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Scientists have discovered a possible link between the symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and changes occurring in the gut bacteria of mice, according to new research appearing in Thursday’s edition of the journal Cell.
While autism is a neurodevelopmental condition typically diagnosed when people demonstrate specific behaviors such as decreased social interaction and impaired communication skills, those who are diagnosed with these disorders also often suffer from abdominal cramps and other gastrointestinal issues, the researchers said.
Using the apparent link between the gut and brain issues in ASD patients as their guide, the study authors discovered that changes in gut bacteria could influence autism-like behaviors in mice. Hsiao, Mazmanian and their colleagues studied the possible connection between gut bacteria and the brain by using a mouse model of autism, which simulated a severe viral infection known to increase the risk that a pregnant woman will give birth to an autistic child. Specifically, the GI tracts of these pseudo-autistic mice were “leaky,” meaning that material could pass through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, the researchers said.
The treatment helped fix the “leaky” gut, and after observing the treated mice, the study authors also found that their behavior had changed. There have been many rumors circulating that a change in diet can help a child with autism cope with his or her surroundings. The drawback to this line of thinking is that probiotics can cure autism or that it dramatically improves the challenging behaviors of autism. Plain and simple, when your child is not struggling to create a BM and then empty his or her system of that BM, he or she will be more comfortable, content, and less challenging.
Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas wanted to explore the effects of probiotics on autism.
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Minerals are essential, but are depleted in most people, probably because of todaya€™s over-fertilized, over-pesticized farming. Yes, however if the child is taking other supplements or medications, we recommend speaking with a health care practitioner.
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Furthermore, after the rodents were treated with bacteria from a healthy gut, many of their behavioral abnormalities (including anxiety-like behaviors) went away. They said that the “autistic” offspring of similarly infected pregnant mice also possessed abnormalities in their gastrointestinal systems.
In order to determine whether or not the autism-like behaviors were influenced by the GI symptoms, the investigators treated the rodents with an experimental form of probiotic therapy involving Bacteroides fragilis.
For example, they were more likely to interact with other mice, tended to be less anxious, and were also less likely to engage in a repetitive digging behavior.
There are some grains of truth to this, but it should be kept in mind that even regular people can have a change in behavior and mood when they change their diets. When it is properly balanced, you feel great and your bowel movements are regular and normal in consistency. In fact, if your child does not have a lactose intolerance and is not sensitive to dairy products, he or she can get all the probiotics he or she needs simply by consuming one to two servings of yogurt daily. It cannot be stressed enough that probiotics are not a cure-all, nor are they going to completely eliminate problematic behaviors. He also has had severe eczema, so bad that to take a bath or a shower was extremely painful. D-lactate acidosis is useful to avoid in patients on the autistic spectrum, those with short bowel syndrome, and patients with M.E. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. Kirkman Labs, Houston Nutraceuticals, Nordic Naturals, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, and many more supplements for children with Autism. By taking good minerals, we help displace bad minerals & mobilize them out of the body.
Using the BodyBio Mineral Taste Test Kit gives you the ability to taste them and then take only the ones you need. Ionic minerals dissolve in aqueous solution (water), while colloidal minerals are suspended in aqueous solution. This suggests that GI problems could contribute to particular symptoms in neurodevelopmental disorders,” Hsiao said. It is completely natural to take probiotic supplements to aid digestion, and it can help your child with autism regulate his or her little system.
You do not have to overextend yourself financially buying probiotic supplements to give your child.
What will ease their gut will ease some of their distress and in turn ease some behavior, but not all.

The testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results. The research team now hopes to test the probiotic treatment on the behavioral symptoms of human autism within the next two years. Since you definitely do not want to give your kids laxatives all the time, some parents are wondering about the effects of probiotics.
Does NOT contain: Dairy, preservatives, sugar, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors or FOS. Moreover, the subgroup Bifidobacteria seems to be an important part of the GI microbiota, being involved in the prevention of atopic disease, obesity and insulin resistance via enhanced barrier function of the gut epithelium (Zwielehner et al., 2009). Taking D-lactate free probiotics avoids the lactate acidosis that some autistic children suffer from when taking probiotics.
Recent studies in Belgium have also indicated that D-lactate free probiotics may be beneficial in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME. We immediately implemented the diet and I called and ordered the D-lactate free probiotic that was recommended for autistic children. I received the shipment within 2 days and started him on 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop at night before bed.
Every 2 days I added a scoop in the morning and evening until he was on 8 scoops in the morning and 8 at night. We were sitting at the dinner table on the 5th day and for the 1st time ever Nikolas asked if he could share the day he had at school with us. We were blown away my husband and I just looked at each other, we could not believe that he actually understood that this is what we did at dinner or that he could actually verbalise his own thoughts and experiences.
Nikolas didn’t wait for an answer he just started telling us what happened at school, who said what, where they went, every little detail of the day. For anyone with an autistic child you can understand my excitement about what has happened.
One day we have a little boy who barely talks and is hard to understand, who doesn’t seem to participate in the things that are happening around him and in 5 days we have a new little boy who is actually here with us and not in his own world! Today as I write his skin is milky white with only traces of his eczema left, I’m sure it will take a while for the scars to heal but thank God no new outbreaks.

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