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Celiac sprue is a genetically based disease that causes allergic sensitivity to certain protein components that are rich in proline, called prolamins (or prolamines), and have a certain characteristic structure. For those with celiac sprue, an immune-based reaction to certain prolamins occurs in the small intestine which results in inflammation and damage to the intestinal villi. Efforts have been made to determine the incidence rate of celiac sprue and the smallest amount of gluten that might be safe to consume. There are other allergies that people may have to wheat or various grain proteins that would involve different reactions than found with celiac sprue. A part of the total celiac sprue disorder may be insufficient preliminary digestion of the grain proteins, since these proteins lose their allergenicity once broken down to individual amino acids or to very small peptides (less than about 15 amino acids in length). A problem with allergies is that they are not dose dependent in the manner that occurs with a toxic response; they can be triggered by small exposures in those who have the severe form of the disease.
Wheat and barley (as well as other grains) are used in Chinese medicine, though not with high frequency other than in digestive formulas.
Before describing the grain based Chinese herb materials, it should be noted that Western manufacturers of Chinese herbal products have been well aware of consumer concerns about use of potentially allergenic grains in the production of finished products, so that wheat, barley, corn, or other additives (such as soy) are not used in the manufacturing process.

The ingredients are powdered, made into pills, and given for the purpose of improving digestion and strengthening the digestive system; it is especially used when the symptoms of abdominal bloating and loose stool are present. Shen-chu (Shenqu): This is a fermented block of wheat or malt combined with various herbs, mainly herbs used to promote digestion. These ingredients are ground to powder and then made into pills; they can be taken along with a decoction of the barley sprout (maiya) for better effect. People who suffer from celiac sprue will often face digestive symptoms that are indications for use of malt and shen-chu. The prolamins of wheat (gliadin), corn (zein), rye (secalin), barley (hordein), and oat (avenin) have varying potential for allergenic response, with that in corn and oats usually being low and that in wheat being especially high.
FDA are aimed at labeling foods that contain wheat (but not the other grains) and developing rules for what can be considered "gluten free." A related matter is the fact that diagnosis of celiac sprue has not been intensively pursued until recently (thus, some feel that the disease has not been given adequate attention).

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