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Not long after he moved in with us, he got very stinky and gooey around his eyes and he developed tear stains.  At first, I thought that the stink and the tear stains were just part of being a dog owner. Harley has such a furry face that there was sometimes a lot of hair and debris to clean up each morning.
I’m Super Cautious About What I Give My Pet   I like to fuel my own body with healthy whole foods and I don’t like to take medications or unnecessary supplements. But after reading the ingredients and after talking to my vet, I got the thumbs up from him and I decided to give it a try. Angels Eyes comes in beef liver flavor, chicken liver flavor and Sweet Potato (vegetarian) flavor. The first way is by preventing bacterial infection caused by red yeast – a condition known as Ptyrosporin. The second is by binding with the pigments in your dog’s tears to prevent them from binding or adhering to your dog’s hair. ANGEL EYES for Dogs – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS * 100% of Angels’ Eyes® ingredients are products of the USA! Are you frustrated with trying to find a cure for your pet’s tear stains or reddish brown eye stains? Maltese Tear Stains Tips for Preventing Maltese Tear Stains Maltese dogs are very cute and beautiful dogs; however, one very common problem that they have is Maltese eye stain. If you own a Maltese dog then you may have found that with the Maltese breed it is common to be cleaning Maltese tear stains to keep their faces white and clean.
How To Take Care Of A Maltese Do you have a cute little Maltese that you want to care for and train up to be a well behaved pet?

The pups both gobble this up (in their food every day) and I am so impressed with your product. We have been using Angels Eyes now for almost 2 weeks, what a difference already, his eyes are brighter and clearer. My little Beamer's eyes have stopped their constant tearing and the stains on his little face have all but disappeared. I don't need a refill yet, but as soon as I start to run low, I will be placing another order. I WISH I HAD TAKEN A PICTURE OF THE HORRIBLE STAIN THAT WAS AROUND HER EYES BECAUSE NOW IT'S AS IF IT WAS NEVER THERE, AND ALL IN LESS THAN A MONTH. I have only been used Angel Eyes for two weeks and I can't believe the difference it's made already on Trixie's eyes. Her eye stains had driven me crazy and I have used everything you could think of and finally decided it was time to use Angel Eyes. My friend was here and commented how great her eyes look and is going to recommend two friends to you. Truly he's a baby to us, so when he used to look at us with those "brown-stained" eyes, I felt so sad for him. The product is awesome, the fur around my maltese's eyes are completely white and so are the other areas of his body, he looks like a snowball. He doesn’t get “junk food,” nor do I like to give him superfluous supplements and vaccinations. They simply have a genetic predisposition and facial bone structure that leads to having more tears.

If you’ve changed your dog’s food and are feeding them a healthy diet, but they still have stains, then there may be other issues or conditions at work here. It has done wonders for my Harley.  We can snuggle more comfortably – he doesn’t have that weird stink caused by too many tears. My little Beamer’s eyes have stopped their constant  tearing and the stains on his little face have all but disappeared.
We love that our veterinarian totally gave us approval to use it, PLUS it is safe for puppies (8 weeks and older). This can be quite a problem especially since they have very light hair and the dog tear stains are quite obvious on them. Yet no matter how often I cleaned his little face, those rust colored tear stains never really went away. That overflow of tears combined with pigments from iron and magnesium in the tears causes stains on your dog’s lovely face. Suggested use: Give daily until tear stains subside and continue use for an additional 30 days.

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