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Conclusion: The bands that we obtained on the gel did not correspond to the sizes we were expecting. Step 1 – Creating culture media: In a sterile environment, set up X numbers of falcons, each with 5mls of media.
Step 4 – Selecting a Colony: Select a clear, isolated colony and using an inoculation hoop scoop up a colony onto the tip. Step 3 - Puncturing Cell Membrane: Add 250ul Buffer P2 and mix thoroughly by inverting the tube 4-6 times until the solution becomes clear.
Step 4 - Neutralising buffer P2: Add 350ul Buffer N3 and mix immediately and thoroughly by inverting the tube 4-6 times.
Step 6 - Centrifuge: Apply the supernatant from step 5 to the QIAprep spin column by decanting or pipetting.
Step 7 - Remove Endonucleases from Sample: Wash the QIAprep spin column by adding 500ul of Buffer PB.
Step 8 - Remove salts from sample: Wash the QIAprep spin column by adding 750ul of Buffer PE. Step 1 - Addition of BioBrick: To the still frozen competent cells, add 1 - 5 µL of the resuspended DNA to the 2ml tube. Step 5 - Heat Shock: Heat shock the cells by immersion in a pre-heated water bath at 37?C for 10 minutes. Step 11 - Plating: Spread the resuspended cell solution onto a selective nutrient agar plate.

Conclusion - The ligation was successful the bands on the gel correspond to the bands we were expecting. 5.Take a second reading after four hours, followed by six readings every 3 hours, and a final three readings every two hours. From the table above we concluded that there is a positive correlation between the diameter of the colony and the diameter of the halo and both increase over time. Aim – We would like to determine if BBa_K729006 is functioning as intended and producing laccase.
4) The optical density at 530nm of each of the samples is measured at five minute intervals over 30 minutes.
Conclusion - Our cells are producing an elevate amount of laccase compared to the control, indicating that the BioBrick is functioning as intended. Aim – We would like to determine if our laccase producing BBa_K729006 is capable of degrading polyethylene.
2) 1cm2 low density polyethylene squares are introduced into the media, which is incubated for 3 days. 4) LDPE samples are viewed under the SEM at 100x and 10 000x magnification, observing pitting caused by laccase catalysed degradation. Conclusion - Our laccase producing cells are degrading polyethylene, allowing our BioBrick to be utilised for this function. 3) Shake flasks are run at 37?C, 200rpm, measuring the optical density at 600 nm for each flask each hour.

Conclusion - Our transformed cells exhibit improved growth rates, and higher cell count in high salt conditions. High efficiency for restriction analysis can be demonstrated both at single and multiple digestions. The band on the very bottom of lane three is most likely the guide oligo that was released when the AGO was destroyed by the proteinase.
The aa 371 (indicated in pink on the right) is part of an peripheral alpha helix in the mid-domain of the argonaute protein and has no contacts to aa outside of the alpha helix and should the thereby not have major influence of the structure or function of the protein. For most of the samples we could clearly see a band at around 2000 which most probably is the backbone. To elute DNA, add 50ul Buffer EB to the centre of the spin column, let it stand for 1 min, and centrifuge for 1 min. This indicates that our cells are producing IrrE, and that our BioBrick is functioning as intended. These confusing results may be due to mistakes during the ligation or the enzyme digestion.

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