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All yogurts by definition contain active live cultures, and nearly all have quantities of probiotics to be of some benefit to your health. Studies have shown that consuming 200g of Activia yogurt daily provided sufficient quantities of probiotics to significantly reduce the number of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth and decrease their acid production. Most yogurts do not control for quantities of specific types of live cultures, but are still good for your oral health even if we can’t be sure about the exact numbers of specific probiotic strains. You may not have heard of Irish Yogurts if you live in Great Britain because they don't appear to advertise. Each pot is full of lovely pieces of fruit and the yogurt has an exceptionally creamy texture. Several surveys carried out at European level revealed that brand management is the aspect most readily associated with the role of design, even in small and medium-sized enterprises. This has brought about a review of brand logic, turning it into a more flexible and distinctive formal element.
The first to highlight this sort of policy was Coop, which boasts not only a great corporate tradition (the brand was designed by Albe Steiner in the 1940s and redesigned by Bob Noorda in the 1970s) but above all a unique loyalty relationship with their customers, thanks to the cooperative formula.
Precisely because the increase in the distribution offering makes consolidation of loyalty more difficult, this course of action is a de facto leitmotif of today’s major multiples.
It is accompanied by a differentiation of product lines (bio, eco, etc.), as well as an explosion of ranges (from biscuits to light bulbs), not to mention greater attention to point-ofpurchase layout, or stronger characterization for some of their corners.

The fact that own brands were initially defined as ‘white labels’ (because Sainsbury had opted to use white for its own product labels) pinpoints the crucial aspect behind their repositioning: packaging. And it is no coincidence that the Coop itself has not only modified market approach with the redesign developed by Future Brand Gio Rossi Associati in the early 2000s, but has also managed to identify a specific packaging management function in it.
In the UK, Tesco and Selfridge’s are leading examples, including their decision to work with R Design of London, a far more dynamic agency and a giant in international packaging, partnering advertising agencies. Landmark Cinemas is offering a Free medium popcorn when you sign up for their e-newsletter.
However, specific strains have been identified in scientific studies as having significant oral health benefits. We can use this information to establish a standard dosage for probiotic yogurts at roughly 4oz or about 2 containers per day.
There are a few yogurts on the market that are produced with specified levels of probiotic bacteria with properties that are beneficial to oral health. The particular probiotic yogurts listed above may provide an additional boost from specific bacteria to help improve the environment in your mouth and make it more supportive of oral health. But these diet yogurts are a real treat and you'd never think they were a 'diet' yogurt at all. And to top it all, these yogurts are among some of the lowest in calories content of all diet yogurts with only 67 calories for each 125g pot.

An aspect that is not just about communication, but increasingly about the product: what was once called ‘family feeling’ has turned into true corporate design. The most spectacular application of this logic can be seen in the evolution of so-called own brands or private labels, retailing products and services provided by outsourcers, which has allowed major multiples to achieve a massive increase in their ‘home brands’ turnover. It is a path that other countries with greater tradition in the field, like the UK and France (restricting ourselves to Europe), have pursued for some time with point-of-purchase differentiation and the niche supermarket concept.
Graphic design by FutureBrand Gio Rossi Associati, 2009, based on existing corporate identity. Comment on their featured post for your chance to Win a Coupon for a FREE pack of Danone Activia yogurt! All of these have at least 10 billion colony forming units of the designated probiotic bacteria on the label, so we know these particular probiotics are available in adequate numbers.

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