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Ability to Overcome the Gastric Barrier.  Active in BioVi due to the presence of chitin in the cell wall, not declared in Lactobacillus. Based on research on the benefits of using lactic yeast versus bacteria in a supplement, BioVi chose to use yeast as our active ingredient in our prebiotics and probiotics supplement.  To learn more about why we chose yeast over bacteria, give us a call at 1-888-98-BioVi. They can also prove to be fatal if they reach advanced levels causing other major diseases. The most evident symptom is intense itch that causes an intense irritation to the person concerned. Curd and probiotics contain good bacteria that can help douse the fungus and putting them in lazy mode. These can be applied externally and also consumed to reduce the fungal infection giving the patient relief from natural, safe and pure ingredients found in any kitchen.
Tea tree oil is anti-fungal in nature, the application of tea tree oil will produce a sensation of tingling and a little burning, this is because it is strong enough to produce.
If the vagina is affected one can use a tampon, soak it in a mild mix of tea tree oil and insert it in the vagina. Douching can be done externally, by applying apple cider vinegar, teat tree oil, basil and thyme boiled in water and used for douching. Just 1 Capsule per Day Balances Yeast & Bacteria to Maintain Feminine HealthLactobacillus, yeast, plus alternative bacteria are all naturally present inside the body, plus maximum vaginal wellness happens whenever there is a healthy balance of these ingredients.
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Ive been on antibiotics for about 2-3 weeks now for this ear infection that just wont quit and now I think I have oral thrush :(Is there anything I can do to get it to go away or do I have to wait to see the doctor on Monday??? Thanks for the responses- Im going to stop at the drug store in the morning and see what I can findTfro- how long did it take the purple color to disappear from your lil guys mouth??
Quoting Mommyof3boys312:Thanks for the responses- Im going to stop at the drug store in the morning and see what I can findTfro- how long did it take the purple color to disappear from your lil guys mouth?? It is medically known as Candida Albicans or sometimes commonly also referred to as jock itch.
The causes differ; it can be caused due to humidity, change or season, low immunity or even unhygienic conditions. Especially if a person is on anti-biotic, probiotics, in the form of probiotic drinks and other curds can be very useful. Leave this on for a while but do not keep it inserted overnight as it can cause internal damage while you turnaround in your sleep. Douching is the best thing to do as it helps give relief externally which is much desired by most of the patients. This can be done by using organic products and harmless mid soap and other bathing products.
RepHresh Pro-B is clinically shown to supply healthy probiotic lactobacillus which functions with the body to balance yeast plus bacteria.

Information accessible on this Site is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The symptoms are pretty evident and range from redness, rash, inflammations to craters and secretions if left untreated for a very long period of time.
With 1 capsule taken daily, you are able to take control plus assist keep vaginal flora inside a usual range.
Yes, it will give you bad breath for a while but it will definitely work for the cause of the fungal infection. Do not use chemical and other extremely synthetic products on your body while suffering from yeast infection as it tends to increase the pain and torture of the infection as it reacts with the skin.
How it Works: Provides healthy probiotic lactobacillus which balances yeast plus bacteria to keep feminine wellness.

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