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A restriction enzyme (or restriction endonucleases) recognizes a specific base pair sequence in DNA called a restriction site and cleaves the DNA (hydrolyses the phosphodiester backbones) within the sequence.
Restriction endonucleases serve as the tool for cutting DNA molecules at predetermined sites, which is the basic requirement for gene cloning or Genetic engineering. In figure below, restriction enzyme (EcoRI) cuts DNA between bases G and A only when sequence GAATTC is present in DNA. Restriction enzymes are widely found in prokaryotes and provide protection to the host cell by destroying foreign DNA that makes entry to it .It acts as a part of defense mechanism.

Many restriction enzymes cleave both strands of DNA at exactly same nucleotide position almost in centre of recognition site resulting in blunt or flush end.
Here same restriction enzyme is used for cutting sequence of both vector and foreign DNA to form recombinant DNA. A class of endonucleases cleaves DNA only within or near those sites with specific base sequences. Such ends are called sticky or cohesive ends (because base pairing between them can stick the DNA molecule again).

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