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To be clear, probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your intestine and help your body fight sickness, improve circulation, and a variety of other physiological functions.
The process of growing bacteria and making them suitable for human consumption is a fairly complex process that involves control over a number of different variables. This process is usually done by a company that exclusively works with bacteria which then sells its probiotics to the supplement manufacturer that wants to use them in its products.
Luckily there are several techniques food scientists and supplement manufacturers can use to render these problems (almost) obsolete.
Mix the probiotics with digestive enzymes when adding them to a supplement. Digestive enzymes, particularly pepsin, help shield bacteria from the harsh conditions of the stomach and allow them to make their way into the gut.
So adding probiotics into a greens powder or other powdered supplement isn’t a waste of time, even though it might seem that way at first glance. If you’re buying a greens powder with probiotics you want to get one that has digestive enzymes and soluble fiber.
About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder. A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me. Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and chief writer for Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders. These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The concept behind probiotics was introduced in the early 20th century, when Nobel laureate Elie Metchnikoff, known as the “father of probiotics,” proposed in The Prolongation of Life: Optimistic Studies that ingesting microorganisms could have substantial health benefits for humans. Picturing the human body as a “host” for bacteria and other microorganisms is helpful in understanding probiotics.
Consuming probiotic-rich foods may decrease the risk of diarrhea for patients who are taking antibiotics, a new study suggests. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are found naturally in foods such as yogurt and are believed to provide health benefits. About 30 percent of patients who take antibiotics will experience diarrhea because the drugs disrupt gastrointestinal microbes, and diarrhea is one of the main reasons people don't adhere to antibiotic treatment.
In the study, researchers led by Susanne Hempel, of RAND Health in Santa Monica, Calif., reviewed the findings of 63 clinical trials involving nearly 12,000 participants.
The study authors agreed that there wasn't sufficient evidence to determine if the beneficial effects of probiotics vary by patient population, antibiotic characteristic or probiotic preparation. The study showed only an association between probiotic use and decreased odds for diarrhea; it was not designed to prove a cause-and-effect relationship. Bernstein said that, as of now, there is not much clarity for consumers in terms of what microbes are included in a particular probiotic product.
Chronic stress has also been implicated in the development of irritable bowel syndrome and in the worsening of symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.
In a 2012 Canadian study, probiotics were able to reduce overall body fat and deep, visceral fat (aka belly fat) as well. I did notice a significant improvement in my health when I started taking daily probiotics. Using publicly available data produced through the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), researchers examined microbes from 242 individuals over a 12-month period. Researchers found that the ‘codes’ were unique among hundreds of participants and that, also, a number of them (more than 80%) remained stable over the sampling period of one year.
Similarly to forensics genetics, which use small differences in the human genome to identify individuals, Franzosa and his colleagues believe the same method could be applicable to microbiome information in the cases in which human DNA is not available or has become too deteriorated. Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Lactic Acid Bacteria as Source of Functional IngredientsPanagiota Florou-Paneri1, Efterpi Christaki1 and Eleftherios Bonos2[1] Laboratory of Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, , Greece[2] Animal Production, Faculty of Technology of Agronomics, Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, Florina, , Greece1. The researchers found that infants born by cesarean delivery were lacking a specific group of bacteria found in infants delivered vaginally, even if they were breastfed.
Beginning before birth, CHILD collects a range of information on environmental exposures such as pets, air pollution, household cleaning products, maternal and infant diet and more, and child health outcomes (including biological samples and clinical assessments).
With all these tactics implemented though, some diseases or conditions related to the gut still persist and can prove to be a real challenge to deal with. Note that in case of a hard to treat condition, I would tackle the problem with a shotgun approach.
Healthy intestinal flora is vital for forming stools, maintaining immunity, synthesizing essential vitamins, and protecting from colorectal cancers.
Unlike live bacteria, the dead cells of plants — which is what fiber is — can’t perform bacterial functions, essential for humans. Despite all of these well known and thoroughly studied facts, the American medical establishment adamantly refuses to recognize the role of intestinal flora in health and longevity, and does everything possible to obliterate bacteria, starting at birth.
Known for causing digestive inconsistencies, legumes are storehouses of anti nutrients called lectins.
While lectins are present in all plant and animal products, grains and legumes are a more concentrated source than others.
One of the more particular conditions associated with consuming lectins is known as leaky gut syndrome in which intestinal permeability is increased. Leaky gut syndrome can be a convenient precursor to food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, asthmaand even rheumatoid arthritis. It has been known for more than 30 years that children who continue at least partial breast feedings until age 3 have lower incidences of most all infectious diseases as well as asthma, allergies, and eczema.
If you are to have good Gut health – then you have to eat a diet that fits what your gut is evolved to eat. Just as we are starting to learn about why real food is more than simple nutrition – so we are starting to see breast milk as being more than a meal too. But even as grown-ups, we have never known exactly what’s in that milk—or, as strange as it may sound, what the point of it is. But first, a disclaimer—because conversations about lactation always seem to require disclaimers, especially if you happen to be someone who will never ever lactate. Here’s how complicated: Some human milk oligosaccharides—simple sugar carbohydrates—were recently discovered to be indigestible by infants. We think of milk as a static commodity, maybe because the milk we buy in the grocery store always looks the same. For example, she notes, in humans skin-to-skin contact appears to trigger signals that are sent through the milk. The new awareness of this sort of signaling is why there’s been a paradigm shift in the study of milk.
Almost 150 years after the first infant formula, the splendidly named Liebig’s Soluble Food for Babies, was proclaimed to be “virtually identical” to human milk, we now know how much we don’t know about milk. Nicholas Day’s book on the science and history of infancy, Baby Meets World, will be published in April.
Avoiding a serious case of influenza is not about vaccination but more about maintaining a healthy, well functioning immune system. Optimize Your Gut Flora. This may be the single most important strategy you can implement as the bacteria in your gut have enormous control of your immune response.
Ideally, you’ll want to get all your vitamin D from sun exposure or a safe tanning bed, but as a last resort you can take an oral vitamin D3 supplement. Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods. Sugar impairs the quality of your immune response almost immediately, and as you likely know, a healthy immune system is one of the most important keys to fighting off viruses and other illness. Have Effective Tools to Address Stress. We all face some stress every day, but if stress becomes overwhelming then your body will be less able to fight off the flu and other illness. Get Regular Exercise. When you exercise, you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body.
Take a High-Quality Source of Animal-Based Omega-3 Fats. Increase your intake of healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in krill oil, which is crucial for maintaining health.
Wash Your Hands. Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Tried and True Hygiene Measures. In addition to washing your hands regularly, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. We’ve talked about how prolamines and lectins cause inflammation and leaky gut.  We’ve talked about how SIBO causes inflammation and leaky gut… and all within the confines of a gluten-free diet. The only way to begin treating Celiac Disease is to break this inflammation-leaky gut cycle… and the first step is to recognize that gluten-free isn’t enough.  There’s a better way to eat that can begin to halt this process.
It is increasingly clear that the health of our gut flora my be the single most important driver of our health. All that I learnt from these people started me on the path of self-discovery in relation to my bowel health and my health overall. I started to experiment with the various ideas and approaches I received from them and I was able to finally start joining the dots. I started to look into health and nutrition from an evolutionary view-point which was another game-changer for me.
April 24, 2014 By Jennifer Porteus As a woman, knowing that there is a multitude of bacteria inhabiting my vagina used to make me feel squeamish. The human vagina is inhabited by over 50 species of bacteria.  Although this sounds like an awful lot, compare this to over 400 species of bacteria found in our digestive tract. Sometimes changes to the vaginal microbiome are caused when the vagina’s Ph (the measure of acidity or alkalinity) is altered.  Changes in Ph can make it harder for the Lactobacillus bacteria to stick to the vaginal wall where they colonize in healthy vaginas. The Lactobacillus bacteria, which dominate a healthy vagina, are the species of bacteria most closely tied to vaginal health. Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs are caused when bacteria from the digestive tract (often E. The usual treatment for the microbial urogenital infections such as BV, yeast infections or UTIs is antimicrobial treatment.  Antibiotics are typically prescribed to treat BV (particularly metronidazole or clindamycinare) and UTIs, and antifungals are typically prescribed for yeast infections. In addition to being only partially effective, antimicrobials can cause side-effects.  This has made research into the use of probiotics a medical priority. Prevention and treatment of urogenital infections with probiotics, either with or without concurrent anti-microbial treatment (antibiotics or antifungals), focuses on returning healthy bacteria to the vagina.  There have been multiple studies showing significant improvements in treating vaginal infections with probiotics versus traditional treatments, but results are bacterial strain specific – meaning only certain probiotic bacteria seem to have effects against certain vaginal infections.
Daily supplementation with probiotics (including Lactobacillus acidophilus) is often recommended by the medical community to prevent UTIs. In another randomized, controlled study on pregnant women in their first-trimester with BV, researchers assigned subjects into one of three groups.
Another study looked at the effectiveness of treating BV by inserting capsules into the vagina containing probiotics (L. Treatment of BV with probiotics, either alone or in conjunction with antibiotic treatment, appears to be a very promising area for further study.  Since probiotics are widely thought to be well-tolerated and safe, except for people with impaired immune systems, people with BV might discuss with their doctor the possibility of taking a probiotic supplement containing high levels of L.
The science done to date provides only mixed support to the claim that probiotics can prevent yeast infections.
It has been shown that the composition of bacteria in the vagina change following menopause, with levels of healthy Lactobacillus generally decreasing. With this decrease in health-promoting bacteria, post-menopausal women are more likely to get urogenital infections (such as BV, yeast infections or UTIs).
The bacteria that inhabit the vagina are not just incidental dwellers, but actually have an evolutionary purpose – helping infants to thrive. During the course of a woman’s pregnancy, the composition of vaginal bacteria change to include the optimal mix of healthy microbes required for colonization of her baby’s intestinal tract.  In the womb, babies are essentially free of bacteria and yeasts, and receive their primary exposure to during vaginal birth. However, if the mix of microbes found in a pregnant woman’s vagina are unhealthy, those too can be passed along to the infant during birth.  Therefore, it is important for pregnant women planning on having a vaginal birth to promote the health of their vaginal microbiome by avoiding unnecessary antibiotics (which can kill healthy as well as unhealthy bacteria), avoiding altering the vaginal Ph by douching, eating prebiotic containing foods and taking probiotic supplements, if approved by the obstetrician.

The most common Lactobacillus bacteria found in the vaginas of healthy, pre-menopausal women are:  L.
I think all this constant flushing out my body with antibiotics removing all the good and bad bacteria seems obvious to me, its a constant circle of events and cost. So i now have a packet of antibiotics sitting here and just ordered some of these probiotics which i have been researching into a lot recently.
Hi Anna, it works for as long as you are not eating any form of sugar whether refined or natural. Doctors really need to be more careful with the use of antibiotics to treat any type of infection in their patients . A few weeks ago I begin to consume kefir to improve my gut health, because that seems like a good idea. This article is great- this information is so valuable for women who suffer from recurrent infections, for whom treatment with an antibiotic or an antifungal is, at best, a short-term solution. Eating probiotic rich foods and eating the prebiotic foods that nourish our health gut bugs is definitely the way to go to improve overall health. I have found that by using Braggs organic apple cider vinegar daily has totally eliminated odors. I wonder if your diet is also altering your vaginal microbiome (as well as your gut microbiome).
Regarding greens powders,I’ve noticed that lots of greens products contain probiotics in powdered form. However once you open the bottle it is inevitable that the density of the probiotics will start to go down due to exposure to moisture and oxygen. The body, especially the lower gastrointestinal tract (the gut), contains a complex and diverse community of bacteria.
There are many specific types of bacteria within each of these two broad groups, and health benefits associated with one type may not hold true for others. They found that probiotic use was associated with a 42 percent lower risk of developing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.
Roshini Rajapaksa, a gastroenterologist at NYU Langone Medical Center and assistant professor at the NYU School of Medicine in New York City. Because we now know these live microorganisms are cancer-protective, immune-enhancing, and anti-inflammatory. As anyone with sensitive tummy knows, a bit of stress can throw the digestive system into a frenzy or stop it in its tracks. After all, your stomach isn’t called the “second brain” for nothing–where stress goes, it follows. It’s true! Research completed at the Department of Genomic Sciences at the University of Washington found increased fat storage in rats that lacked probiotics.
And a Finnish study presented at the 2009 European Congress on Obesity suggested that women taking probiotics during the first trimester of pregnancy are less likely to gain too much weight. If you have spent the bulk of the season fighting off colds and viruses, you may want to build up your immunity with probiotics. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It seems that these personal microorganisms have distinguishing features that can potentially be used to identify us over time.
Then, they applied an adapted version of a classic computer science algorithm to scan the microbial genetic code and search through different sequence features for patterns that are unique to each individual.
In some ways, it could be said they were able to identify “microbiome fingerprints”, because similarly to what happens with the genome, in the case of the microbiome, there are many aspects that are the same for many people but the existing differences are enough to characterise each individual.
It may be, then, that some day, microbiome sequencing will be a useful tool in criminal investigations.
IntroductionLactic acid bacteria (LAB) are widespread microorganisms which can be found in any environment rich mainly in carbohydrates, such as plants, fermented foods and the mucosal surfaces of humans, terrestrial and marine animals. Infants strictly formula-fed, compared with babies that were exclusively or partially breastfed, also had significant differences in their gut bacteria.
The researchers will use this information to study the development of the gut microbiome and its relationship to conditions such as wheeze and allergies in future studies. Rob Knight, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist and an Associate Professor with the BioFrontiers Institute and Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, United States, in a related commentary. Granted, following a Paleo diet will often provide great relief and maybe even cure whatever ailment you’re dealing with. This article will dig deeper into the subject and I will recommend a general strategy to cope with most gut and gut flora ailments.
This basically means that I would eliminate any possible offending foods at the same time as I would try and maximize my immune system strength, gut healing and good flora rebuilding. Related to this myth is complete ignorance that our gut depends on an ecosystem of bacteria.
After bacteria are damaged by antibiotics, laxatives, heavy metals, surgeries, or colonoscopies, fiber is broadly recommended to restore and form stools. The loss of these functions contributes to impaired immunity, diabetes, obesity, hair loss, eczema, seborrhea, anemia, internal bleedings, ulcers, strokes, cancers, and common gastrointestinal, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders. Modern cooking methods of soaking, fermenting and sprouting promise to neutralize these toxic substances but their consumption can still lead to direct gastric issues like flatulence, bloating, cramps and other non gastric aggravations like headaches, painful joints and fatigue. The damage incurred by the lining of the intestines allows toxins and partially digested food particles to pass through its protective coating and enter the bloodstream. As we say, optimal digestive health is the foundation upon which total body health is built. Since that is not likely to happen with the Western lifestyle, starting an infant on probiotics, fish oil, and vitamin D may help prevent this microbial shift, but I still think food and stress are primary shifters of the microbiome. It also sets the baby’s immune system and gut flora and may do many other things too. For decades, milk was thought of strictly in terms of nutrients, which makes sense—milk is how a mother feeds her baby, after all.
Scientists have gone from seeing it only as food to seeing it far more expansively—as a highly sensitive variable that plays a wide range of developmental roles. Instead of comparing breast milk and formula, we should accept how little we actually know about breast milk. By following these simple guidelines, you can help keep your immune system in optimal working order so that you’re far less likely to acquire the infection to begin with or, if you do get sick with the flu, you are better prepared to move through it without complications and soon return to good health.
The best way to improve your beneficial bacteria ratio is avoid sugars as they will feed the pathogenic bacteria. Be sure to check out my article Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep for some great tips to help you get quality rest.
If you feel that stress is taking a toll on your health, consider using an energy psychology tool such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is remarkably effective in relieving stress associated with all kinds of events, from work to family to trauma. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads.
It is also vitally important to avoid damaged omega-6 oils that are trans fats and in processed foods as it will seriously damage your immune response.
Be sure you don’t use antibacterial soap for this – antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good.
If possible, avoid close contact with those, who are sick and, if you are sick, avoid close contact with those who are well. The best place to get plenty of rest and recover from illness that is not life-threatening is usually in the comfort of your own home.
Massive fillings with mercury and invasive root canal work set us up for more infection and contamination. The more I experimented, the better I was able to figure out what was actually triggering my symptoms and, on the flip side, what was allowing my bowels to work how they should naturally.
However, upon learning that the majority of the bacteria typically found “down there” are health-promoting rather than disease causing, I have learned to appreciate them. Changes to the vaginal microbiome are sometimes caused by changing hormones, such as those found with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  Probiotics have been found to be helpful in treating unhealthy vaginal conditions caused by altered microbial composition. Lactobacillus bacteria have been shown to bind to and disable disease causing bacteria, produce antibacterial compounds that can kill pathogens and outcompete pathogenic bacteria for resources. Recurrence may occur because the antimicrobials fail to kill all pathogenic bacteria or because the disease-causing microbes return from their original source – e.g. As the baby passes through the mother’s birth canal and vagina, they become immersed in (and even swallow) these strategically placed bacteria which colonize the baby’s gut and help the infant’s immune system begin its development. If you’ve read this far, you are either (1) a woman who is clearly interested in vaginal health, or (2) you’re a teenage boy and landed on the wrong page from your Google search.  If you are the former (not the latter), it would be great to hear your comments below on your own experiences with these or related topics. I may try them both at the same time, or i could try the probiotics alone then all eles fails go back to the antibiotics. I soak in braggs vinegar about 2 oz and alternate with hydrogen peroxide 4oz in a dish pan with warm water for 10 min then I wash my it with waterworks.
Wow, this is a happy discovery, and your article seems to explain some of what I experienced. It mentions eating prebiotic foods as one approach to encouraging beneficial bacteria to thrive in the gut, but there are prebiotic products designed for vaginal use, too.
Now I thought that beneficial bacteria andprobiotics are highly unstable or oxidative when exposed to air,light etc. Scientists continued to investigate the concept, and the term “probiotics”—meaning “for life”—eventually came into use. However, our modern diets and medications have been wiping them out, and leaving many people with a serious imbalance of good gut bacteria.
But probiotics may help to reduce stress-induced digestive symptoms, such as diarrhea and constipation. The correct balance of intestinal flora seems to limit fat storage by repressing the expression of a protein called fasting-induced adipocyte factor. Known as adiposity, this pregnancy-associated condition is one of the unhealthiest forms of obesity.
One group of researchers looked at probiotics and college students – a great group to pick since they are often sleep-deprived, stressed, living in close quarters and therefore particularly vulnerable to colds.
Published in the journal PNAS, this research is the first to rigorously show that identifying people from their microbiome data is feasible. To do so, they combined stable and distinguishing sequence features from the individuals’ initial microbiome samples and compared them both to samples from the same individuals collected at follow-up visits and samples collected from control group individuals. This opens the door to connecting human microbiome samples between databases, which has the potential to expose sensitive subject information, for example, a sexually-transmitted infection, detectable from the microbiome sample itself,” lead author Eric Franzosa, research fellow at the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard Chan, said in a press release. In the human and animal bodies, LAB are part of the normal microbiota or microflora, the ecosystem that naturally inhabits the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts, which is comprised by a large number of different bacterial species with a diverse amount of strains [1,2]. Also, other than being very strict with the diet, complete elimination of dairy, egg whites, nightshade vegetables, nuts and seeds and limiting fruit intake should be a priority, as discussed in my articles about dealing with autoimmune diseases and about the benefits of egg yolks.
Note that each condition usually also requires a special approach, but the general ideas discussed here usually applies to all of them.
Forgetting a step or doing things only partially often leads to poor results unfortunately. This guide outlines the role of intestinal flora in human health and explains how to restore it.
They are low grade toxins that when consumed by humans can cause many inflammatory and gastrointestinal complications. Moreover, foods that do not agree with the digestive system compromise the body’s immune system as well.

Hundreds of years before halfway-decent formula, infants were fed gruesome substitutes for breast milk (mushed bread and beer, say)—and although many more died than those who were nursed, many also survived. And the scientists who study it are a lot like almost any parent gazing down at their sucking child: They too are full of wonder. The future of Health Care will be not a fix after we are ill but taking care so that we have the best immune system possible. Additionally, processed foods and most grains should be limited and replacing with healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, olives, olive oil, butter, eggs and nuts.
Be sure to take vitamin K2 if you are taking high dose oral vitamin D as it has a powerful synergy and will help prevent any D toxicity.
Be aware that sugar (typically in the form of high fructose corn syrup) is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.
An approach that is aligned to real oral health and so to gut health and so to total health. I use to suffer with thrush every time time id take an antibiotic for an infection elsewhere in the the body. I went into the doc again and I was prescribed Flagyl again which I took but had no success.
It was pretty miserable and painful, and there were other life stressors that probably didn’t help. I had just become accustomed to BV being a part of my life along with using baby wipes and changing my underwear twice daily. Sprays and suppositories only create an unpleasant combination of scents, not entirely masking the problem. I read the Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle (not sure if that title is correct as I lent the book to a friend). Most probiotics are bacteria similar to the beneficial bacteria found naturally in the human gut. The study found that while all students caught colds at roughly the same rate, the students who took the probiotic supplementation experienced: a duration of colds that was two days shorter (four days vs.
I’ve been dealing with tough problems myself and it sometimes seems that even the stars have to be aligned to start seeing progress, so hang in there and make anything possible to regain health as soon as possible so you can laugh about it afterwards. My wife was, in a sense, nursing another species altogether, a species that had been evolutionarily selected to protect her child. Once you change your diet than regular use of fermented foods can radically optimize the function of your immune response. If you are healthy then sugar can be consumed but the LAST thing you should be eating when you are sick is sugar.
However, it would be wise to radically reduce the intensity of your workouts while you are sick. I was making so much progress quickly that I started to feel I was cracking the constipation code, so to speak.
I started to get in touch with research by guys like Loren Cordain and Staffan Lindeberg that really opened my eyes and had me jumping down the rabbit hole so-to-speak. The probiotic capsules were administered nightly and the metronidazole gel was administered two times per day, for the study duration of thirty days. So far my capsules inserts were the best i never seen all the stuff come out like that that i thought something was wrong for a second. I was so frustrated and depressed that nothing was working until I started doing some research. They are non-sporing, aero tolerant anaerobes that lack catalase and respiratory chain, with a DNA base composition of less than 53 mol% G+C [3,4]. Is it that she also has a low-grade infection that she’s just not symptomatic for and so her body’s doing that? In this small study, the BV was considered cured in 88% of the probiotic treatment group as compared to a cure rate of 50% in the metronidazole treated group6.
Doctor put me on antibiotics which cured me within a week but right after I got a nasty case of yeast infection which lasted about two days and vanished on its own (thank goodness).
I heard a lot about women using Vitamin C pills and hydrogen peroxide but I was afraid of using all those. Prebiotics, on the other hand, feed the good bacteria that are already present (albeit in too few numbers) so that they multiply and overtake the pathogens that are causing trouble.
According to their morphology LAB are divided to robs and cocci and according to the mode of glucose fermentation to homofermentative and heterofermentative.
But over time, we become dependent on these too and we lose the ability to have a natural poo.
I don’t have any infections anymore and if I get an itch of a yeast infection I stick another garlic clove and it goes away. I paid for this article online which suggested the use of vitamin C but again I wasn’t satisfied and was hesitant in inserting a pill up my vag. Doctors can ruin health with antibiotics if they do not also include the necessary probiotic treatment along with it. I do take a probiotic supplement, and try to eat lots of probiotic-rich foods, too, because I think they are good for my health generally (and really good for BMs!) But inserting probiotic capsules vaginally didn’t seem to do much to ward off infections, whereas the prebiotic treatments have made a world of difference for me. The homofermentative LAB convert carbohydrates to lactic acid as the only or major end-product, while the heterofermentative produce lactic acid and additional products such as ethanol, acetic acid and carbon dioxide [5,6]. One day I came across an article about getting rid of Gardnerella and I was willing to pay whatever amount just to find a solution to this terrible problem. Vitamin c is acidic and the timed release tablet will steadily decrease the pH and kill off the bad bacteria as well as make it more favourable of an environment for good bacteria then follow up with lactobacillus probiotics (orally) and repeat the process once or twice a day , morning and night. Thus, the main metabolism of LAB is the degradation of different carbohydrates and related compounds by producing primarily lactic acid and energy.
I bought the article online and it’s by a holistic doctor who is studying BV and how to get rid of it.
Take folic acid 400mcg x2 daily along with vitamin D, eat a big bowl of yogurt daily, and my meals consist of proteins and raw vegetables.
It can leave a sticky residue and discharge which is actually both the dissolved bonding agents from the tablets that keep the vitamin c in tablet form, and the bad bacteria that’s been killed off !!! Anyway so basically it all has to do with eliminating all sugars, carbs and the unhealthy foods out of your diet and replacing it with healthy natural foods and adding fermented foods to your diet.
LAB have been used in food preservation and for the modification of the organoleptic characteristics of foods, for example flavors and texture [2]. She suggested to make fresh keefir and insert 20 ml keefir into the vag using a medicine dropper for 3 weeks.
Various strains of LAB [8] can be found in dairy products (yoghurt, cheese), fermented meats (salami), fermented vegetables (olives, sauerkraut), sourdough bread, etc [9]. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has stated that several LAB strains can be considered to have “Qualified Presumption of Safety” QPS-status [9]. Moreover, nowadays, LAB play an important role in the industry for the synthesis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or other useful products (Figure 1).
The garlic will kill the bacteria good or bad and the keefir will spread the good bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria as source of probioticsEtymologically the term probiotics is derived from the Greek “probios” which means “for life”. In 1974 Parker [11] defined as probiotics “organisms and substances which contribute to intestinal microbial balance”.
I also drink a cup of keefir in the morning and a cup at night and I’ve eliminated all the unhealthy foods out of my diet. Fuller in 1989 [12] defined as probiotic “a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”.
Instillation of Lactobacillus and stimulation of indigenous organisms to prevent recurrence of urinary tract infections. I’ve also started meditation and I will continue to do this for 3 weeks and make clean eating a part of my lifestyle.
Since probiotics can colonize the gastrointestinal tract and exert their beneficial effect long term, without requiring continuous medical intervention, they have been used for a century to treat a variety of mucosal surface infections (gut, vagina), but their use decreased after the appearance of antibiotics. However, today, probiotics are considered as an alternative solution to antibiotics due to the increasing spread of antibiotic resistance and the need for treatment cost reduction [14]. Reid G, Beuerman D, Heinemann C, Bruce AW, Probiotic Lactobacillus dose required to restore and maintain a normal vaginal flora. If we can infest our gut with good bacteria, perhaps we can get rid of the bad bacteria for good. Microorganisms considered as commercial probiotics are mainly of the Lactobacillus genus with over one hundred species recognized, for example: L. Anukam K, Osazuwa E, Ahonkhai I, Ngwu M, Osemene G, Bruce AW, Reid G, Augmentation of antimicrobial metronidazole therapy of bacterial vaginosis with oral probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14: randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial. Anukam KC, Osazuwa E, Osemene GI, Ehigiagbe F, Bruce AW, Reid G, Clinical study comparing probiotic Lactobacillus GR-1 and RC-14 with metronidazole vaginal gel to treat symptomatic bacterial vaginosis.
Probiotic bacteria are very sensitive to many environmental stresses, such as acidity, oxygen and temperature [20,21] and they must fulfill some functional and physiological aspects such as [21,22]: a) Adherence to the intestinal epithelium and colonization of the lumen of the tract. Association between the vaginal microbiota, menopause status, and signs of vulvovaginal atrophy.
The probiotic bacteria compete with pathogenic bacteria for epithelial binding sites, inhibiting the colonization of strains like Salmonella and E. Probiotic bacteria interact with the epithelial cells of the gut, either directly (via cell compounds like DNA, lipoteichoic acids and cell-surface polysaccharides) or indirectly (through production of bioactive metabolites) [30].
This action of probiotics could be important for the elimination of neoplastic host cells [22].
Moreover, the effects of probiotics on B-lymphocytes and antibody production resulted in an increase in IgA secretion and the enhancement of response to vaccination [34]. Probiotics and healthFunctional properties of probiotics have been demonstrated for various therapeutic applications. Nevertheless, the health benefits provided by probiotics are strain-specific, therefore no probiotic strain will have all proposes benefits, not even strains of the same species [36]. Moreover, in animal nutrition dietary probiotics or direct fed microbials, term which is preferred in the USA, are able to help the maintenance of a healthy intestinal microflora.
This microflora may serve to improve performance and health status of the animals, but also to suppress food born pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter.
For instance, the gastrointestinal tract of broilers can be colonized by ingested probiotic bacteria from the first days of their life, which results in shorter period for the achievement of microflora stability. Also, in another example the dietary inclusion of probiotics in young calves’ milk replacers may improve their growth performance [40].
The most studied gastrointestinal condition treated by probiotics is acute infectious diarrhea in infants. Children represent a main target of studies due to the importance of limiting the spread of diseases and decreasing the need of antibiotics (Aureli et al. Bulgaricus) support the efficacy of these probiotics in preventing diarrhea [14,49,53], due to their direct or indirect interaction with the enterotoxins [54].Antibiotic associated diarrhea. A variety of probiotic bacteria, mainly lactobacilli have been used in the treatment and prevention of antibiotic associated diarrhea [55,56]. Nevertheless, the results obtained were from pilot studies, so further investigation is needed to evaluate the efficacy of probiotics on such disorders.Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea.

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