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If you purchase a report that is updated in the next 60 days, we will send you the new edition and data extract FREE! Probiotics already feature strongly in the nutraceuticals market due to the popularity of probiotic yoghurt, and as technological challenges are being overcome and consumer awareness continues to rise, probiotics are also increasingly moving beyond the dairy sector. Travellers aged 1 year and over seeking advanced probiotic support in foreign environments (e.g India, Egypt and Mexico).
When eating and drinking different foods in unfamiliar environments it can be extremely beneficial to have a healthy coating of probiotic bacteria in the intestines, in order to naturally support your immunity and digestion. Lactobacillus rhamnosus Rosell-11 is a natural component of the intestinal friendly bacteria; the rhamnosus species is one of the most studied in the probiotic world.
Note: For travelling abroad probiotic is designed for those worried about traveller's diarrhoea when in exotic locations.
Take one capsule daily with food, preferably breakfast, starting 3-5 days before departure, continuing during travel abroad and for a few days upon return from travel, or as professionally directed. For anyone unable to swallow capsules, the content of the capsules may be mixed with a cold meal or beverage.
Hyperbiotics pro-15 15 broad spectrum strains (including lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and streptococcus) to effectively counter the nuking effects of broad spectrum.
It’s #1 for a reason ††† see what others have to say about culturelle, the #1 selling premium probiotics brand. Probiotics for a healthy internal environment, to support your immune system for a long an vigorouts life..

From a bird flu vaccination  in Egypt to advances in probiotics for poultry by scientists in Spain and Finland, it’s a good news week for chicken researchers around the world. In Egypt, where bird flu has been a problem lately, the National Research Center in Cairo announced it has come up with a vaccine that is effective for chickens and can be updated to meet genetic medications. The HSN1 bird flu virus first hit Egypt in 2006, causing the country to lose 60 million chickens since then.
Meanwhile researchers in Spain and Finland aiming to cut down on transmission of foodborne diseases from poultry have found that probiotic products used by humans can reduce the growth of Campylobacter in the digestive tracts of chickens. Campylobacter is the most common cause of bacterial foodborne diarrheal disease in the world, according to the research report in the journal Zoonoses and Public Health.
The research team included scientists from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Institute of Industrial Fermentation (CSIC) and the Institute for the Investigation of Nutrition Science (CIAL), also in Madrid, and Finland’s University of Turku and University of Helsinki. The goal of the project was to come up with alternatives to antibiotics to control the pathogen.
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Growth is to be found in emerging markets rather than in developed ones; however, in terms of future opportunities, the situation is more complex. With science uncovering ever more health benefits of probiotics, they could become one of the most versatile functional ingredients of all times – providing regulatory hurdles can be overcome. Here it promotes the production of antibodies, supports the body against toxins and inhibits the development of undesirable bacteria by competitively excluding their attachment to the intestinal wall lining.
For  customers who on the other hand wish to maintain regularity during travels, please see 'For maintaining regularity'.

Extremely healthy sources of prebiotic soluble fiber include mucilage soluble fiber (from psyllium husk), glucomannan soluble fiber (from shirataki noodles, konnyaku. Chronic disease, which leaves no country unscathed, is highly likely to create a new leverage point for a new generation of probiotic products. Indeed, around 40 percent of India’s yogurt and sour milk consumption is based on unpackaged products bought loose from small neighbourhood dairy parlours.
We should not permit chicken farmers to ruin everything by using human intended probiotics.
American biotech labs silver biotics is a unique formula that helps support the immune system.
If the wonderful probiotic in Activia yogurt, for example, stops working American women will stay full of stale fecal matter like Jamie Lee Curtis says in the TV commercials. It would be best if Jamie Lee and American women everywhere weren’t so full of stale fecal matter all the time, don’t you think? Our ingredients data show that Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are among those countries where probiotic cultures are suffering the fastest volume declines. Consequently, they are looking for either prevention or at least some way of slowing down the speed of their physical decline.And probiotics may be part of the answer. Previously positioned primarily as aids to digestive wellness and as immunity boosters, probiotics need to break out of these confines if they want to resonate with the health concerns of the modern-day consumer base.Modulating the MicrobiomeThe human body is inhabited by more than 100 trillion microbes, amounting to a combined weight of around 2 kg.

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