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If your item does not qualify for free shipping, you can still get fast and reliable shipping for a flat rate of $6.95 (Continent US). There are basically 2 sub-species in the Bifidobacterium animalis species: B.

If you've enjoyed reading this page or have found the information to be useful to you, please "like", tweet about it, or share it so others can benefit, too.Sometimes Facebook takes a few seconds for Facebook commenting to load on mobile devices OR Facebook temporarily does not allow comments on a page. Raison, harmful or good bacteria - such as those found in dogs - are harder to come by in our modern, medically advanced age. Raison is of the theory that human contact with dogs could help restore our exposure to good bacteria and, thereby, recover our weakened immunity."We essentially want to find out, is a dog acting like yogurt in having a probiotic effect?" explained Kim Kelly, a doctoral student of anthropology at UA.

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