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You've probably overheard one of your skin care-obsessed pals exalting the wonders of using yogurt as a DIY facial. It's well known -- among us health nuts anyway -- that good bacteria, aka probiotics, help fight inflammation in the gut.
When applied topically, probiotics combat the "bad bacteria" living in your skin's ecosystem, says Dr. What some find even more interesting is recent evidence showing probiotics' ability to turn back the clock.
What it does: This probiotic-packed serum rallies the good-bacteria troops to form a protective barrier on your skin's surface. Anti-aging elements, like soy and rice milk proteins, add an extra dose of nourishment and hydration. What it does: Formulated to fight inflammation and future skin flare-ups, this oil-free moisturizer is still gentle enough for supersensitive skin.
Use this mask for five minutes a day, two to three times a week, before rinsing with cool water. What it does: Formulated with 50 percent probiotic extracts, this stuff is all about harnessing as much good bacteria as possible to neutralize free radical activity and control excess sebum on skin, which prevents enlarged pores and minimizes oil production. The Korean-made sleeping mask is ultra-lightweight -- perfect for those prone to greasy skin and breakouts.
In terms of purity and freshness and genuine benefit for the skin – Miessence have certified organic facial products which truly are second to none!
This blog post outlines the 10 steps that Narelle Chenery the founder of Miessence Australia, recommends for her organic facial products. The Miessence cleansers are brilliant organic facial products purely because of their purity. The Miessence Mineral Mask is a brilliant organic facial product because of the deep toxins it pulls to the surface of the skin and removes.
Use the jar lid as a bowl and make a smooth paste by mixing just one teaspoon of purified water with 1 heaped teaspoon of mask powder. The Miessence Skin Conditioner is a vital organic facial product in the organic skin care regime. Miessence treatment gels are intense concentrations of botanical extracts for special skin needs. Both of these gels are certified by Australian Certified Organic – and as I mentioned earlier this certification is to FOOD standards. Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector is an extremely potent combination of eight highly effective herbal and flower extracts to soothe, tone, and renew the skin. Miessence Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfect is certified by Australian Certified Organic and the USDA. The Miessence moisturisers contain olive extract which eliminates free-radicals (it is anti-aging and anti-wrinkle) and increases hydration and elasticity. The Miessence Rejuvenessence Facial Serum is a bit more potent and for wrinkles, scars, damaged, dry and aging skin.
Miessence Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist is the best organic facial product for dehydrated and tired skin that needs refreshment! Do your research and I guarantee you will find that Miessence have the best organic facial products available today. Miessence are a beautiful company – their products are as ethical and pure as they come.
This entry was posted in Miessence and tagged best organic facial products, certified organic facial products, organic facial products. Subscribe NOW to get Luke's email updates & FREE Superfood Recipe Book with 26 YUMMY Recipes! Disclaimer- This blog is based on my own personal opinions and research which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only.
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If we suspicion we were fan-girling tough for Beyonce’s Lemonade manuscript and film, her daughter has we beat. Nothing beats a family vibes surrounding this album, generally given it chronicles a tough time in Beyonce and her father Jay Z’s marriage.
Between Tina Knowles and Beyonce toasting a premiere with mason jars of lemonade and Blue Ivy rocking a printed dress, it looks like Lemonade will haunt Jay Z for longer than he competence have expected. New research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has shown that “healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract aids in the healing of inflamed skin. Watch my video below or read the text under that for tips about a few ways to eat (and enjoy) fermented foods. I’ve tried a number of fermented foods that I’ve wanted to spit right back out (ayran and poi, for example).
A friend once proved that to me when I told him I would not eat Marmite (New Zealand’s version of Vegemite, a food paste made from leftover yeast extract). Nevertheless, there are a huge number of fermented foods, all with different flavours, so I’m sure there are some that you will enjoy from the start. Did you know that even coffee and chocolate are made from a combination of fermentation processes?
Non-starch polysaccharides is not an easy term to remember, or to market as part of a nutritious diet. If sugar is considered the “bad boy” in the carbohydrate family, then fibre is treated like the “golden child.” You probably know fibre as that thing that you know you should eat more of, but that doesn’t seem that appetizing. Fibre foods help support digestive health, regulate blood sugar fluctuations, lower elevated cholesterol, help eliminate toxic waste products from the body, prevent colon cancer, and more.
Soluble fibre attracts water, so it turns to a gel when it enters your body, thus slowing your digestive process. Though fibre is commonly thought of as something that “makes you go,” because it slows the speed of digestion, it also helps manage diarrhea and loose stools.
It makes sense, based off its name, that insoluble fibre does not bind itself to water and turn to gel, like the soluble fibre, but it does absorb water while moving through the digestive system, making for an easier passage. IBD is short for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and it includes chronic inflammation at any or all parts of the bowels. Proctitis can be either acute (short-lived) or chronic (long lasting), and it can cause rectal pain, frequent or continuous sensation of needing to have a bowel movement, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, mucus in stool, and pain in the left side of the abdomen. Sexually transmitted infections—including gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, and HIV—particularly from anal intercourse, is one of the risk factors for proctitis, so it’s important to use protection. Other types of infection that can result in proctitis include foodborne infections like salmonella, campylobacter, and shigella. Radiation therapy for cancer treatment in areas close to the rectum (such as prostate or ovarian cancer) can also cause proctitis. Probiotics are a good treatment option in general for digestive disorders, so talk with a health practitioner about your best choices. As the “itis” component of the word proctitis indicates, this is an inflammatory disease, so taking care of the inflammation is key.
Acupuncture can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and calm the nervous system to support healing. If you or someone you know has proctitis or any other IBD or digestive disorder, contact me if you have questions on how to treat it. Many of you may be travelling this winter, either for Christmas holidays, New Year’s celebrations, or to get somewhere sunny early in the new year. While many have a fear of flying, afraid that the plane is going to crash, we all know that that is highly unlikely to happen. If you’re travelling to a different time zone, check out my blog on jet lag acupressure.

The question on Quora was “From an Evolutionary Perspective, the digestive system of humans is better designed to be on what sort of a diet? Read Melissa Carr's answer to From an evolutionary perspective, the digestive system of humans is better designed to be on what sort of a diet?
LeAnn Rimes takes 40 pills day, works out daily and uses a spray tan machine to look like she does. Read the fine print, and you'll see that most of these products contain probiotic derivatives, as opposed to the active cultures found in yogurt, as it would be difficult to guarantee the shelf life of live bacteria. If you're a skin-care aficionado, science geek, disgruntled rosacea-sufferer or all of the above, give one of these cutting-edge probiotic treatments a try. This helps deflect external stressors, allowing your skin to remain as uncorrupted as an 18-year-old's for as long as possible. Pat a thin layer onto your face and neck before bed before bed between cleansing and moisturizing to give the formula a full night to kick into gear. Additional skin-care goodies (think: moisturizing shea butter and glycerin), as well as rosacea- and free radical-fighting green tea, serve as backup.
This clay mask aims to make dull, lackluster skin a thing of the past by using both chemical and physical exfoliation, as well as probiotics, to resurface uneven skin tone and texture, leaving you with a radiant complexion. Lactic acid exfoliates, while Bentonite Clay and microbeads made from soybean oil, volcanic sand and Vitamin E physically polish and hydrate skin. Apply a thin layer before bed and rinse in the morning to reveal a luminous, healthy complexion.
To start with it’s important to understand that the best organic facial products must be CERTIFIED organic by a third party of some kind to guarantee their purity of being truly organic.
When you DON’T cleanse your skin it becomes dull and flaky and the oil glands block up with dirt. It has smooth, polished alluvial garnet which oxygenates the skin and speeds up cell growth, promoting youthful skin.
This exfoliant cannot be certified to food grade standards simply because some of the ingredients are non plant based.
This organic facial product improves photo-damaged skin and creates a smoother, less wrinkled appearance.
It feeds the skin with water soluble botanicals, aloe vera and herbs and also plumps up the surface skin cells and provides a hydration base for the moisturiser to seal in.
The Miessence Blemish Gel is an organic facial product for blemishes and healing and can also be used on minor cuts and scratches.
That is the 10 Step Organic Facial Spa Ritual from the creator of Miessence – Narelle Chenery. The reason they are the best is because they are genuinely certified by an independent third party (not a made up one like other organic skin care brands) and contain the freshest and purest ingredients available for your skin.
Their products are always quirky and fun, I usually have one Too Faced product in my make up bag at all times. You could easily wear this alone for a nice dewy look or under foundation for a super-flawless look. I'm all for make up products that actually work as skincare too and fix the skin at the same time, this product definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me and has quickly made its way into my make up bag as a daily must-use! On Thursday, Tina Knowles, her grandmother, posted a picture of Blue Ivy’s lemonade dress during a kickoff to a Formation discuss and it is substantially a cutest thing ever. Beyonce posted cinema on Wednesday of her and her daughter unresolved out on-stage during rehearsals. Easier to do if you are the cook and the fermented foods-hater doesn’t know they are eating it. Well, because like anything homemade it often tastes better (unless you screw up the recipe, which I have been known to do). More commonly termed dietary fibre, it includes cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectins (though it gets complicated here with the terminology often expanding and changing). It’s not a perfect division (what in the world is?), but here are some of the benefits and types of food that provide each of these categories. Note that if you are supplementing with psyllium husk or any other soluble fibre product, make sure to consume it with a lot of water.
Insoluble fibre is found in many whole foods, but the highest amounts are often found in the parts of the foods that are tougher to chew, like cabbage, onions, bell peppers, and the skin of apples, cucumbers, and grapes.
The most common types of inflammatory bowel disease are Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, but inflammation of the rectum is also possible, and it’s called proctitis.
Antibiotic use may also make us more susceptible to infection as it destroys the good bacteria in our gut, allowing harmful bacteria to flourish. This can happen during radiation therapy and last for months after, or even occur years after treatment. Antibiotics may be the appropriate course of treatment, but remember to take your probiotics as well. The best TCM is not a “cookie cutter” treatment with the same acupuncture points, herbal formula, or nutritional advice being doled out to every person with the same medical diagnosis. For example, inflammatory issues, especially when acute or in a flare, often show signs of Heat, so we recommend avoiding hot spices, stimulants, alcohol, and excessive exercise (light and moderate are still recommended, depending on the severity).
You are, however, highly likely to be exposed to a lot of viruses and bacteria that can leave you sick when you arrive at your destination.
A small (keep in mind liquid restrictions on airplanes) spray bottle with anti-viral essential oils like lavender and tea tree can be used to spritz your face. I like ginger candy chews to help with motion sickness and nausea or vomiting from other cause (ugh, many of us have been down that road before). I know that getting ready to take a break from work can mean overtime before and after holidays. I know that jet lag, a different bed, hectic travel, a change in routine, and even just being super excited about travelling can all make sleep more difficult. Omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore?” Many want to know what is the best diet plan for all? It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require. But recently, research has found that there are actually compelling benefits to the "good bacteria" in yogurt -- beyond what it can do for your insides. Left unattended, bad bacteria may trigger inflammation, causing (and exacerbating) acne, rosacea and eczema. They contain yucca extract and other naturally fresh plant based aroma from pure organic essential oils and plant extracts.
Lie down with your feet up and relax for 10-15 minutes to let all the blood travel to your head.
It revitalises the skin with naturally occurring lacto-bacteria which transforms organic whole grains and legumes into a mild lactic acid via an exclusive natural process of lacto-fermentation and enzymatic, pre-digestion. It has nutrient rich active ingredients and replaces the use of a toner with this alcohol-free infusion! Apply a couple of pumps of this organic facial product onto your fingers tips and apply to certain areas. As well as containing exquisite ingredients like organic Neroli and Rose Essential oil this moisturising organic facial product is LITERALLY food for the skin. It’s especially great in extreme heat, cold or windy conditions to protect the skin and nightly, to help regenerate and revitalise.
I was pretty excited to try out their new Hangover Primer - mainly because I'm a little bit of a primer obsessive - I'm honestly obsessed with primers. The primer is infused with coconut water and probiotics so it's basically skincare with a primer too so you don't need to feel naughty for lathering it all over your face before putting your foundation on. I've particularly enjoyed using this when my skin has felt dehydrated and well, a little hungover I guess!
I’ve discovered this about Brussels sprouts, fish, tomatoes, and olives (provided those olives are in Greece when I eat them). And because this way you know you have a true fermented product, not a sterile, no good bacteria (probiotics) vinegary cabbage. When it tastes good (may take more than 3 days), remove the weighted jar and put a lid on the large jar. Because it creates a gel, insufficient water will make it act more like a plug, causing constipation—uh oh!

But, recently someone asked me to write about inflammatory bowel disease, in particular proctitis, as it’s something that she suffers from. Probiotic supplementation and the consumption of naturally fermented foods rich in good bacteria can help diminish the risk by rebalancing our gut flora. It’s also important to avoid foods that are likely to trigger inflammation, including refined sugars, processed fats, chemically-laden foods, caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and too many animal meats.
In fact, treatment plans can vary quite widely for the same disease because the people suffering are all quite different.
Those who’ve been struggling with a digestive disorder (or most any chronic health issue, really) for a long time, probably have a number of deficiencies–areas of weakness.
Though you may have to bother your fellow travellers so you can get up from your plane, train, or bus seat or ask for a driving pit stop, drink plenty of fluids.
You may not realize it, but many of you will touch your nose, mouth, eyes, and ears several times in a day, each time possibly transferring bacteria to those entry points of your body. Acupuncture can also help manage stress with its release of endorphins and chance to reset and restore the body and mind. Traditional Chinese Medicine of course recommends that food choices should be personalized to what works best for the individual.
The Miessence cleansers are certainly some of the best organic facial products on the market as these are actually certified organic to FOOD GRADE standards by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).
The purpose of using this organic facial product is because a build up of dead skin cells cause a rough appearance.
Masks can be combined together to create a tailormade mineral mask for specific conditions – for example you can mix soothing and purifying masks for inflamed and blemish prone skin. Patchouli leaf oil and Calendula CO2 extract nourish and soothe, while carrot seed oil improve tone and elasticity. This step in the 10 Step plan creates a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss (one of the main cause of wrinkles). Use the serums after the Miessence moisturiser to lock in that moisture and intensively nourish the skin. It’s already a flattering lovable dress, though a oneness is what totally completes a look. Though I was glad to get back to fresh veggies at home, it was delicious and I love this sauerkraut recipe below! Spicy foods, seeds, popcorn, raw foods, and foods with sorbitol in it may also be triggers for proctitis and other IBDs. For those, we may recommend herbs that help strengthen the body, including ginseng and reishi or cordyceps mushrooms. Your list may vary, depending on your particular needs, where you are travelling, length of travel, and how much room you have in your bags, but here are some of my tips. It’s also key to be proactive for digestive health, as travel can offer up some challenges in this regard. Keep in mind that not all your fellow passengers will like this, so you may want to go to the bathroom to do this.
If you don’t sleep well, your immune system, digestive system, and everything else will not work as well. When they say beauty is way more than skin deep, it’s hard for people who have psoriasis to wrap their minds around that. The naturally fermented lactic acid liquid in Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener is known to restore and protect the skin’s acid mantle, lighten and brighten the complexion, improve photo damaged skin, exfoliate dead skin cells for as smoother, less-wrinkled appearance and help break down impurities. Pat it on to the skin and leave it to absorb for a few seconds before applying the moisturiser.
Rosemary has a powerful antioxidant effect, and exotic organic oils give a deep herbal aroma.
The special ingredients in the unique organic base have lasting effects on skin hydration and smoothness.
Because these serums are so ultra-concentrated, only a small amount is needed for optimum results! It really has a beautiful and exquisite aroma and is saturated with water-soluble botanicals present in the petals of approximately 45 roses per bottle! Primers are great because they act as a barrier between your skin and the make up but usually, make your make up last longer and look smoother and more flawless. Eventually, he opened up my sandwich as I was partway through eating it to show me that I had been happily eating something that I had once thought of as vile. Yogurt and other fermented foods are helpful for general promotion of good bacteria in the gut, but antibiotics are powerful drugs, so you’ll need to take a probiotic supplement to counter the destruction of all the good bacteria.
Juicing may be appropriate for those with more Heat signs, while soups and stews and slow cooked meals may be recommended for those with more Cold. In fact, don’t drink alcohol on the plane if you want to stay healthy (if you drink because it calms your nerves, read below for tips on that).
Or, some may ask if they can borrow your spray bottle so they can try it themselves (no problem!). This funny video gives you another option for your sneeze: Sneeze into the back of your knee. I always bring digestive enzyme capsules in my purse, at the ready for culinary adventures. Use the exfoliant by placing just a small amount onto wet finger tips and very gently massage onto wet skin in a small circular motion. Use the formula by putting 2 or 3 pumps on to a cotton wool ball or pad and gently sweep it over the face, throat and neck.
On moist and clean skin, massage 2 to 3 pumps of conditioner gently on to the face and throat. Miessence Ambrosia Perfector restores ageless beauty, rejuvenates the complexion and renews the youth in your skin.
Simply use one or two pumps of your moisturiser on the palm of your hand and then pat and press gently on to your face, throat and neck twice a day, after conditioning and any treatment with any gels etc. Hold the bottle at about arms length, and spray a gentle mist around the face to cleanse the aura, calm the soul and rehydrate the complexion. Tina Knowles posted cinema final weekend of her and daughter toasting a universe premiere with tangible lemonade.
For blemished skin, use it every day (for a week), then every second day (for a week) and then twice a week until the congestion is completely gone. But, the first time people try beer or alcohol, they also tend to think it doesn’t taste good.
The Miessence Minerals Masks are again certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia because of their non-plant based ingredients. You can use this wonderful organic facial product twice a day after cleansing and before applying the skin conditioner.
Pump a couple of drops of oil onto your fingers and massage into the affected areas until the oil is completely absorbed. And, if something stronger is needed, I bring Gravol, in case he needs to be knocked out (though it doesn’t always work). You can use this skin perfecting organic facial product daily as a super intense nourishing booster before moisturising. Use it every night after cleansing to revive and restore your complexion and promote cellular renewal. Picture: Instagram10 of 17Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple celebrate International Girl's Day.
Picture: Instagram11 of 17Unlikely duo Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian snap a selfie at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. Picture: InstagramUnlikely duo Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian snap a selfie at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood.

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