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February 21, 2015 by MommysMeTime 34 Comments UPDATE: Winner of the It Works Skinny Wrap is Courtney Duesterhoeft! It Works is an all-natural health and wellness company that specializes in sales of the It Works Skinny Wrap, cosmetic botanical products and nutritional supplements. Raegan sent me one skinny wrap to try, along with these instructions, in case you’re curious how it all works. Greens are a probiotic and also contain 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “superfoods” to provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their naturally-occurring, bio-active, bio-available form. If you’re interested in ordering products or have questions about the wraps, please visit Raegan’s website!
Though I haven’t tried the wraps myself (and therefore entering your giveaway to hopefully get a better picture of the company) I have been extremely frustrated by the experiences I have had with them as a MLM.
My other hesitation is that if you do a quick search for peer reviewed articles you will find that the results of the wraps are truly temporary.
Again, I have not personally tried this product… It is just the information I have found from reaching (credible!) sources on the internet and my personal experience with the company.
While I don’t know much about Skinny Wrap products, right away I could tell that the ThermoFit and Hair, Skin and Nails is something of huge interest to me! What I’d be most interested in is the Greens on the Go (because I hate eating greens) and definitely the It Works Wraps! Would love to try this, expecting my 3rd in 4 weeks and hoping to get back to my pre-pregnancy body fast! Made with real fruit, the all-natural treat offers some of the health benefits of Greek yogurt including probiotics, which are proven to be helpful in digestion. A premium brand created by family-owned United Dairy Farmers, Homemade Brand is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and creates flavorful frozen treats, including ice cream, yogurt, sherbet and novelty items. Share This Story on Facebook BackNext Guava Leaves Can 100% Stop Your Hair Loss and Make it Grow Like Crazy! This Stomach Vacuum Exercise Is The Easiest Way To Get a Thinner Waist And Flat Abs NASA-Recommended: 18 Plants To Effectively Purify The Air In Your House! Here are some organ meats that you may benefit from including in your diet.   These should all be from organic, grass-fed or pasture-raised animals and not ever from industrial farm raised animals.
Liver is by far the most nutrient dense organ meat to consume.  It is perhaps the most nutrient dense food on the planet and contains specific bioavailable forms of nutrient complexes that are very challenging to get elsewhere. Liver is the richest source of B12 with roughly three times as much as kidney, seven times more than heart and 17 times as much as tongue or ground beef.  Liver is also rich in nutrients such as selenium, iron and zinc that are critical for healthy function. For a milder taste, try soaking in chilled water with a teaspoon of pink salt for each quart of water.  Let them sit for two hours and then boil, saute or braise the kidneys and serve. Brain is also rich in anti-oxidants such as carnosine, carotenoids and tocopherols which protect neurological tissue from oxidative stress.  It is also extremely rich in cholesterol which is another protective anti-oxidant for neurological tissue and helps to optimize hormonal function. Bone broth provides the nutritional synergy to calm an overactive immune system while supplying the body with raw materials to rebuild stronger and healthier cells.   This is why it is such a great healing food to have when the body is encountering stress from bacterial or viral infections as well as digestive disorders and leaky gut syndrome.
Although I am not a huge fan of the taste of many organ meats, I personally try to consume at least one of the things on this list each week.  I tend to do more bone broth than anything and consume more of these in the winter time than any other time as I typically consume more animal products in the cold of winter.

I order my products from my local farmer – Carlton Farms or from US Wellness Meats who has a great selection. These resources incorporate both ancient healing practices and new, cutting-edge strategies to supercharge energy and flow of life! This fruit a real treat, I have now enjoyed it on several occasions…as it is not that easy to get and usually pricey here in S.E QLD, Australia.
Dragon fruit is a beautiful fruit grown in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel….mainly.
Dragon fruit boosts immune system., as it is rich in vitamin C and fibres that help provide an overall healthy body. Dragon fruit aids in the digestion of food, Studies also suggest that Dragon fruit promotes the growth of probiotics. Use glad wrap (or It Works fab wrap) to keep the wrap in place by wrapping it a few times around the area you are wrapping. You will see immediate results and progressive results over the 72 hour period after wrapping.
As moms, our bodies change so much after having kids, and it can be nice to have a little extra help to get them to a place we feel confident in. I would love the opportunity to fully educate you on the products and why it’s so important to drink your water while wrapping. I haven’t seen prices but if I win the giveaway and like it, it would definitely be something im interested in! Fans of granola and yogurt breakfast dishes will also find a flavor to please their palette—the honey granola flavor balances crunchy granola pieces with sweet and savory honey Greek frozen yogurt. Developed in 1982 as a premium, yet affordable line of ice cream, the Homemade Brand received its name due to its extensive use of the freshest and finest ingredients and its outstanding taste. This 2-Ingredient Pineapple Dole Whip Recipe Is To Die For What Happens When You Drink Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey In The Morning This 2-Minute Detox Drink Helps You Burn Fat And Fight Diabetes This Is A Must Read Before Ever Using Turmeric Again This Drink Destroys Your Bones And Harms Every Organ On Its Way Out 2-Ingredient Recipe to Detox Organs and Fight Inflammation FAST Eat 3 Dates Daily And These 6 Things Will Happen To Your Body!
The Best Exercises Foar Getting Rid of That Unwanted Double Chin & Neck Fat Cut a Few Lemons and Place Them On The Bedside In Your Bedroom – Here’s Why! I have used Dragonfruit several ways such as in blending it in smoothies, frappes, eaten it with coconut ice cream and had it will lime squeezed on it.
The outside bright fuchsia pink is such an amazing bright colour, mother nature got it right…as she just wanted us to pick it and eat it! Also known as raw Pitaya, dragon scale, dragon crystal, strawberry pear or nanettika fruit. Dragon fruit is rich in minerals and fibres that clean toxic ingredients out of the intestines thus preventing the occurrence of colon cancer. The presence of high level of vitamin C, minerals and pytoalbumin is regarded as relevant in fighting free radicals. Continue to drink your water over the next 72 hours (half your body weight in ounces is recommended daily) The wrap is still working in your system during the 72 hour period after wrapping.
Probably not, since I think long term its gonna be more sustainable for me to work hard in the gym, and I just don’t have gobs of money to spend on wraps.

Someone with mild lose skin would be better off going to the gym to tone, and someone with major problems would be better off saving their $ for skin removal surgery.
The newest innovation in its yogurt offerings, Homemade’s Greek Frozen Yogurt is available in pint-sized containers in local grocery and UDF stores.
What Happens When You Wash Your Face With Baking Soda And Coconut Oil Honey Wraps Gently Cures Cough And Removes Mucus In Just One Night!
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
Do not use any lotion or dove soap on the area you are wrapping bc that can block your pores. You will feel a tingling sensation where the wrap is on your skin and you may even get warm or cool. I don’t feel like the results were drastic, because I only had the opportunity to try one wrap. However, once in a while for something special, if I’m going on a trip, or just want to give myself a little treat, I could see myself ordering a full treatment for an in home spa day.
Today, the innovative brand’s classic and limited-time-only products and flavors are sold in select grocery stores across the nation and in 184 local UDF dairy stores throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. PapayaPapaya fruit is rich in proteolytic enzymes such as papain, which can greatly aid the digestive process.
When I asked Raegan how long it usually takes to see noticeable results, she said that one wrap is like a treat, and a full box (4 wraps) is considered a full treatment. The downside is that they are sort of expensive, but again maybe I’d think it was worth it if I had a full treatment. Like we’re talking I didn’t need my coffee for the day because I was so energized!
PineappleBromelain is a complex mixture of substances that can be extracted from the stem and core fruit of the pineapple. Among dozens of components known to exist in this crude extract, the best-studied components are protein-digesting enzymes called cysteine proteinases.
It contains nearly all the nutrients required by humans and has a broad spectrum of beneficial enzymes including amylase, catalase, cozymase, cytochrome, dehydrogenase, diaphorase, diastase, pectase, and phosphatase.Bee pollen can be eaten on its own or put in trail mixes, oatmeal, superfood snacks, and smoothies.
Bee pollen can cause allergic type reactions, so be mindful of that when trying it for the first time.4. Fermented vegetablesThe fermentation process used to make sauerkraut and kimchi was developed centuries ago as a means of preserving vegetables for consumption through the winter months. The Roman army was said to have traveled with barrels of sauerkraut, using it to prevent intestinal infections among the troops during long excursions.Fermented vegetables are an excellent dietary source of many nutrients, including LIVE enzymes (provided they have not been pasteurized in any way). These live enzymes are accompanied by beneficial probiotics, which makes an exceptional combination for an effective digestive process.Fermented vegetables can be eaten on their own, but they also go great with any meal as a side.

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