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The sauerkraut is ready to eat after four weeks or so, but we find the flavor to be even better after six weeks.  You can store your sauerkraut in mason jars in the refrigerator for 6 months or more, or you can harvest a jar or two at a time and the ‘kraut will keep for a few months in the crock as long as the water reservoir is kept full, but it does get less crunchy and begins to loose its bright flavor as time goes on. Since we usually make a pretty big batch of sauerkraut, we’re always looking for new ways to use it.  Of course, it’s great piled on top of hot dogs, and reuben sandwiches are worlds better when made with the fresh stuff, but we wanted to find some more interesting uses for it.
As strange as it sounds, these chocolate-sauerkraut cupcakes actually turned out great.  We baked them at 350? for about 14 minutes until a toothpick inserted into the cupcake came out clean. This means that it cannot be reprinted, published, used, abused, stolen, or “borrowed” without our written consent (yes, even if you give us credit, or a link). Wanting to complete the Philippine culture experience in her very first visit, my Japanese friend does order this so-called typical Filipino breakfast, even described in the menu as all-day Filipino breakfast.
Slicing through the fine slices of tapa (using spoon as Filipinos typically do not typically use knives in their dining table, as to why is that, another article might be necessary to explain so), you’d be subtly reminded of “tapas”, the Spanish appetizers which originally are meat chunks that completes the liquor-drinking experience.
Unlike sushi, which should just lightly kiss the soy sauce when you go for the extra taste, tapa is normally dunked by many Filipinos, completely immersing the meat into the vinegar – a condiment that inevitably has become loved by folks in this tropical archipelago as a way to preserve food. Typically, your first bite of tapa would tell you that it has spent a night in the refrigerator. As soon as the tapa touches your palate, your thoughts on how the locals dropped “s” from tapas ending up with the word tapa will be interrupted by the familiar salty taste in the Philippine cuisine. Even as you drink water after that first bite, the salty tapa attack together with the kick of vinegar, pepper and chilli will enjoy to stay a bit more on your tongue, leaving you to want more rice. They were light and very moist, with the occasional fleck of crunchy ‘kraut providing a nice textural contrast.  Seriously, they’re good!
It pays a subtle homage to their signature art – cleverly conveying the same degree of uniqueness and brand detail for the red wine inside the bottleYou can collect the wine bottles for their package design alone, reflecting on the great artists who influenced their labels long after the drink is done. The Czech Republic has long winters and since vegetables are not able to grow, the Czech Republic relies on its meat supply. The sunny-side up smiles at her as it prettily sits on a throne of garlic fried rice – the aroma of finely sauteed garlic, toasted to a crisp to tickle her tastebuds.
Tapsilog is one of the too many food combos that typically appear on the tables of many Filipino families. Many regions boast of their own brand of vinegar – sukang Iloco (from northern Luzon), sukang paumbong (from central Luzon) and pinakurat (from the Visayan islands).

The average Filipino worker might say that’s why “tapsilog” is served at breakfast so that the beef from last night’s dinner will not go to waste. The busy moms all recognize how easy it is to prepare, and as for the singletons, they’d say “You can never go wrong with “silog”. It is in much the same way that the average American couldn’t probably tell who came up with the acronyms BLT for bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich.
A truly classic collection.Since these bottles contain red wine, their is a distinct splendor of colorful character, in sharp contrast to their white wine label.
Though word-of-mouth has it that Nick Joaquin, a national artist for literature, is said to dispute that the title of “typical Filipino breakfast’ does not belong to tapsilog, but rather, to kan-kam-tuy or “kanin-kamatis-tuyo” (rice-tomato-dried salted fish).
Likewise, “tocino” in tosilog, and “longaniza” in longsilog, brethrens in the silog family, come from Spanish influence as well. As the dish came to be a favorite, restaurants of course, can no longer rely just on last night’s beef leftover.
It’s gonna taste the almost the same anywhere.” So, ordering it for lunch on an otherwise stressful day, is sure not to add to your terrible mood at work as it will surely not gastronomically disappoint. Filipinos just love seasoning, marinating, and cooking with salt (or other similar salty sauces such as soy-based or fish-based ones). Of course, the Filipino entrepreneurs are quick to pick on the Filipino love for rice, making “all-you-can-eat” rice as one of their restaurants’ selling points.
A small shot glass of vinegar shines on one side of the plate, enclosed in a fine heap of local sauerkraut called achara. Dispute aside, there’s no doubt “Silog Family” is one of the Filipino favorite breakfast combos. And what stories do hamsilog, spamsilog, cornsilog (corned beef), and hotsilog (hotdog) all tell? As per cook’s discretion, ground black pepper and garlic may be liberally sprinkled to your vinegar dip.
As one cafeteria owner said, “Filipino appetite for rice is insatiable.” And that again tells much explains why the “si” in the silog combo is essential. As you help yourself with the fried rice, you’d realize that the same logic applies with leftover rice from last night’s dinner.

You can see some restaurants dropping “log” and just offering “tapsi” (tapa + fried rice) but “si” is never omitted (unless you’re on a diet). For the meat portion, you can tell what you’d be having from the first syllable – “tap” in tapsilog refers to “tapa”. Spelling out the silog combos is like spelling out the Filipino food culture – each syllable tells you a bit of the Philippine history and lifestyle.
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