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Align is a probiotic supplement that claims to be the number one gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic in America.
Align is a probiotic supplement that uses probiotic bacteria to boost your digestive efficiency.
The supplement is part of the “Meta” brand of digestive health products, which includes well-known supplements like Metamucil. Align claims to work using the same methods of action as other probiotics: you take one capsule per day to raise levels of probiotic bacteria within your gastrointestinal tract. The supplement uses a specific type of probiotic bacteria that isn’t found in other probiotic supplements. This unique subspecies of probiotic bacteria promises to be the most effective treatment for IBS.

Align contains one billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) of live Bifidobacterium longum bacteria per serving.
The manufacturer recommends that you take one Align per day every day to maximize benefits. Align is part of the Meta Wellness brand, which is part of the Proctor & Gamble family.
The supplement promises to relieve and manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome simply by taking one capsule per day.
By taking Align daily, you can relieve symptoms like gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. That bacteria only stays alive until the “Best By” date on the packaging – so make sure you use Align before that date.

You should notice short-term benefits – like reduced daily symptoms – as well as long-term relief from digestive problems. The manufacturer explains the symptoms you should experience during weeks 1 through 8 of taking the supplement.

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