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Fresh unpasteurized fermented sauerkraut provides all the nutrition of the cruciferous vegetables, the added B-vitamins from fermentation and the pro-biotic boost of the living bacteria. Fermented foods add a lot of nutrition, flavor and variety to every healthy whole food diet.
To prepare the cabbage for sauerkraut, start by removing the outermost few leaves, which are probably dirty or damaged, Then quarter the head(s) of cabbage and cut out the solid core. Use non-reactive containers for the fermentation container and storage containers: glass or ceramic are best. More failed batches will occur using casseroles and jars instead of fermentation crocks because of contamination.
A fermentation starter will speed up the process and often make a finished sauerkraut in one week or less at room temperature. Sauerkraut is fermented and pickled cabbage that is quite popular as a condiment to hot dogs, sausage, corn beef, and other meat dishes.
4.Constipation reliever – A long standing folk remedy to keep the intestines clean and regular leading to an overall feeling of well-being. Using our economical air-lock system when making lacto-fermented foods has a number of benefits. The Original Veggie Fermenter™ from Cooking God’s Way is 100% air-tight, ensuring proper anaerobic fermentation! Works with any sized Wide-Mouth glass mason-type “canning” jar, such as Ball or Kerr! The Total Lacto-fermenting Kit includes everything you need to get started in lacto-fermenting.
The nutritional advice provided through this website is intended to educate individuals about diet and a healthy lifestyle approach. Save on your entire purchase of lacto-fermenting supplies – from fermenting kits, to eCourses, cookbooks, fermenting weights and more! My friends at Wise Choice Market are giving away a variety pack of Caldwell’s Fermented Vegetable Juice to my readers. The winner will receive a selection of Caldwell’s naturally fermented organic vegetable juices including Sauerkraut, Beets, Carrots, Red Cabbage, and Radish. Caldwell’s organic raw cultured vegetable juices are the result of a natural process called lacto-fermentation. Even with the best intentions, you don’t always have the time to make fresh sauerkraut juice or other fermented juices. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.  You must be signed up for the Wise Choice Market newsletter to be eligible to win this giveaway.
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I will go over the excuses that we hear for a board’s refusal to apply for FHA approval.

Lactobacilli are a probiotic and support healthy digestion by converting sugars (including lactose) into lactic acid, creating an acidic environment that inhibits the growth of harmful bateria and allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. Eating even a small amount of lacto-fermented vegetables each day helps restore beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract, such is their potency.
Delicious served with spiced foods such as curries and stir-fries and compliments tofu and tempeh nicely. Start with a teaspoon at each meal for one week and build up to a tablespoon over the next two weeks.
To prolong the life of your pickles make sure you only use spotlessly clean utensils when touching them. The bacteria responsible for most fermentation, the lactobacillus family, produce lactic acid that acts as a natural preservative by stopping the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus. This adds a nice variety of textures to the finished kraut with the thinnest pieces being softer and the thickest being crisper.
Using both hands, mix and massage the salt into the vegetables until everything is very well mixed and the veggies are becoming wet and limp. Dedicated fermentation crocks are nearly foolproof and usually come as a kit with fitted ceramic or stone weights for holding the vegetables under the surface of the brine. A little mold, mildew of fungus on the surface can simply be skimmed off and will not affect the kraut. Older or drier cabbage will occasionally not produce quite enough brine to cover the vegetables completely.
All of the other ingredients in this recipe are only to produce a more complex flavor profile. The common cold, skin problems, and even weight gain are all aided by a healthy functioning immune system. A recent study by the American Center for Cancer Research found that the lack of consuming sauerkraut, a traditional part of the Polish diet has a profound effect among Polish women in the United States who have much higher breast cancer rates due to the “Americanizing” of their diets.
It is not meant for use as diagnostic information and is part of 2ndAct Health’s communication with healthcare practitioners and patients.
Annastasia Milne - Lacto-fermentation: Ten Biggest Questions Answered **UPDATED** Sorry, 1 more question, baby steps! No advice provided is intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease; or be construed as a substitute for medical attention.
While they are fermenting their organic vegetables, they harvest the juices from those ferments and bottle them. Make sure you check back to find out who the winner is on February 4 ON MY BLOG — and get your coupon code! If you’re already signed up, just be sure to still click the button for that in the widget. Just know that you must be subscribed in order to be eligible to win this or any future prizes. The fermentation process propogates valuable live enzymes and is thought to actually increase the nutrient density of vegetables, particularly Vitamin A, B and C.
Lacto bacteria also produce omega-3 fatty acids and B-vitamins, including B-12, as by-products of fermentation. At the same store where I purchased the cabbage, one quart jar of unpasteurized sauerkraut sells for $6.99.

They should be quite flexible and wet with some water standing in the bottom of the mixing bowl. The time varies widely with temperature and how crispy and sour you like the finished kraut. All tests provided by 2ndAct Health and Testing Services should be considered as for Research Use Only and are not intended to diagnose or influence the treatment of any disease. Individuals with a specific medical condition or concern should seek advice from a physician. Cell walls are also partially broken down by the bacteria, making more nutrients available more easily in a way similar to cooking but without the bad effects of heat on nutrients and proteins.
By the time I get to the last jar of kraut, the cabbage will be much softer and the flavor will have mellowed considerably. When all of the veggies are in the fermenting container, there should be enough liquid present to fully submerge them. But if the kraut starts to smell spoiled rather than sour, or turns blue or green, throw away the entire batch immediately. Any liquid from previous fermentations of kraut, kimchi, cucumber pickles or other vegetables makes a suitable starter. It also creates antioxidants (glutathione and superoxide dismutase) that scavenge free radicals which are a cancer precursor. Not only do they contain a lot more nutrients, but they are easier to digest and they contain enzymes and probiotics. The salty, acidic brine is also what prevents the growth of bad bacteria and fungus, acting as a preservative for the sauerkraut. Your nose and stomach will not let you eat spoiled kraut and there has never been a reported death from home fermented vegetables. The good bacteria that do the fermenting naturally live on and within the cabbage leaves, so it is very important to buy organic produce for fermenting or at least know without doubt that the cabbage has not been irradiated to kill bacteria.
This will remove any chlorine or other contaminants that might prevent the growth of the fermenting bacteria. I also like caraway seeds, anise seeds, cumin seeds and whatever fresh or dried herbs are available. Results of genetic tests must be taken in the context of clinical representation and familial risk as independently determined by a physician or authorized healthcare practitioner. It is also important to use pure sea salt for the same reason – ordinary table salt has iodine and other additives that will interfere with and discolor fermentation.
Try different combinations in future batches to discover your personal favorite combination of flavors for sauerkraut. 2ndAct Health and Testing Services tests are only provided through the requisition of a physician or authorized healthcare practitioner. Diagnosis and treatment decisions are the sole responsibility of the physician or healthcare provider.

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