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Many probiotics you buy today are a total waste of money, because they contain little (if any) living organisms.
Below we show you how to tell if your probiotics are working or not, regardless of which brand they are. Given our positive experience over the years with Garden of Life vitamins and supplements, we were anxious to try a bottle of their Primal Defense Ultimate Ultra (isn’t that name a mouthful).
We chose Primal Defense for our testing because it is the mid-tier in the offerings from Garden of Life. Capsule Ingredients: vegetable capsule (cellulose), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), rice maltodextrin.
That being said, even though it is initially grown in dairy, the excess is removed during processing. Probiotics are cultured in dairy, which is generally consumed during the fermentation process. Being mostly dietary vegans, personally we don’t have qualms about using lactobacillus.
If you are on a vegan or on a primarily vegetarian diet, there is a much better product for you. The Garden of Life RAW probiotics Ultimate Care for women, men, kids, etc., as well as their Dr.
If you haven’t heard, there is actually an old-fashioned way how to test if probiotics are active from the comfort of your own home.
Inert materials like glass or ceramic should be perfectly fine, but a metal like copper has antibacterial properties and some types of wood might not be a good idea either. The articles and posts we had read said you could (even though they weren’t actually using it themselves).
Although not shown, keep in mind that between photos we are keeping both cups covered with foil. As you see hour 6 and 9 look almost identical, which suggests the most activity is during the first 6 hours.
This was taken in the middle of the night and hence, the shadows from the lights (other pics were with sunlight).
The biggest difference between 1 and 2 days is the brown growth permeating throughout the milk. However the difference you see between 3 and 6 (or anytime thereafter) is something taking place. Being vegan with none handy in the kitchen, we bought the smallest bottle of dairy we could find. Unlike the non-dairy milk test where 6 hours showed obvious evidence, here it’s difficult to gauge whether the Primal Defense Ultimate Ultra is living up to its lofty name. The next photos really surprised us because much of the black powder you saw floating on the surface 6 hours ago is no longer there. What is floating on the top here is clearly living because it grew versus what was seen 12 hours ago. The bottle’s instructions say to start with one pill per day and work your way up to three. Tummy felt like it was growling quite a bit and poop was looser (we’re blunt, deal with it). If you eat a normal diet of meats and dairy, then the Primal Defense Ultra probiotic appears to be a solid choice based on both of our milk method tests. The RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care 100 billion guaranteed has not only the highest CFU promise, but also way more strains than the others from Garden of Life; 34 versus the 13 in Primal Defense and the 15 or 16 found in most of the Dr. Probiotics are bacteria that help keep the natural balance of organisms (microflora) in the intestines. The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are also one of the few methods of promoting your body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients. Author & Researcher Julia Roe has been with us for over six years, contributing more to CHR than any other individual researcher.
Contains two types of well-documented probiotics, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis. TruBiotics was effective in treating both the discomfort and bloating of IBS and eased the issues lactose-intolerant individuals experienced when consuming lactose. The majority of individuals reported no change in symptoms related to vaginal infections and the colonies of TruBiotics did not survive long after the removal of the supplement from an individual’s daily routine.
Putting raw honey on my face has been the single best thing I have ever done for my complexion. After doing tons of research, I’ve come to learn this natural food is the bees’ knees!

When you mix it with water (to wash off of your skin), the honey releases antiseptic hydrogen peroxide, which helps to heal acne and stop bacterial growth without damaging body tissue.
The high antioxidant content in honey eliminates free radicals in the skin which are the culprit for wrinkles, age spots and blemishes. The sugars in raw honey act as a humectant and emollient; increasing water content and reducing dryness of the skin even after washing it off.
Raw honey will soothe redness and reduce inflammation of your skin whether from acne or injury.
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, pick up some raw honey from your local farmer’s market. If you’re experiencing low blood sugar, a tablespoon of honey will get you back to balance.
Not only does the consistency provide relief, the antibacterial properties go to work internally to help you recover faster. Pasteurized – meaning it’s been treated by heat and processed so that all the enzymes and good probiotics have been destroyed.
I recommend starting with just raw honey and if it’s working well for you stick with it!
For centuries, people have used honey for healing, medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic purposes.
Research – We delve into the science of a particular supplement and find out which qualities to look for and WHICH TO AVOID.
Screening –  We compile a list of the most popular brands and send them to our lab for a chemical analysis of the exact contents of each supplement.
Ranking – We devise a ranking system and find the five safest and most effective supplements. After all, we’ve had great experiences with their vegan protein blends and figured they could also be trusted for this product. If you go by the strictest definition, Garden of Life probiotics are not vegan and not dairy free. While holding it above one of the glasses, pull the capsule apart so the powder falls into it. Being told it was okay, we conducted this first test using Good Karma flax milk, as that’s what was readily available in the kitchen. The change from hour 0 and 3 we’re ignoring, because that could have just been the dust floating up and settling on the surface.
We kept the seal as airtight as possible with the saran wrap, in order to keep the gas produced during fermentation in there. Similar to 1 day but even more disgusting, which is how to tell if the probiotics are working. After all, if we saw all that gross stuff first, it may affect what we think we’re experiencing while taking the probiotics. Probably doing that a lot faster than we should have, we did x1 capsule for 3 days, x2 for 2 days, and x3 for 2 days. The largest group of probiotic bacteria in the intestine is lactic acid bacteria, of which Lactobacillus acidophilus, found in yogurt with live cultures, is the best known. This was due to the incredible versatility of the supplement as well as its remarkable overall effects on quality of life reported by those who maintained a daily regimen of probiotics. Julia has dedicated the past 17 years of her life to professional coverage of the constantly evolving modern medical and health world. Although more for individuals who are looking for their probiotic to address a very specific health issue, TruBiotics does its job very well. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic which is used in the treatment of some vaginal infections and may facilitate lactose digestion in lactose-intolerant individuals.
For years, I have struggled on and off with light acne, and always seem to get hormonal blemishes.
This in turn will help combat irritants such as pollution and bacteria that it’s exposed to daily.
It also contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens skin tone and lightens scars and age spots. By exposing yourself to the local pollen, you are less likely to suffer from the allergen’s in the air. In it’s most raw state, honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains pollen, which has natural enzymes, vitamins and powerful antioxidants. The pollen has been completely removed to extend the shelf life and at the same time taking away all of its beneficial properties. The quality of honey you buy is based on the main type of flower or plant that the bees pollinate.

Buckwheat honey is known for its rich, dark color and its sweet, rich flavor and aftertaste reminiscent of molasses. Cinnamon is also an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal anti-viral agent, in addition to being a light exfoliant. Did you know it is said bees are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of food in the United States?
We DO NOT review products which are based in pseudo-science and falsehoods, which rules out more supplements than you would think! Most evidence points to the conclusion that these products are not only ineffective, but in many cases DANGEROUS as well! Not only is it easy to do, but also cheap and relatively quick – 24 hours should be enough time. However we advise using a Saran wrap-like plastic which you can tightly seal around the cup to trap the off-gassing from the bacteria.
Think about it… bacteria will grow faster at room temperature than inside your fridge, which is 40 °F. We know this isn’t caused by just the flax milk, since the control cup on the right has none of that discoloration. This is especially apparent in the cow milk test, where even after 48 hours the placebo glass on the right has absolutely zero bacterial growth despite being at room temperature for 2 full days. That’s why we discontinued the Garden of Life probiotics and went back to our Enzymedica VeggieGest. Modern science is now indicating that probiotic supplements cause your body to absorb more nutrients from your diet, which results in you feeling fuller faster and ultimately storing many less calories as fat! Again, the test results were not overwhelmingly positive – however they still measured well inside the advised levels of effectiveness.
Bifidobacterium animalis is used to treat discomfort and bloating in constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This product is safe for pets and children, but it is always wise to consult a physician before taking any supplement if you are pregnant or nursing. Because it is packed with good stuff for you whether you use it internally or externally – making it the perfect multi-purpose travel companion! Darker honey contains more antioxidants, which will work wonders on your skin (whether it be for a face mask or healing a wound). Without bees, we would no longer have access to tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries. Even if the probiotics are living, it might be hard to tell if you’re expecting them to flourish in such a cold environment. Taking probiotics helps to replace the lost beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are also being studied for benefits in colon cancer, skin infections, and inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS). If the two strains in Trubiotics are the ones that you are looking for, TruBiotics is a fair place to begin your foray into probiotic supplements.
I stumbled upon the idea of using raw honey as a face-mask from a friend when I asked what her secret was to her newly glowing skin.
It’s recognized that manuka honey has the most healing benefits because it contains a naturally present property not found in any other honey in the world. Monofloral honey, or honey that is made from just one flower or plant, has better chances of having a higher amount of vitamins, minerals and antibacterial properties because it’s not mixed with any other types of honey that may have varying degrees of each. Their most expensive are the RAW brand, especially their highest potency which is the RAW Ultimate Care 100 billion CFU. It appears Garden of Life is respecting both definitions, by only claiming it to be vegetarian.
The product we normally use is Enzymedica VeggieGest, which can greatly help with gas and bloating you may have, without the lactobacillus (which is more for digesting animal sources of food).
Next thing I know, I’m at the Farmer’s Market in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica buying raw honey to lather on my face!
But not all manuka honey is the same, so a rating system was developed to tell you how much healing benefits are contained within each jar.
UMF, or, Unique Manuka Factor, is a rating system to help consumers understand what grade of manuka they are purchasing.
That may just be marketing in our opinion, because studies have suggested probiotics in general can affect your mood, they don’t need to be a special type to do so. To be considered potent enough to be therapeutic (and for face masks), manuka needs a rating of at least 10.

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