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The presence of allicin, a compound in garlic, is said to have antifungal and anti bacterial effects. A close relative of garlic, onions are one of the best and easily available natural antibiotics. A great remedy for infected burns and wounds, honey promotes rapid healing and has been very effective, where antibiotics have failed .This has been mainly due to its antimicrobial action against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. A widely researched natural antibiotic, Turmeric prevents the growth of certain types of parasites, bacteria, and fungi.
Probiotics (Fermented foods) have an indirect antibiotic effect due to the presence of lactobacillus acidophilus bifido acidophilus bacteria.

A natural antibiotic they are effective against cholera, which is an intestinal bacteria disease. These cakes claimed to clear the skin by taking toxins away from the blood (blood purification). You were supposed to eat 3 yeast cakes per day to get rid of acne.What is yeast? The right skin detox, liver cleanse and colon cleanse absolutely helps produce radiant, clear and healthy skin.
To counter these diseases, antibiotics are prescribed,which does more harm than good, as they not only destroy the bad bacteria, but also the good ones that support the immune system.However, little do we realise that certain foods, used in our daily lives, available from our own kitchen, contain natural antibiotic properties.
When it is exposed to wounds, it releases hydrogen peroxide, and prohibits the growth of certain bacteria. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it acts as an effective antiseptic and an antibiotic. Bifido bacteria are the primary organisms that are effective against many disease-causing bacteria. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Yeast is a living microscopic organism which converts sugar or starch into alcohol and carbon dioxide. They help fight against the respiratory and the digestive tract diseases, and prevent inflammation of excretory system.
Apart from its ability to treat eye and skin infections, it also helps destroy the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Due to their ability to introduce friendly bacteria into the body, they are considered natural antibiotics. The high Vitamin C content help boost the immune system to fight against disease-causing bacteria, by replacing the good bacteria in the digestive tract that fight against invading microorganisms.

Due to its high antimicrobial property, garlic was used widely to treat diseases like typhus and dysentery during the First World War.
Due to its antibacterial properties, they act as a disinfectant against animal and insect bites. The powerful substance of turmeric is good for the digestive tract, heart, liver and in preventing formation of tumours. Highly recommended by Doctors to be taken simultaneously along with antibiotic treatment, probiotics replace the good bacteria destroyed in the digestive system that fight against invasive bacteria. Nevertheless, people with weak immune system have a possibility of suffering from adverse reactions, therefore it would be wise to consult a physician before use. They are less toxic and have the ability to boost the bodya€™s immune system against bacterial and fungal infections. Regular intake of garlic fight against common cold apart from reduced risk of certain types of cancer, tumour, stroke and hypertension. Take it again at night about an hour or two after your dinner.In India, Eagle is a popular brand of active dry yeast. What you really want is active yeast cakes, not active dry yeast granules, but this is worth a try for starters.

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