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Prebiotics are a special class of carbohydrates and soluble fibers that are not digested in the upper GI tract.
A paper in the April 22nd issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the effects of oligofructose on 48 overweight volunteers. A 2008 study involving both obese adults and children found that adding 14 grams of oligofructose to a calorie-restricted diet helped to satisfy hunger, reduce body mass index and body fat percentage. A 2007 scientific review confirms the triglyceride lowering effect of inulin and oligofructose, the two most popular prebiotics. Another intriguing use for prebiotics is to assist with the absorption of essential minerals.
When I searched through the many studies on prebiotics, I was impressed by their potential application in a wide variety of conditions. Evidence derived from human and animal toxicology studies point to a high degree of safety with regard to these special carbohydrates. I’m currently using two natural (non-caloric) sweeteners as part of my low(er) carb diet. Is the 85.3 grams of carboydrates (you mentioned) broken down into fiber and sugar amounts or just a generic carbohydrate quantity?
It’s always great to have more evidence supporting the treatments I offer my patients, and pretty much everyone gets probiotics with FOS in them. An interesting article, with superscripts indicating references – but the references are not listed, or am I blind? This is just the type of website my students would access, but without the references they cannot evaluate the comments, so cannot use it. A pilot study of synbiotic supplementation on breast milk mineral concentrations and growth of exclusively breast fed infants. Despite the crucial role of breast milk mineral contents for health and growth of the infants, they decrease with the duration of lactation.
Excess energy intake is thought to be a major driver of the obesity epidemic and even small disturbances in energy balance may lead to the onset of pediatric obesity.
Oral administration of Bifidobacterium breve B-3 modifies metabolic functions in adults with obese tendencies in a randomised controlled trial.
Accumulating evidence suggests an association between gut microbiota and the development of obesity, raising the possibility of probiotic administration as a therapeutic approach. A Mixture of 3 Bifidobacteria Decreases Abdominal Pain and Improves the Quality of Life in Children With Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial. GOALS: We assessed the efficacy of a probiotic mixture of Bifidobacterium infantis M-63, breve M-16V, and longum BB536 in improving abdominal pain (AP) and quality of life (QoL) in children with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia (FD). BACKGROUND: AP-associated functional gastrointestinal disorders, particularly IBS and FD, are common in pediatrics, and no well-established treatment is currently available. CONCLUSIONS: In children with IBS a mixture of Bifidobacterium infantis M-63, breve M-16V, and longum BB536 is associated with improvement in AP and QoL.
Understanding how the human gut microbiota and host are impacted by probiotic bacterial strains requires carefully controlled studies in humans and in mouse models of the gut ecosystem where potentially confounding variables that are difficult to control in humans can be constrained. Our physiology and physiological differences are not only manifestations of our human genes and epigenomes, but also a reflection of the genes and genetic variations that exist in our resident microbial communities (microbiomes). A necessary starting point for assessing how the structure and functions of the human microbiome are related to our biology is to characterize the normal variations that occur in these communities, their gene pools, and their gene expression profiles both within and between individuals. Common intended or unintentional disturbances to our microbiomes include changes in our diets, consumption of antibiotics, and ingestion of live microbial strains posited to improve health.
Many individuals do not know how much important their body’s digestion is until something goes wrong. Probiotics are most times referred to as friendly bacteria and can b found naturally in our digestive tracts. You must have heard that probiotics, the cultures in yoghurts, for instance, are good for one’s health. Digestive disorders and disease, for example: IBS, gastritis, IBD, ulcerative colitis, among many other problems are becoming an epidemic in our world. Irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS, which hits an estimated number of 57 million Americans can result to diarrhea, bloating and cramps. The beneficial bacteria have more than one function affecting our health such as: creating vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, K and Biotin, helping digest food, making essential fatty acids that feed the gut lining , producing lactase to digest milk, detoxifying dangerous substances, crowding out harmful bacteria and fungi producing bacteriocins and anti-fungals to fight harmful bacteria , helping remove hormone excess, to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helping cells reproduce normally, increasing the number of immune cells, stimulating cell repair mechanisms , reducing inflammatory response.
There are a lot of probiotix supplements found in the market nowadays, but as you have probably guessed, they are not all equal. Do you know that probiotics are vulnerable to losing effectiveness and potency the longer they lie outside? Unless you have a diet that is considered free of all man made problems, a quality probiotic can possess an amazing effect on your health as a whole. Lactoflor Probiotic combines four carefully selected strains of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifidobacterium ssp., Lactobacillus acidophilus), which play important role in maintaining healthy intestinal microbalance. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid and must be obtained through the diet or by supplementation.
L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained through the diet or by supplementation. Disclaimer: Statements made or products sold through this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

It appears that these unique carbohydrates may actually curb appetite and encourage weight loss. Half the group consumed 21 grams of oligofructose daily and the remainder were fed a placebo. The female participants also demonstrated a reduction in triglyceride levels, a risk factor for heart disease. The assimilation of minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc are all positively affected by the presence of prebiotics. For instance, there’s great interest in the role that inulin and oligofructose may play in the fight against colon cancer. At the moment I’m using a stevia and luo han guo sweetener that both contain prebiotics in their base. They provide a much smaller amount of prebiotics than what was used in the weight loss studies. The sweetener packets I use have 1 gram of carbohydrate (in each packet) but they’re classified mostly as fiber.
I’ll continue to report my personal findings in the hope that they will apply to others too. I work for a company that formulates and manufactures probiotic and enzyme products, and we are now in the process of adding scFOS (prebiotic) to most of our formulas to support probiotic growth. People who need to lose weight should first check their levels of bacteria, and if they are low they should supplement or change thier diet accordingly.
So, this pilot study aimed to determine the effects of synbiotic supplementation on breast milk mineral composition and infants’ growth. Bifidobacterium breve B-3 was found to exhibit an anti-obesity effect on high-fat diet-induced obesity mice. Although probiotics have shown promising results in adults, data in children are heterogeneous.
The proportion of IBS children with an improvement in QoL was significantly higher after probiotics than after placebo (48% vs.
This requires carefully designed studies where potentially confounding variables such as host genotype, diet and various environmental exposures can be controlled and systematically manipulated. The latter include commercially available probiotics that are incorporated into fermented milk products (FMPs). Be it an extra big meal that makes you feel lethargic and bloated; being overweight,  acid reflux or something different, you do not get to know the great important role your digestion plays till you get yourself into a problem.
Health practitioners including doctors most times recommend taking probiotics maybe during or after taking antibiotics. Probiotics can remove and cure most of the listed problems like excessive flatulence, IBS, gastritis and IBD. Just imagine about 3 to 4 pounds of tiny little bacteria living in the digestive tract that are responsible for a lot of amazing things.
For probiotics to be considered effective, they need to possess the following requirements like: Contain more than one strain, Remain potency at the time of consumption, contain prebiotics, able to survive stomach acid.
For this reason, do not buy too much of it, ensure they are fresh by looking at the expiry date and do not leave them to sit on the shelf for a long time.  In addition, consider this, after a year, a typical bottle will lose about 60 % of its potency.
Lysine is necessary for the production of all protein in the body and plays a major role in calcium absorption. Lysine is necessary for the production of all protein in the body including hormones, enzymes, and antibodies, as well as carnitine and collagen, which is the structural protein forming all connective tissue such as skin, tendon, and bone. They play a role in everything from helping to break down food to improving immune function, and even supporting healthy mood. This fermentation process selectively promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which help support intestinal and overall good health. The experiment lasted 12 weeks and included various measures of appetite, body composition and food intake.
In this pilot, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 57 lactating mothers were randomly divided into two groups to receive a daily supplement of synbiotic (n=30) or a placebo (n=27) for 30 days. In the present study, a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of the consumption of B. In addition, gnotobiotic mice harboring a 15-species model human gut microbiota whose genomes contain 58,399 known or predicted protein-coding genes were studied prior to and after gavage with all five sequenced FMP strains.
Dramatic increases in DNA sequencing capacity have led to an explosive increase in the number and types of culture-independent metagenomic studies of intra- and interpersonal variations in human microbial ecology—as a function of our human lifecycle, cultural traditions, and health status (2–7). Monozygotic (MZ) twins represent one way to constrain some of these variables, given that they have more similar genotypes and have experienced more similar dietary and other early environmental exposures than any other combination of individuals. With increasing regulatory pressure to validate the composition and health claims of probiotics and ‘functional’ foods, it is particularly important to develop informative translational medicine pipelines so that proof-of-concept clinical trials can be performed using validated biomarkers for quantitative phenotyping of subjects and of their responses. Now, these bugs can be discovered in cheese, cereal, soup, energy bars and a whole lot of other products filling up pharmacy and grocery shelves. Some findings and preliminary discoveries suggest that probiotics may help ease signs and symptoms, although there are also negative studies as well. Although some brands may fulfill all these requirements, nevertheless, if you want to notice results, you need a probiotic product that has it all.
If you are purchasing a poorly produced probiotic, or one that is expired or out of date, you might get as tiny as one billion of that.

Probiotics are live bacteria, and the quantity of acid in the human system is quite unbelievable, so the time a normal dose of a probiotic makes it to your digestive tract down to your stomach, only about one-tenth is considered effective. Eating cultured and fermented foods and supplementing with probiotic supplements is one way to increase the number of these desirable microbes. There was a modest reduction in body weight in the prebiotic group, but a small increase in weight in the placebo participants. For instance, there may be a difference in the effects of adding prebiotics to a standard diet as compared to a very low carb diet. I’m especially interested in the link between prebiotic fiber and helping mitigate effects of fructose on the body.
Breast milk zinc, copper, Iron, magnesium and, calcium concentrations were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Subjective appetite ratings were obtained before and after an ad libitum breakfast buffet at 0 and 16 wk as well as Children’s Eating Behaviour Questionnaire (CEBQ) scores. No significant changes in bacterial species composition or in the proportional representation of genes encoding known enzymes were observed in the feces of humans consuming the FMP. Long-term goals of this quest to understand the genomic and metabolic underpinnings of our mutually beneficial relationships with microbes include using our symbionts as a new class of biosensors and biomarkers of wellness, and devising safe and effective ways to deliberately manipulate the structure and functions of our microbiome in order to optimize our health, as well as to treat various diseases. A complementary approach is to use germ-free mice colonized at various points in their life with defined collections of microbes, with sequenced genomes, that represent major phylogenetic lineages encountered in the body habitats of human populations of interest. Please always remember this; a healthy digestive system requires hundred trillion (100 trillion) healthy bacteria. Blood glucose and insulin levels decreased in the prebiotic volunteers, but again increased slightly in the placebo group.
Only minimal changes in microbiota configuration were noted in mice following single or repeated gavage with the FMP consortium.
Gnotobiotic mice harboring ‘synthetic’ model human microbiomes, where all component organisms and microbial genes are known, can be reared under conditions where a number of the variables that confound human studies are extremely well controlled. It uses adult MZ twin pairs and metagenomic methods to first define temporal fluctuations in the organismal and gene content and gene expression profiles of their fecal microbial communities as a function of administration of a widely used commercial FMP.
It improves uptake of nutrients into one’s body, enhances your ability to recover, maintain your body weight and it limits inflammation. There was also a decline in ghrelin and an increase in peptide YY levels in the prebiotic group only. The first of 2 cohorts to complete the study showed a decreased desire to eat following fiber supplementation (p=0.02). A significantly lowered fat mass was observed in the B-3 group compared with the placebo group at week 12.
However, RNA-Seq analysis of fecal samples and follow-up mass spectrometry of urinary metabolites disclosed that introducing the FMP strains into mice results in significant changes in expression of microbiome-encoded enzymes involved in numerous metabolic pathways, most prominently those related to carbohydrate metabolism. B. It then takes the five sequenced strains present in the FMP and introduces them as a consortium, at a dose analogous to that experienced by humans, into gnotobiotic mice containing a model human microbiome composed of 15 sequenced human gut symbionts. Lastly, it should come with a protective coating to ensure the probiotic drug goes all the way into your stomach and strictly to your instestine. There was also a trend for increased fullness and decreased prospective food consumption in the fiber group. Improvements were observed for some blood parameters related to liver functions and inflammation, such as ?-glutamyltranspeptidase and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein. Quantitative analyses of temporal changes in the proportional representation of microbial species and genes, and of microbiome gene expression and metabolism before and after an ecological ‘invasion’ with the 5-member FMP microbial consortium, has provided insights into the ways that FMP strains and the indigenous model gut community respond to one another. Significant correlations were found between the changed values of some blood parameters and the changed fat mass in the B-3 group.
The human fecal metatranscriptome exhibited significant changes, confined to the period of FMP consumption, that mirror changes in gnotobiotic mice, including those related to plant polysaccharide metabolism. The transcriptional responses were used as biomarkers to interrogate metatranscriptome datasets obtained from the MZ twins’ fecal specimens. The change in energy intake at the final breakfast buffet was 84 kcal lower with fiber versus placebo. These experiments illustrate a translational research pipeline for characterizing the effects of fermented milk products on the human gut microbiome. In conclusion, long term prebiotic fiber intake may lead to reductions in energy intake that positively impact body weight. Moreover, no significant association was found between mineral intake and breast milk mineral contents.
Potential causes for decreased energy intake include heightened satiety responsiveness and fullness following fiber consumption.
It seems, synbiotic supplementation may have positive effects on breast milk mineral contents.

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