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Hi,First of all, I love your website.I need help with my cat who has inflammatory bowel syndrome. Sequoia is a 12 year old Bichon Frise that came to our clinic with a recent history of bloody diarrhea. The ultrasound exam was then followed by a colonoscopy under general anesthesia to allow for visualization and biopsy of the diseased tissues.
The following video shows Sequoia demonstrating her desire to go home less than 48 hours after her surgery.
First, her disease would not have been diagnosed without the use of our hospital's advanced diagnostic testing services: ultrasonography, endoscopy and digital radiology.
And perhaps most importantly, her case demonstrates that our older pets are perfectly capable of undergoing lengthy anesthetic and surgical procedures. The colonoscopy revealed a mass of severely inflamed hemorrhagic tissue suspicious for colonic cancer.
These x-ray images allow us to even better define the degree of disease change affecting the colon.

Bruce Berger, was immediately scheduled to perform this difficult and delicate complicated surgery. Following 2 days of ICU post-op hospital care she was discharged to her owner's loving care.
Second, early diagnosis and aggressive treatment was critical to resolving Sequoia's disease before it progressed to colonic cancer. Since Sequoia was otherwise feeling great with an excellent appetite and no weight loss,  she was treated symptomatically for inflammatory bowel disease of the colon.
Sequoia's owner was informed of the likely diagnosis and agreed to have surgery scheduled as soon as possible to remove the mass, even knowing that it may be too late to save Sequoia. The surgery required removing a 12 cm length of Sequoia's colon and took almost 3 hours to complete (even with a second surgeon's assistance for much of the procedure). Sequoia's disease is very similar to the colorectal disease in people that leads to colonic cancer and is the reason for routine human colonoscopic exams.
Unfortunately, these therapies had little beneficial effect and Sequoia's problem progressively worsened.

When it became apparent that standard medical therapy was ineffective, we scheduled Sequoia for a comprehensive battery of advanced diagnostic tests on October 19, 2012. From what you describe, it sounds like he is able to tolerate the food OK though we have some concerns about the pheasant.
Try using Happy Tummy from Spirit Essences (Click the link on the left) We have found this to help with cats that have sensitive tummys!
Stress is a major cause of vomiting in cats and while he may not appear stressed he very well could be so the Happy Tummy can help calm things.

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