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Description: Following the sometimes painful adventures of two honeymooners and their letters home. Description: Based around an article about a newly married couple, this lesson looks at some of the language of expressing future plans, hopes and ambitions. Description: Students speak about good and bad health habits before looking at some leaflets aimed at young people and discussing their own thoughts on this important issue.
Description: Students learn specialist vacation vocabulary and then answer reading comprehension questions based on postcards, before writing their own.

Description: An initial reading task where students identify classic fairy tales is followed by several writing tasks that prepare students for the final assignment of rewriting a old-style fairy tale with a modern slant. Description: Students read a letter from a language school they are interested in attending and then write a letter to the family they'll be living with, to get more information.
Description: Students read a descriptive description of a vacation trip and then brainstorm other similar vocabulary in preparation for their own short composition.
Main activity is a jigsaw reading activity which gets students using present perfect or past simple tenses.

Then students read six reviews of a movie with accompanying reading comprehension exercise.

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