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Water kefir (pronounced keh-FEER) is a delicious fizzy probiotic drink that can be made at home very inexpensively.
This is a great caffeine-free alternative to kombucha and what’s great about kefir is that the grains last indefinitely.
The experience that each person has drinking a probiotic beverage will vary but many people (including ourselves) report noticeable health benefits. Drinking water kefir isn’t a magic bullet for your health problems but one reason why we recommend it is because it’s very easy and inexpensive to make at home and holds the possibility of improving your health dramatically. After you purchase your grains and they arrive, it may take 2 or 3 times of making water kefir for it to produce a nice zesty beverage. There are many different recipes and types of sugar that you can use for making water kefir and in this post we are just sharing our basic recipe that has made us delicious kefir.
Now you can add in the grains and then cover the jar with either a paper towel or a coffee filter. After the jar is covered, store it in a place that isn’t in direct sunlight and is at room temperature.
After the brewing period is complete, you will want to pour the finished kefir in to the 2nd mason jar through the nylon strainer in order to retrieve to the grains. If you take proper care of the grains by only brewing for 24-48 hours and using hard mineralized water and adding in extra minerals (molasses, lemon, dried fruits), the grains will last indefinitely.
I have lost over 20 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet over the past 4 years (175-155lbs). This festive season Salon Vim will be giving away lots of prizes and vouchers for their fans and friends. The sight of writhing streamers of electricity jumping though the air is certainly spectacular. Personally, I actually think that Tesla Coils are popularised in Singapore either through the demostration at the Singapore Science Center, or that you’ve actually played Red Alert. Perhaps the most important component of a Tesla Coil is the power supply, and probably the hardest to obtain. It basically converts the voltage from the mains (240V) to the extremely high voltages needed. First, some details of my transformer, along with the specifications my tesla coil has to meet. Using this formula, I worked out that my Tesla Coil can achieve spark lengths of up to 91.64 cm. Now because my MMC has to store 21213V at least, I figured that the voltages have to be splitted by the capacitors when they’re placed in series. Using the formula above, I calculated that my transformer requires a capacitor bank of 0.0064uF. My soldering skills were horrible, so I had a hard time trying to solder the contact points together to form the strings of capacitors. The capacitor bank lies in the portion of the tesla coil circuit where both the voltage and current are high.
The zig-zag arrangement was totally dumb, with the current preferring to spark through the dielectric air than go through the capacitors. Arcing was occuring between two adjacent points in the capacitor bank, much thanks to the horrible design by Yours Truly. Spent about an hour or two unsoldering all the capacitors and resistors, and had my Dad to buy me new pieces of acrylic. For the tesla coil in general, thick well-insulated copper wires are required due to the high amount of current and voltage passing through. So to solve this, I bought some fish tank tubing to thread over the wires, as extra insulation. Drill a couple of holes at the center and near the edges of the pie dishes, and then tighten them together with bolts and nuts. I smoothened the appearance of the toroid adding tapes from the aluminium air duct to the pie dishes. It is responsible for generating the very high voltages required and must be constructed tediously. Black PVCs must be avoided because they contain carbon, gray works but white does the best job.
I haven’t finalised the design of how the secondary coil is going to be attached to the toroid, but it should look like this. As I mentioned earlier, I found out that the number of turns on my secondary coil was too large, almost a 1000 turns. Secondary coil’s termination is done by attaching it to some aluminium tape, and using a hole puncher to allow connection to wire lug end of the ground wire. I simply drilled the copper pipe, fitted in a bolt and nut, and attached the copper wire with a wire lug at the end. And I bought 2 solid plastic rulers to act as the support, and it also provides precise measurements for the distance of the spark gap.
Copper tubing, normally used for central heating systems, is ideal for making primary coils. A good material for mounting high voltage components on is high density polyethylene (HDPE), and it’s easy to get hold of in the form of a chopping boards. Following which, I drilled holes in all the strips which will be where the copper tubings go through. So I sat down in front of the TV and started to thread the supports through the copper coil.
Many weeks later, when I successfully tested the tested coil, I managed to achieve 25-27 cm arcs… but the performance of the tesla coil was limited. If I had a longer copper tubing, thus more turns in the primary coil, I should be able to pump out a lot more performance. There are two electrical connections to be made to the primary coil; a fixed connection at one end of the coil and a movable tapping point, to connect to any point on the coil. The fixed connection is made by twisting the inner end of the copper tubing downwards, and I taped on a wire lug to ensure good electrical contact. I decided to build a proper stand for easier setup, better looks, and more manageable for storage when I’m done with it.
The 15kV transformer, Spark Gap and Capacitor Bank arranged nicely in place in the lower deck. I made a lot of test runs with the whole setup assembled, and about half of them were failures.
After encountering so many problems and setbacks with all the previous test runs, I entered this test with the mindset that it’s-gonna-be-another-trial-run-with-problems-which-I-have-to-fix. The spark gap was sparking very loud; dangerous thing to stare at as it produces ultraviolet rays. I measured the diameter of the toroid discharge terminal, compared it to the spark length in the photo, and estimated it to be a 8 cm.

As I do not have access to any feasible method of measuring the extremely high voltage, let’s make some rough estimates. What I found incredible was that, despite the energy loss in the sparking, the coil was running! The electric fields of Tesla Coils (yes, even the homemade ones) are know to be so powerful that it can interfere with TV signals and render any digital devices you’re wearing useless.
Usually, Tesla Coilers have to find the perfect number of turns to tap the Primary Coil at.
When I went out to purchase the components for my Coil, I bought the Flexible Copper Tubing to make the Primary Coil from some old lady.
Back to where we were, and so, I realised that the performance of the Tesla Coil increases with number of turns. When the June holidays came, my family decided to go on a trip to Europe, thereby postponing my plans to finally complete the Tesla Coil, once and for all. I took out the Tesla Coil, covered with a visible layer of dust after being untouched for SEVEN months. The copper of primary coil was evidently oxidised, with a darker and less reflective appearance.
After some thorough cleaning up, I brought the setup out to the backup and I was good to go! I adjusted the tap position to 7.75, which, as you can expect, had even more unnoticeable difference. This time, I measured the distance between the breakout point and the target which the lightning arcs hit, and it turned out to be around 40-50cm!
Disclaimer: All experiments and projects presented here are highly dangerous and purely intended for educational and experimental purposes only.
If you’ve seen how much fresh kefir costs in the stores, you’ll definitely want to make it at home. As long as you take care of them in the proper way (and we’ll explain how) then they will keep producing lots of healthy probiotic kefir for you and your family. Water kefir supplies your body with billions of healthy bacteria, yeast strains along with valuable enzymes, easily digested sugars, beneficial acids, vitamins and minerals. With anything we recommend, try it out for yourself and see how it affects your life or someone in your family. If you have purchased fresh grains online, they have already eaten through the nutrients in the liquid it was shipped in so it’s important to have the grains in sugar water as soon as possible. The grains not only need sugar to live but they also need minerals to thrive and the lemon or dried fruit (along with the molasses) provide the necessary minerals for the kefir grains to keep producing. I have ridden my bike over 25,000km through 7 countries over the past 4 years and have a passion for living the unconventional life. Visit them this season from 1st of December till 23rd January and spend $200 above to get a chance to win a $300 Salon vim cash voucher!
It is a high voltage, high frequency, power generator, primarily built for conducting experiments and to observe phenomenon associated with alternating electricity.
Today, Tesla Coils are built by amateurs all over the world for one reason only – the thrill of making your very own Lightning! It’s the single most important component as it affects all the other components and the overall size of the Tesla Coil.
Now, it won’t go anywhere close to this value, but it just gives an extreme estimate of the space I need to carry out the tests. I plan to arrange 15 of these caps in series, adding up to a total of 22500V it can handle. Bleed resistors are employed to safely discharge each capacitor to allow for safe handling while tuning and transporting the coil. One covers the back with all the contact points and soldering, while the other piece covers the front, protecting me from the capacitors and them from me. The bare copper core was exposed at the different points of termination of the strings of capacitors.
I could add an insulating layer between the entire string of caps, but the spacing was so small that I couldn’t find a suitable material.
That was the last thing in my mind when I thought about the options, but I didn’t have a choice, it seems. One, as the name suggests, is to act as the output terminal for the streamer discharges, and the other is as a capacitive load for the secondary coil. I’m not aware of the difference and pros and cons between the two, but I have no idea how to go about making a large metal sphere. I used the aluminium tape to tape up the ends of the air duct, forming a tight fit around the pie dishes. The wires coiling about a thousand turns will completely wrap the coil form, which has to be of an insulating material. When buying the coil form, it is important to choose the correct length for it will heavily affect the height of the coil. We should be aiming between 800 to 1200 turns, any higher or lower seems to decrease the output (either due to increased resistance or low inductance). I’m looking for a word with similar meaning to tedious, but with a greater degree of suffering. For entertainment, I had the the thing done in front of my computer as I watch all the remaining episodes of CSI and Lost I’ve left.
Most components are required to be grounded, not only for safety reasons but for them to work. It uses the air to conduct electricity between its electrodes and generates a great deal of heat in the process.
The connections were attached to the bolts and nuts supporting the copper pipe and U-profiles. In one of the test runs, while keeping the setup to conclude the day, I dropped the Spark Gap. From there, I adjusted the distance between the electrodes such that I achieve the maximum distance of the spark gap, which corresponds to the maximum voltage sparking through.
For proper operation, a Tesla Coil must have identical primary and secondary resonant frequencies. I had the primary coil tapped at coil number 8, with improving performance as the number of turns increase. Compared to my 18-foot old primary coil, this should never run out of turns for me to tap from. Threading through the supports was going to be painfully tediously, so I got smart and did it a different way. This is what enables us to tune the frequency of the primary tank circuit to match the natural resonance of the secondary circuit. It was designed to take fuses but with a bit of careful bending with pliers, a good connection to the copper pipe is possible.

Had to drilled more holes, add more wooden blocks to hold stuffs in place, drill in hooks, adjust the length of wires to fit the structure nicely, etc, and finally spray painting it white again. All cables are insulated with fish tank tubing, and adjusted shorter to keep it neat and tidy. This is, of course, quite inaccurate as the value differs with many factors such as electric field, shape of electrodes, atmospheric conditions, etc. This will only give the maximum output voltage only, which I hope to achieve after I’m done tuning the coil. That would be dealing away with the PVC Pipes supports (which I spent lots of effort into) and going back to temporary supports. This is done by changing the position of the Primary Tap at different points in the Primary Coil. I could have gotten over twice the number of turns with $25, as compared to 8 miserable turns with $25.
I managed to run it quite a lot of times today (over 10 times, I believe) because the neighbours on the right were away from home. However, it was going to be months before I could do any tests with the new primary coil due to all my commitments and school work. I didn’t want to waste any time tuning it to perfection and maximum performance again, so I simply tightened it and connected it into the the system.
But I thought Turn 8 looked slightly better than Turn 8.5 so I tried to fine tune it even more. It’s been a really long way since I started on the project on 28th of February 2007, till today. All of this supports your internal micro flora which can improve and aid in your digestion. Use a plastic stirring stick (or the handle of a spatula or other plastic kitchen utensil) to mix the sugar and molasses until it is all dissolved. To make more kefir just quickly rinse the grains off lightly in the strainer (tap water is fine for rinsing) and start at step 1 by making the water sugar solution above.
What is nice about multiplying grains is that you can get more batches of kefir going at the same time so you could be drinking 1 quart every day if you let the batches brew for 48 hours. If you’d like to learn more about water kefir, there is a huge resource of information by following this link. With this coil, Tesla was able to generate voltages of such magnitude, they would shoot out of the apparatus as bolts of lightning! There are technical skills involved and a good knowledge in physics and mathematics is essential. If you do not know how to operate one, it’s best that you ask the shop to demonstrate.
Three types of capacitor banks can be made, including a completely home-made one consisting of beer bottles and some stuffs.
The contact points of the capacitors were fitted through these holes to secure them firmly to the acrylic.
I asked for one with a diameter between 6-8mm, 7m of it, and the guy gave me a 7.2mm one and quoted $47. I thought it was rather thick actually, but no, I should have gotten HV Wires (High Voltage) but that’s pretty expensive.
I decided to have a single ground rod with many connections to it, as I didn’t want too many rods to hammer into the ground. There many many designs of Spark Gaps out there, and it was pretty difficult to decide on one.
This design for this varies a lot, and it makes a big difference in price, efficiency, feasibility, time spent, etc.
If you use wood, it should be dried out and sealed with varnish to ensure it acts as an insulator. Instead of threading it through, I simply made tight ridges with small openings in the supports. It actually took a lot of modifications for me to get it to connect well with the thick copper wire. I forgotten about the neighbours on the left, so they heard it and thought it was their house alarm (Yes! Fermented drinks such as water kefir are considered to be functional foods because they offer vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, amino acids and billions of probiotics. Some of the benefits we have noticed is that we get less gas (well I get less gas, Hannah doesn’t get gas hahah), less bloating and we feel like our digestion is much stronger than before drinking water kefir. I highly recommend using spring water that you can purchase from the grocery store if you don’t have another clean source.
This value is dependent on whether you use a static spark gap or a SRSG (Synchronous rotary spark gap) which I will elaborate more later. I couldn’t afford to pay that much for the wiring alone, so I asked for another smaller one.
The schematics for the rotating spark gap was too complicated, so I settled on a Static Spark Gap. I spent over a whole afternoon and probably more on that spark gap, something like 6 hours continuous technical work which was real tiring, and seeing it break was a totally sucky feeling. The total number of turns required depends on the values of the other circuit components, but a maximum of 10-15 turns would be a good number. From there, I can just push in the copper tubes to fit nicely into the supports’ ridges.
I’ve also noticed that with the improved digestion, my acne has improved dramatically after consuming water kefir for a period of time. If you seal the jar then it could cause an explosion because the kefir releases carbon dioxide as it ferments.
There are 2 kinds of Neon Sign Transformers, one of them is iron cored and runs at 50Hz, while the other is the new smaller switchmode one which run at 20kHz and is a lot lighter. Also, you might want to have an electrician with you, as your circuit breakers will blow easily due to the high current these fellas require.
Other people notice better energy levels, they get less colds and viruses and some people drink it just because they enjoy the taste of it. Some tesla coilers have attempted and succeeded, to coil the wiring around a coil form and remove it altogether, but that’s beyond my capability for now.

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