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Imagine our delight recently when, perusing the array of rabbit food on the shelves of our local Tisol shop, I found a cylinder of American Pet Diet probiotic pellets.
Obviously it’s too early to tell whether these new probiotic pellets are actually improving their intestinal flora, but that is what they are intended to do. I’m not sure how widely available the American Pet Diner CBB probiotic pellets are at various pet shops, but you can now get them online from Amazon. Joshua Bisnar, a Naval Hospital Corpsman (Combat Medic) stationed with a Marine Corps unit at Camp Pendleton, Calif., found the helpless bunnies.
While raking the volleyball court at a military barracks, he noticed them with their dead mother, then took it upon himself to bottle feed them for two months.
He gave them a makeshift home consisting of a box with a few of his old shirts, then eventually released them into the wild once they were big enough. To feed James (after Jimi Hendrix), Steven, Raymond and, Vaughan (after Stevie Ray Vaughan), he researched a formula mixed with probiotic he found at Petco.

After nourishing them back to health through 3-4 feedings per bunny per day for two months, they began to thrive, and it was time to let them go. He added: 'It was about the second week that they started jumping against the side of the box at about 2-3am trying to wake me up for another feeding. The medic was stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego when he found the rabbits. He loves bunnies and he is always encouraging his patients to improve the overall health of their pets, rather than simply treating the most immediate symptoms.
My wife has recently been reading about the benefits of probiotics for humans, and she’s convinced that a lot of health conditions from irritable bowel syndrome to allergies can improve by taking acidophilus, eating lots of yogurt and generally encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.
Marine Corps unit worker, who had previously been stationed in Afghanistan, rescued and helped rehabilitate four baby rabbits on his base. One of the things our vet always brings up, no matter what sort of ailment or condition we are talking about, is improving the health of a rabbit’s digestive system by adding more good bacterial flora.

Even when we tried mixing it with pumpkin baby food or mashed bananas, she just thumped and hopped away. So I am pretty confident our dear bunnies are going to have to make fewer trips to their vet now that we’ve finally figured out a way to get probiotics for rabbits into their little tummies. I think if we gave Priscilla all the pellets she wanted, she’d explode like the fat guy in the Monty Python sketch. Mr Bisnar said: 'I'm originally from Newport Beach, California, so the next weekend I brought them to a wildlife conservation place off of PCH in Huntington Beach.

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