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This information is of a general nature only and is not designed to replace individual medical advice. IntroductionAlthough marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug “having no medical use, with a high potential for abuse” by the U.S. The legend of the Eight Immortals is certainly not older than the time of the Sung dynasty (A.D.
He is also identified with Li Ning-yang, to whom Lao Tzŭ descended from Heaven in order to instruct him in the wisdom of the gods.
Elsewhere it is related that T’ieh-kuai, after entering the body of the lame beggar, benevolently proceeded to revive the mother of Yang, his negligent disciple. During his peregrinations on earth he would hang a bottle on the wall at night and jump into it, emerging on the following morning. He was born in the district of Hsien-yang Hsien (a sub-prefecture of the ancient capital Hsi-an Fu) in Shensi. During a great famine he transmuted copper and pewter into silver by amalgamating them with some mysterious drug. One day, while he was meditating, the stone wall of his dwelling in the mountains was rent asunder, and a jade casket exposed to view.
When he had followed these instructions for some time, his room was filled with many-coloured clouds, music was heard, and a celestial stork came and bore him away on its back to the regions of immortality.
One day she was found to have become intoxicated in an inn at Fêng-yang Fu in Anhui, and while in that state disappeared on a cloud, having thrown down to earth her shoe, robe, belt, and castanets. According to popular belief, however, only one of the Eight Immortals, namely, Ho Hsien-ku, was a woman, Lan Ts’ai-ho being represented as a young person of about sixteen, bearing a basket of fruit. The period assigned to Chang Kuo is the middle or close of the seventh to the middle of the eighth century A.D. It was just at this time that the famous Taoist Yeh Fa-shan, thanks to his skill in necromancy, was in great favour at Court. Hsüan Tsung, with bare head and feet, went to Chang Kuo as he had promised, and begged forgiveness for his indiscretion. He is usually seen mounted on his white mule, sometimes facing its head, sometimes its tail.
A picture of Chang Kuo sitting on a donkey and offering a descendant to the newly married couple is often found in the nuptial chamber.
During his visit to the capital, Ch’ang-an in Shensi, he met the Immortal Han Chung-li, who instructed him in the mysteries of alchemy and the elixir of life. Like Kuan Kung, he is shown bearing in his arms a male child—indicating a promise of numerous progeny, including literati and famous officials. Many indeed are the eminent men who have served their country, but which of them surpasses you in his knowledge of literature? Another account states that he became the disciple of Lü Tung-pin, and, having been carried up to the supernatural peach-tree of the genii, fell from its branches, but during his descent attained to the state of immortality. Ts’ao Kuo-chiu was connected with the imperial family of the Sungs, and is shown with the tablet of admission to Court in his hand. Federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Western States including Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington have legalized the sale of powdered cannabis for both recreational and medical use. Soon after he had completed his course of instruction his soul left his body to go on a visit to Hua Shan. Finding this corpse untenanted, the wandering spirit entered it through the temples, and made off. Leaning on his iron staff and carrying a gourd of medicines on his back he went to Yang’s house, where preparations were being made for the funeral. He frequently returned to earth, and at times tried to bring about the transmigration of others.
One states that his family name was Chung-li, and that he lived in the Han dynasty, being therefore called Han Chung-li.
He was defeated in battle, and escaped to Chung-nan Shan, where he met the Five Heroes, the Flowers of the East, who instructed him in the doctrine of immortality. No sooner had the latter swallowed it than he went mad, left his wife, and ascended to Heaven. Since his admission to the ranks of the gods, he has appeared on earth at various times as the messenger of Heaven. 723 (when he was alive still) Chang Kuo “entertained the Emperor with a variety of magical tricks, such as rendering himself invisible, drinking off a cup of aconite, and felling birds or flowers by pointing at them. It seems somewhat incongruous that an old ascetic should be associated with matrimonial happiness and the granting of offspring, but the explanation may possibly be connected with his performance of wonderful feats of necromancy, though he is said not to have given encouragement to others in these things during his lifetime. 297 and is remarkable as occupying so prominent a position in a cult in which no system of female asceticism is developed. 1115 the Emperor Hui Tsung conferred on him the title of Hero of Marvellous Wisdom; and later he was proclaimed King-emperor and Strong Protector. One of these adds that in order to fulfil his promise made to Chung-li to do what he could to aid in the work of converting his fellow-creatures to the true doctrine, he went to Yüch Yang in the guise of an oil-seller, intending to immortalize all those who did not ask for additional weight to the quantity of oil purchased. Still another version says that he was killed by the fall, was transformed, and then underwent the various experiences with Han Yü already related. Their object was to behold the wondrous things of the sea not to be found in the celestial sphere. As powdered cannabis has the potential for microbial contamination, during cultivation, harvesting, drying, storage and distribution with fecal pathogens, molds, especially Aspergillus fumigatus, and aflatoxin, attention must be given to its production and appropriate microbiological test procedures and specifications established that reflect user risk.Setting microbiological specifications is complicated by having two broad user groups, namely recreational and medical users and that powdered cannabis is most commonly smoked but also may be used as an ingredient in baked goods and further processed to an extract. The latter, being afraid of imitating an act evidently associated with the supernatural world of evil spirits, refused to do so.
Though he was a man, adds the writer, he could not understand how to be a man (which is perhaps the reason why he has been supposed to be a woman). 798 at Yung-lo Hsien, in the prefecture of Ho-chung Fu in Shansi, a hundred and twenty li south-east of the present sub-prefecture of Yung-chi Hsien (P’u Chou). These being successfully overcome, he was invested with supernatural power and magic weapons, with which he traversed the Empire, slaying dragons and ridding the earth of divers kinds of evils, during a period of upward of four hundred years. During a whole year he met only selfish and extortionate customers, with the exception of one old lady who alone did not ask for more than was her due. But a time will come when, taking your flight to the sky, you will open in the ethereal blue a luminous roadway.

Ts’ao Ching-chih, the younger brother of the Empress, saw the lady, and was struck with her beauty. The popular pictures often represent most of these articles changed into various kinds of sea-monsters. In medical use, smoking cannabis has been used to control weight loss associated HIV-AIDS, prevent nausea associated with chemotherapy, and alleviate pain associated with a range of illnesses. The number eight has become lucky in association with this tradition, and persons or things eight in number are graced accordingly. He left his disciple Lang Ling in charge of his body, saying that if he did not return within seven days he was to have the body cremated. Her origin is unknown, but her personal name is said to have been Yang Su, and her career is assigned to the period of the T’ang dynasty. He came of an official family, his grandfather having been President of the Ministry of Ceremonies, and his father Prefect of Hai Chou. So he went to her house, and seeing a well in the courtyard threw a few grains of rice into it.
The child was entrusted to his uncle to be educated and prepared for the public examinations.
In order to gratify his passion he invited the graduate and his young wife to the palace, p. These patient populations will be more susceptible to microbial infection than recreational users. Their biographies are usually arranged in the order of their official eminence or seniority in age. He is said to have been of commanding stature and dignified mien, devoting himself solely to the study of Taoist lore. Unfortunately, when only six days had elapsed the disciple was called away to the death-bed of his mother. Again the watchman refused, whereupon T’ieh-kuai, remarking that the cares of this world were evidently too weighty for him to be able to ascend to immortality, stepped on to the leaf himself and vanished.
She wandered abroad clad in a tattered blue gown held by a black wooden belt three inches wide, with one foot shoeless and the other shod, wearing in summer an undergarment of wadded material, and in winter sleeping on the snow, her breath rising in a brilliant cloud like the steam from a boiling cauldron.
684–705), he consented to leave his retreat, but was struck down by death at the gate of the Temple of the Jealous Woman.
At her birth six hairs were found growing on the crown of her head, and the account says she never had any more, though the pictures represent her with a full head of hair. Here Lü met him, and going to sleep dreamed that he was promoted to a very high office and was exceptionally favoured by fortune in every way. The water miraculously turned into wine, from the sale of which the dame amassed great wealth. The elder of the two, Ching-hsiu, did not concern himself with the affairs of State; the younger, Ching-chih, was notorious for his misbehaviour.
This avaricious prince conceived the idea of stealing the instrument and imprisoning its owner. With respect to mode of administration, the microbiological quality requirement will be different for cannabis that is smoked or eaten. Hsi Wang Mu made him a present of an iron crutch, and sent him to the capital to teach the doctrine of immortality to Han Chung-li. In order to be able to leave at once he cremated the body forthwith, and when the soul returned it found only a heap of ashes. Another account says that he was changed into a dragon, and in that form ascended to Heaven. In this guise she earned her livelihood by singing in the streets, keeping time with a wand three feet long.
At this time he made a journey to Lu Shan in Kiangsi, where he met the Fire-dragon, who presented him with a magic sword, which enabled him at will to hide himself in the heavens. In spite of all warnings he refused to reform, and being at last guilty of homicide was condemned to death. As many medicinal cannabis users have severely compromised immune systems, medical cannabis distributed by licensed producers in the Netherlands and Canada is irradiated for control of the bioburden.Does the scientific literature report concerns with the microbial contamination of cannabis? 298 fifty years when unexpectedly a serious fault caused him to be condemned to exile, and his family was exterminated. His brother, ashamed at what had occurred, went and hid in the mountains, where he clothed his head and body with wild plants, resolved to lead the life of a hermit.
The soul of the graduate appeared to the imperial Censor Pao Lao-yeh, and begged him to exact vengeance for the execrable crime. 304 details of which are described at length by the Chinese writers, the outcome being that the Dragon-king was utterly defeated.
They represent all kinds of people—old, young, male, female, civil, military, rich, poor, afflicted, cultured, noble. 290 Some say the body was not cremated, but only became devitalized through neglect or through being uninhabited for so long a time.
He rode on a white mule, which carried him thousands of miles in a day, and which, when the journey was finished, he folded up like a sheet of paper and put away in his wallet. One day Han Chung-li and Lü Tung-pin found him in his retreat, and asked him what he was doing.
The elder brother, Ching-hsiu, seeing the case put in the hands of the upright Pao Lao-yeh, and knowing his brother to be guilty of homicide, advised him to put the woman to death, in order to cut off all sources of information and so to prevent further proceedings.
After this the Eight Immortals continued their submarine exploits for an indefinite time, encountering numberless adventures; but here the author travels far into the fertile region of romance, beyond the frontiers of our present province.
In addition to CPA that has a high mortality rate, if not treated early, chronic use of smoked cannabis is associated with allergic broncho-pulmonary aspergillus (ABPA) (Kagen et al, 1983).Cannabis may be contaminated with other human pathogens during its cultivation, processing and distribution. The object of the setting of the watch was not only to prevent injury to or theft of the body, but also to prevent any other soul from taking up its abode in it. When given money, she either strung it on a cord and waved it to the time of her song or scattered it on the ground for the poor to pick up. When he again required its services, he had only to spurt water upon the packet from his mouth and the animal at once assumed its proper shape. Her days were thenceforth passed in floating from one peak to another, bringing home at night to her mother the fruits she collected on the mountain.

All had taken place in so short a space of time that Han Chung-li’s wine was not yet hot.
The young voluptuary thereupon caused the woman to be thrown down a deep well, but the star T’ai-po Chin-hsing, in the form of an old man, drew her out again. Outbreaks of hepatitis B (Cates and Warren, 1975), hepatitis A (Alexander, 1987) and salmonellosis (Taylor et al, 1981) have been reported.Published surveys of the microbial populations of powdered cannabis in peer-reviewed journals are few. While making her escape, she met on the road an official procession which she mistook for that of Pao Lao-yeh, and, going up to the sedan chair, made her accusation. Her fame having reached the ears of the Empress, she was invited to Court, but while journeying thither suddenly disappeared from mortal view and became an Immortal. Ching-hsiu, terrified, dared not refuse to accept the charge, but on the pretext that the woman had not placed herself respectfully by the side of the official chair, and thus had not left a way clear for the passage of his retinue, he had her beaten with iron-spiked whips, and she was cast away for dead in a neighbouring lane. 750 floating upon a cloud of many colours at the temple of Ma Ku, the famous female Taoist magician, and again, some years later, in the city of Canton. Other studies have shown that smoke from both burning tobacco and marijuana cigarettes contain fungal spores (Kagen et al, 1983; Pauly and Paszkiewicz, 2011). Pao Lao-yeh had him put in a pit, and remained deaf to all entreaties of the Emperor and Empress on his behalf.
A few days later the murderer was taken to the place of execution, and his head rolled in the dust. As summarized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) because aspergillosis is not reportable in the United States, the number of cases is difficult to determine. The Emperor Jên Tsung, to please the Empress, had a universal amnesty proclaimed throughout the Empire, under which all prisoners were set free.
On receipt of this edict, Pao Lao-yeh liberated Ts’ao Ching-hsiu from the cangue, and allowed him to go free.
Although ABPA is debilitating, it is not life-threatening, but invasive aspergillosis is less common and can to high mortality rates in immuno-compromised patients, especially among solid organ transplant recipients.Fungal MicrofloraWhat is the fungal microflora of the Cannabis sativa plant?
As one risen from the dead, he gave himself up to the practice of perfection, became a hermit, and, through the instruction of the Perfect Ones, became one of the Eight Immortals.
They are the normal epiphytic and endophytic fungi on the plants that should have no impact on user safety. More important to this discussion are so-called storage molds including Rhizopus nigricans, Mucor hiemalis, Penicillin chrysogenum, Aspergillus flacus and Aspergillus fumigatus. These molds will persist but not grow in dried powdered cannabis with a low water content (activity).
The minimumwater activity for growth for these representative molds is found in Table 1.Table 1. Minimum Water Activity for Growth for Common Storage Molds (After Cundell and Fontana, 2009)Rapid drying of cannabis plant material from 60-80% to 6-12% moist content at temperatures below 40°C will prevent mold growth without degrading cannabinoids. Modeling the effect of water activity and temperature on the growth rate and aflatoxin production by A.
Clearly water activity (content) is a critical physical attribute for the protection of powdered cannabis from storage molds. A review of the moisture sorption isotherms of spices, in absence of those for cannabis, indicates that unprotected exposure of powdered cannabis to humidity exceeding 80% will promote water adsorption and result in mold growth. Other standard-setting organizations including the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Based on a risk assessment, the largest concerns are fecal pathogens such as hepatitis A, Salmonella spp. Fecal pathogens are most likely to cause infection through handling powdered cannabis while Aspergillus spores and aflatoxin may contaminate smoke from burning cannabis in joints or water pipes and be drawn deep into the lungs.
This suggests that the critical microbiological quality attributes for powdered cannabis should be the absence of E. However, based on the recently published foodborne illness source attribution estimates from the US Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration (IFSAC) Project (2015) the number of outbreaks and the estimated number of outbreak associated illness attributed to seeded vegetables, which may most resemble cannabis, during 1990-2012 time period was 34 and 4001 respectively for Salmonella and none for E.
The critical unanswered question is whether this TCYMC limit would control the Aspergillus fumigatus content in powdered cannabis and if the addition of an absence of A. Additional microbiological testing surveys of marketed powdered cannabis published in peer-reviewed journals would be informative in specification setting.A strong argument can be made that the most valuable critical quality attribute to prevent fungal contamination of powdered cannabis may be water content (activity). Data on the moisture sorption isotherm for dried powdered cannabis would be useful in specification setting.ReferencesAlexander, T. Chronic necrotizing pulmonary aspergillosis in a marijuana addict: a new cause of amyloidis. Invasive allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis associated with marijuana use in a man with colorectal cancer. Pulmonary aspergillosis, inhalation of contaminated marijuana smoke, and chronic granulation disease.
Global burden of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis with asthma and its complications chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in adults.
Fatal aspergillosis associated with smoking contaminated marijuana in a marrow transplant recipient. The effect of water activity and storage temperature on the growth of Aspergillus flavus in medicinal herbs.
Successfully treated invasive aspergillosis associated with smoking marijuana in a renal transplant recipient. Modeling the effect of water activity and temperature on growth rate and aflatoxin production by two isolates of Aspergillus flavus on paddy.
Possible risk of invasive aspergillosis with marijuana use during chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer.
Early invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in a leukemia patient linked to aspergillus-contaminated marijuana smoking. Prior to November 2013 he worked for Merck Research Laboratories in Summit, New Jersey, as the Senior Principal Scientist in early phase drug development.

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