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Our formula is thoughtfully made with natural whole foods including deboned chicken, oatmeal, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries and ground flaxseed.
The difference between pet food with wholesome ingredients and foods with fillers and byproduct meals can be, well, pretty obvious. The limited ingredient formulas provide a simple, complete and healthy diet for all dog breeds and activity levels, and all dry formulas include canine probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant formulas with guaranteed levels of vitamin e, selenium and zinc. Petco offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if you or your pet are not satisfied by any of the Drs. From IGA to Food Lion, retailers use private brands as community ambassadors to help worthy causes throughout the year.

ABOUT USMy Private Brand was launched by Christopher Durham in late 2009 the site is the most widely read daily publication on Private Brands in the world.
Foster and Smith wet food for all Petco Pals members with the purchase of one can at regular price June 26 to July 9. He is the author of “Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project,” a consultant, strategist and retailer who has worked with the world’s largest retailers to build, manage and grow compelling billion dollar brands. The line is Petco’s first entry into private brand pet food it is available in both wet and dry options, including solution-based and everyday wellness formulas to help dogs thrive inside and out. The company has been providing quality at-home pet healthcare and everyday essentials for over 30 years.

Both wet and dry options are free of any artificial colors or flavors, grain free, with no corn, wheat or soy, and include Omega-3s for a healthy skin and coat. What started out in 1983 as four modest animal hospitals in rural Wisconsin is now a thriving effort to educate and empower families nationwide.

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