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The Alternative:  Make your own smoothies and don’t forget the vegetables!  You can even add protein like whey powder or nuts as well as healthy fats like flaxseed and avocado to make your smoothie even more nutrient rich!
For these reasons, it is vital that we supplement and give our bodies what it craves.  Shaklee Vitalizer delivers essential nutrients to your body, so even if we are not getting what we need from our diet, the supplements are there to provide the body with the goods.
There you have it folks.  Shaklee Vitalizer is a solid foundation for better health, and no matter what your age or gender, Shaklee has the perfect pack for you. VITAGEN is a cultured milk drink made by fermenting skim milk with billions of live probiotic cultures (good bacteria i.e.
Probiotic cultures in VITAGEN can withstand bile and acidic stomach juices and reach the intestines alive to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. In a nutshell, probiotic cultures in VITAGEN combined with the good bacteria in our body help the body defend it against toxins, harmful bacteria and allergens.
Thus, VITAGEN contributes positively to our health because it promotes good colon health and improves our immune system.
Jammed-packed with tasty-goodness, a single bottle of VITAGEN contains billions of good bacteria that ensure your body gets its daily quota. Specially formulated for the ‘health-conscious’, VITAGEN Less Sugar is a delicious cultured milk drink that offers the same great fruity taste but with less sugar.
VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar is the revolutionary new cultured milk drink innovation that combines the benefits of good bacteria with marine collagen peptides.
Blitchok is a professional writer and researcher who specializes in issues relating to seniors, aging in place and mobility technology. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei) to help maintain a healthy digestive system.
With the presence of these probiotic cultures, the environment in the colonic flora becomes unsuitable for harmful bacteria to grow. These good bacteria are known as ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus’ & ‘Lactobacillus casei’ and helps your body stimulate a strong immune system as well as improves the digestion process. Packed with billions of good bacteria, it’s the perfect treat to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the whole family!

Each delicious bottle of VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar contains 500mg of marine collagen peptides that strengthens skin’s elasticity offering healthier and younger-looking skin. VITAGEN is the true cultured milk drink with real fruit juice from apples, grapes, oranges, pineapple and LB (natural), making it the perfect cultured milk drink for everyone. It is also the main component of skin, cartilage ligaments and tendons and the main protein component of bone and teeth due to its tough and inextensible (with great tensile strength) property. Hansen Laboratory in Denmark, a world leading cultures laboratory supplying high quality probiotics worldwide. The longer waste matter remains in the lower intestines, the higher the chances of intestinal distress and possible cancer when carcinogens attack normal cells. An adult should at least consume 2 bottles a day to help replenish the body’s collagen needs. After the fermentation, kombucha becomes carbonated and contains vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and a high amounts of acid (acetic, gluconic and lactic). In one study, the liver cells were protected from oxidative injury and maintained their normal physiology despite the exposure to toxins! Researchers claim that this is due to the antioxidant activity of Kombucha, which is very beneficial in the fight against liver diseases.2.
Improves DigestionThe antioxidant properties of kombucha stop the free radicals from creating a chaos in the digestive system. In addition to this, kombucha improves digestion due to its high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics and enzymes. Kombucha can also combat candida yeast due to its beneficial probiotics that help the gut to fill up with good bacteria that reduce the candida yeast.3. Increases EnergyKombucha provides us with energy due to the formation of iron that is released from the black tea during the fermentation process.
It also contains caffeine in very small amounts and b-vitamins, which can energize the body.4. Immune HealthThe overall positive effects of kombucha are best seen in its ability to control free radicals through antioxidant activity.

A very powerful antioxidant known as D-saccharic acid-1, 4-lactone (DSL) was found during the kombucha fermentation process. Scientists believe that the combination of DSL and vitamin C in kombucha protects against cell damage, inflammatory diseases, tumors and overall depression of the immune system. Kombucha is rich in glucosamines, which increase the production of synovial hyaluronic acid. You should avoid using a plastic jar or bowl because the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the kombucha during the fermentation period.·         1 large piece of cloth or dish towel to secure around the opening of the jar with a rubber band. Do not to use a cheese cloth since because it allows the particles to pass through.·         1 SCOBY disk.
The quality of the sugar is essential in order to avoid contaminants, so you should always look for organic sugar.·         4 black tea bags (preferably organic). Once boiling, remove from the heat and add the teabags and sugar, and stir until the sugar dissolves.2. The cloth should cover the wide opening of the jar and stay in place, but it needs to be thin enough in order to allow air to pass through.5.
When cooled, you can enjoy drinking homemade Kombucha!Making Flavored Kombucha:The recipe above is for a basic, unflavored kombucha. It is preferable to start drinking a small amount of Kombucha, especially at the beginning (about 8 ounces daily). You should gradually increase the consumption of Kombucha in order to eliminate the possibility of side effects.

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