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Six months after its public launch, the MS PatientsLikeMe community includes over 1 in 200 MS patients in the U.S. To mark the occasion and experiment with new community tools, we put together the first PatientsLikeMe community report.
In the descriptive section we discuss characteristics of the user base such as what types of MS users have.
The report also explores research questions that the size of our community now allows us to address. If you have MS or are a caregiver to someone with MS, take a look at the report posted on PatientsLikeMe. Based on feedback, we will be integrating some of the elements into an new upcoming area on PatientsLikeMe. I recently joined but can not keep up with getting back on due to high stress and now in bed.
Your battle to save your father-in-law is testimonial to our (I have fought similar battles against unfair, stupid conditions) refusal to lie down and accept the apathetic status quo.
Has anyone had a problem like unto mine: (I truly hope not) My husband is a great provider and a great father to our two daughters, but he has changed his attitued toward me totally, I feel like an anchor that has dragged him down and continues to rob him of the life he wants. At PatientsLikeMe, people with every type of condition are coming together to share their health experiences, find patients like them and learn how to take control of their health.
Stay tuned to our blog for the latest happenings with our company, our patients and our mission of opening up the healthcare system. Also known as CIS, clinically isolated syndrome is a first clinical episode caused by damage to the myelin and lasts for at least 24 hours. It looks like the Intelligence Quotient commonly known as your IQ may soon be an outmoded way to measure intelligence.
The eight intelligences are: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. In this ebook you’ll find detailed descriptions of the the 8 Multiple Intelligences plus detailed descriptions of each of the 6 Work Styles, the 25 Work Values, and the 22 Central Motivations.
If you were one of those people who was mathematically challenged, or had difficulty with grammar or writing essays, you can take heart.
For more on common careers or occupations associated with the 8 multiple intelligences see the Career Chart page.

For a quick method of checking any job you are considering, to see if it uses your preferred intelligences, see The Quick Job Analysis Guide. In this ebook you’ll find the Multiple Intelligences Inventory, the Work Styles Inventory, the Work Values Inventory, the Personality Test and the Central Motivations Quiz, ready to take. Follow the quick and easy steps to doing the Multiple Intelligences Inventory, to find out which of the 8 Intelligences you have developed in your life.
This applet is designed to take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as a 3D Multi series Column Chart. This applet is designed to take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as a 3D Multi series Stacked Column Chart. This applet is designed to take multiple series of numerical data and display the information as a 3D Multi series Bar Chart. EasyCharts is a complete library of java charting components, applets, and servlets, that enable programmers to add charts and graphs in java and web applications with just a few lines of code.
With the help of the MyPlot, you can plot 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional graphs of various types: Bar, Pie, Line, Gantt, Area, etc. Create high quality PDF area, bar, line and pie charts quickly and easily from data royalty free using a Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
Illustration depicting a single uva SPF 15 sun protection lotion bottle arranged over white. In this report, we begin to paint a portrait of the MS community, who is in it, and how the community compares with previous research on MS. As you can see in the figure below, all types of MS are represented with 61% of users report having relapsing and remitting MS. For example, we look at the many ways MS first manifests itself – the variety of initial symptoms. For example, a person might report a vision problem and be diagnosed with optic neuritis caused by a single lesion. T cells express 41 integrin (also known as VLA4), which allows them to bind to the ligands vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM1) and osteopontin on the endothelial cells that line the venule. Howard Gardner in 1983, to include the six other intelligences we use to solve problems in our everyday life. Gardner suggests that it is difficult to come to any consensual definition about this type of intelligence, also.

Once you know what your unique intelligences are, you can look for jobs that put the emphasis on those. The applet will automatically size itself to the available area given to it by the HTML form. In the figure below, we chart how two different types of MS (relapsing-remitting and secondary progressive) first appeared.
People with CIS cannot be diagnosed as having MS, since they cannot meet enough of the criteria, and they may or may not go on to develop MS. The T cells then undergo diapedesis and traverse through the perivascular cuff and travel through the extracellular matrix before gaining entry to the central nervous system (CNS) (a).
He recognized that we all tend to develop a preference for some intelligences over others, and to use these more than the others as our preferred ways of learning, thinking, and operating in the world.
The most common first symptoms for both types were “sensory changes” and “optic neuritis.” But “Difficulties walking” was a more common first symptom for relapsing-remitting MS than for secondary progressive MS. Some people who have CIS begin therapy right away, while others wait, following conversations with their neurologists.
Inside the brain, the secretion of cytokines, osteopontin and other molecules by T cells and antigen-presenting cells (APCs) damages oligodendrocytes, which produce myelin (b).
Plasma cells produce myelin-specific antibodies that result in further damage to the myelin sheath (c). Surrounding the basement membrane of the venule are astrocytes that express B crystallin, which can induce remission in experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE) (d). Knowing what kind of intelligences you have developed a preference for, will allow you to look for jobs where those intelligences are needed. By contrast, blockade of 41 integrin inhibits relapse in multiple sclerosis and, accordingly, osteopontin can induce relapse in EAE.

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