrus aroma.
The URINAL SCREEN doesn’t’ just mask, it releases optimized bacteria that consume odors. KILLA PINE will effectively control the growth of mold and mildew plus the odors associated with them. MEGAPHENE PLUS disinfects and deodorizes surfaces through effective bacteriacidal and fungicidal activity.
Spray on air conditioner filters, above doors, in trash receptacles and dumpsters, on walls, in port-a toilets, above ceiling fans and behind toilets. The revolutionary design features a post & lattice design extending through the screen and diffuses the urine stream while releasing a pleasant fragrance.
Kills germs that cause flu, pneumonia, staph infections, cold sores, food poisoning, and eye and skin infections.
Cleans floors, walls, toilets, urinals, sinks, and all types of fixtures and surfaces not harmed by water. Areas of use include in automobiles, homes, laundry rooms, pet areas, hotels, schools, municipalities, hospitals, kitchens, nursing homes . The accumulation of sewage, grease, oils, fatty acids, calcium and soap scum form deposits on wet well walls.

The URINAL SCREEN easy reminder system lets you know when it’s time to replace the screen.
In addition to these elements, plants also require mineral elements for various activities and structures. Simply remove the tabs upon installation to set your replacement date.  Available in Cinnamon, Fresh, Mango and Mint Scent. Similarly, the nutrients which are required in small quantities are called micronutrients e.g. If any of these nutrients is not available to plant, they show abnormalities and do not grow normally. Nitrogen is a major component of proteins, hormones, chlorophyll, vitamins and enzymes essential for plant life.
Deficiencies of nitrogen can reduce yields, cause yellowing of the leaves and stunt growth. It is also necessary for the functioning of plant enzymes to produce carbohydrates, sugars and fats.
Naturally occurring inorganic fertilizers include rock phosphate, elemental sulfur and gypsum. Most inorganic fertilizers dissolve readily in water and are immediately available to plants for uptake.
They can also increase soil drainage, aeration and the ability of the soil to hold nutrients.
Their high solubilities also degrade ecosystems through eutrophication (increase in chemical nutrientsin an ecosystem).
Storage and application of some nitrogen fertilizers may cause emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Excessive nitrogen fertilizers can lead to pest problems by increasing their reproduction rate.
For these reasons, it is recommended that the nutrient content of the soil and nutrient requirements of the crop should be calculated before the application of inorganic fertilizers.
Urea, for example, is an organic compound, but chemically synthesized urea is generally grouped with inorganic fertilizers. Like other animals, the nutrients used by humans include carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins. Humans get carbohydrates from the foods like bread, pastas, beans, potatoes, bran, rice and cereals. Unsaturated fatty acids have some of their carbon atoms double-bonded in place of a hydrogen atom.
Important sources of lipids include milk, butter, cheese, eggs, mutton, fish,mustard seeds, coconut and dry fruits etc   PROTEINS Proteins are composed of amino acids. Dietary sources of proteins are meat, eggs, grains, legumes, and dairy products such as milk and cheese. Proteins and lipids are vital building components for body but they can also be used for energy.
An increased cholesterol level may eventually result in the clogging of arteries and, ultimately, heart disease.
Most of the minerals in human diet come directly from plants and water, or indirectly from animal foods.
Major minerals are required in the amounts of 100 mg (milligrams) or more per day, while trace minerals are required in amounts less than 100 mg per day.
It is also needed for maintaining cell membranes and connective tissues and for the activation of several enzymes. Deficiency of calcium causes spontaneous discharge of nerve impulses which may result in tetany, bones also become soft, blood clots slowly and wounds heal slowly. Vitamins may be divided into two groups: the fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K) and the water-soluble vitamins (vitamins B and vitamin C).
It combines with a protein called opsin to form rhodopsin in rod cells of the retina of eye. When vitamin A is inadequate, the lack of rhodopsin makes it difficult to see in dim light. It is also involved in cell differentiation, a process through which embryonic cells transform into mature cells with specific functions. This means that levels of water-soluble vitamins in the body can decrease more quickly, leading to vitamin deficiency.
Vitamin-A deficiency can also cause a condition in which hair follicles become plugged with keratin, giving dry texture to skin. It is needed to form collagen (a fibrous protein) that gives strength to connective tissues.
Symptoms of scurvy include muscle and joint pain, swollen and bleeding gums, slow wounds healing, and dry skin. Vitamin D increases the absorption of these minerals from intestine and their deposition in bones. It is also synthesized by skin when ultraviolet (UV) radiations from the Sun are used to convert a compound into vitamin D. In children, vitamin-D deficiency leads to rickets, a condition in which bones weaken and bow under pressure.
In adults, vitamin-D deficiency causes osteomalacia, or “softening of bones,”increasing the risk for fractures in bones.
Dispose of your materials according to the directions from teacher Observation: Record your observation regarding the color changes in the experimental and the control test tubes. What color changes did you observe in the presence of glucose, starch, protein, and lipids.
Which test tubes contain standards that you could use for comparing tests on unknown substances?
You are asked to analyze and compare a food substance with standards for organic compounds. Water also functions as the environment in which water-soluble foodstuff is absorbed in the intestines and the waste products are eliminated in urine.
Another essential role of water is to maintain body temperature through evaporation, as in sweating. Important sources of daily water intake are natural water, milk, juicy fruits and vegetables. It is found only in plant foods and it moves undigested through stomach and small intestine and into colon. Fibre prevents and relieves constipation by stimulating the contraction of intestinal muscles. Insoluble fibre speeds up the movement of carcinogens (cancer causing agents) from intestine.

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