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When you hear the word fermented food, you might not think of it as the most glamorous of thing to be eating. Raw, cultured vegetables are really potent in terms of helping your body to operate efficiently.
The other hidden benefit of eating fermented foods is that they can help to control cravings that you might have for sweets. I guess one of the reasons that I never ate fermented foods much until I went raw was that I didn’t really know about them, and I had no idea of how to incorporate them into the foods I ate. It is important to eat fermented foods regularly to really experience all the amazing health benefits that I have mentioned above.
So that you don’t end up eating store-bought fermented foods that are laden with salt and other preservatives, I recommend making your own at home. Once you start eating raw, fermented vegetables regularly, you will likely become quite addicted to the strong flavors as well as to the awesome way that you start to feel and look by consuming the nutritious and transformative mixture. About Latest Posts Simone SamuelsCertified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach at The Wellness WarungSimone is a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach who loves working with busy women to help them to lose weight and get more energy without deprivation or dieting.Now she is revealing her tips and tricks for living a healthy life so you can feel empowered to lose weight and to get healthy, be happy and feel sexy. The Fermented Friends are here to inspire you towards a healthier happier life style with cartoon comedy, live sketches and inspired quotes. In many parts of the world, unpasteurized, raw fermented foods, usually pickled vegetables, are always found on the table at meal times. Shred cabbage and fennel with food processor or with mandoline into a large bowl or container.
Tightly pack the limp, but juicy veggie blend, into the jars, leaving a 1- inch space from the top. Traditionally, it is made with napa cabbage, but in central Montana, that is not always easy for me to find, so I’ve used regular green cabbage and find it works just as well. Setting up daily habits is the turning point in keeping a clean home: it will take you from messy and overwhelmed to capable and confident.
I am glad you posted this as I have been planning to do some kimchi but didn’t realize that you could use regular green cabbage.
This may seem like a silly question but do I put the lids on when it is sitting at room temp for 3 days? These are examples of fermented foods, but do beware if buying these straight from the shelf at the supermarket.
The healthy enzymes which are present in the vegetables flourish when fermented, and create an environment that is full of probiotics, enzymes and minerals which are important for a healthy body. When your body is working the way it should, then you will not only feel great, but you will look beautiful too.

I knew that sauerkraut was often eaten with meat, and didn’t know that it also could be eaten with just about anything! I recommend starting with a cabbage, though you might later move onto other vegetables too. Next fill the mixture into a jar, and squash it down so that the cabbage is tightly packed.
After 5 days, remove the top cabbage leaves and throw them away, then put the jar into the fridge. I use home-made sauerkraut as a replacement for salad dressing that is fat-free, oil-free, super tasty and filling.
Go to The Wellness Warung and get Simone’s free e-book that will teach you her secrets to losing weight without dieting through healthy lifestyle practices that you can implement to live an awesome life! Contact us for more information about how our FERMENTED FRIENDS licensing program can help your business. We don’t find fermented foods in the Standard American Diet, so very often Americans aren’t sure how to make these body beneficial dishes, or how to incorporate them into their everyday meals. Increasing enzyme and digestive capabilities helps the body digest foods as well as any built up toxins and fats in the liver and other systems, that can assist the body in detoxifying itself of the cancer. Since my husband grew up eating raw and unpasteurized sauerkraut from the time he started walking, it has continued being a daily staple in his life here in the U.S.
Any copying, modification, or distribution of materials (recipes, images and info) is strictly prohibited. It has a great bite, and depending on how hot the chili peppers are, it can be pretty spicy. It will be a pleasure to invite people over and make contentment with your surroundings possible. I have my own garden and planted Chinese cabbage ( simalar to napa ) so I could make kimchi but it didn’t head, just went to seed. I’m a minimalist, blogger, lover of Jesus, wife to Brian, mom to 6 and real food connoisseur. In fact, raw fermented vegetables are an amazing way to beautify and cleanse your body, from inside to out. The probiotic good bacteria and enzymes in fermented foods help to populate our gut and intestines with Lactobacilli which are really important for healthy digestion.
Eating fermented vegetables will also help with weight loss and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. It is recommended to get into the habit of adding them to your salads or even just having them as a side to other dishes you eat.

Do not be intimidated I am sure you will love eating fermented foods as much as I do once you try! Here at home, sauerkraut and kimchi are the easiest fermented condiments for us to make, and eat along with our food.
With your hands, rub the salt into the veggies, working ingredients so that they starts to release juices. Punch cabbage down in jars to keep your sauerkraut submerged in its juices to ensure proper fermentation. My absolute favorite way to eat it is mixed with chicken and peanut sauce, either in a wrap or as a stirfry. They are also a food that has been eaten by humans across many cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years, and eating them regularly is a really healthy practice to get into. They also tend to be completely over processed and are also usually pasteurized, which means they have been prepared at high temperatures that kill all the goodness that properly fermented foods provide. They also help to eliminate toxins from our body, so eating them will allow your intestines to detox which is a really good thing! When everything is working as it should, you will find your immunity is boosted from having a healthy gut and you will start to really feel cleaner.
They are particularly good to eat paired with starches and proteins, as it will help you to digest these foods better.
Fill the space between the top of the mixture and the rim of the jar with rolled outer cabbage leaves. We buy and make 15 to 20 pounds of cabbage at a time, but I have portioned the recipe down for you. You can start eating some of the fermented cabbage once you put the jar into the fridge and don’t forget to enjoy it daily!
An example of raw fermented foods is cultured vegetables that are left in airtight jars at room temperature for several days.
Commonly, the vegetable used for this is cabbage, but you might also find it mixed with carrots or beets or radishes and other vegetables which can be used as ferments too. Use about 4 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of miso as a good quantity for a medium-sized cabbage.

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