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Very impressed, super quick delivery (arrived day after ordered and this was to a rural address!) and very competitive prices. They prices are cheaper than anywhere else, super quick delivery (as long as the item is in stock) and super friendly and efficient communication. Digest Gold + Probiotics combines Enzymedica's award winning digestive enzyme formula with specially coated (TherActive) probiotics. Contain NO dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors. NB" A good way to test your digestive enzyme product to see how efficacious it is - cook a small bowl of porridge, break open the contents of a capsule and stir in.
And, for every step you complete, you’re earn another entry into the grand prize drawing for a chance to win a Spa Retreat at Red Mountain Resort!
So much great information and ways that I can do things for me…taking care of me in 2016, baby! Just to give you some insight into the great things I’m learning about in this community, check out this amazing Avocado Facial Mask. For more information about Culturelle, click here or check them out on Twitter and Facebook.
Although I have been compensated by i-Health, Inc., the makers of Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Weight Management, the opinions expressed in this blog are independent and not associated with i-Health. Kraut Source combines our obsession with mason jars with our strange love for fermented foods. That’s when the pair created Kraut Source, a cool lid with super powers that fits on standard mason jars. Kraut Source’s streamlined design is stainless steel, dishwasher safe and fits on all wide-mouth mason jars. I create recipes that are low in calorie and are either low sugar or completely sugar free, which is great if you suffer from SIBO and want to watch your waist line.
Balanced Grub is a website dedicated to healthy eating, the treatment and management of digestive disorders and the promotion of good nutrition. TherActive* ensures delivery of healthy bacteria into the intestinal tract for optimal benefit.

From more veggies and fruits, to more (gasp) salads when I find one I like, I’m really getting into health.
Truly, it’s a great site and well worth the small amount of time you would need to dedicate to using it and growing with it! Any time you add in the ability to gain levels or to progress in some way, things get really fun!
The folks behind the overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter project, Karen Diggs and Eric Klein, were fermenting the traditional way, submerging vegetables under brine. The new invention allows you to make different varieties of gourmet vegetables in an easy and economical way — all in the comfort of your own kitchen. The lid keeps fresh air out and a compact spring keeps the vegetables completely submerged, while a water moat provides a one-way out for air.
To contribute to the already raised $108,000+, and to pre-order the Kraut Source, check out the Kickstarter page. You can make flavored sauerkraut for your hot dog BBQ, chutney for your Indian feast — you can make homemade pickles for hostess gifts!
However no sugar doesn’t mean no flavour, most of my recipes pack flavour and support digestive health. I aim to shed some light on these issues and help keep the stress of living with a chronic illness at bay.
Digest Gold + Probiotics provides complete digestive care in the convenience of a single capsule dose. I’ve even started taking supplements, like multivitamins and probiotics like Culturelle.
In order to advance, you have to do activities like taking quizzes and watching videos. Once I leveled up and completed all my tasks, I got a special bonus! My bonus unlock was 7 steps to a better sleep… Love this community! Once I’m all cleaned up and feeling good, I’m sure to take my daily dose of Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Complete Formula!
Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest trends in fashion, food, family and travel.
Once the fermentation process is complete, replace Kraut Source with the regular, mason jar lid and stick that sucker in the fridge.

Based upon the pledge amounts and rewards, we’d guess that the price will be around $30 for the gadget (plus a mason jar) once it hits stores. I provide nutritional information to managing digestive health issues related to IBS & Motility problems.
I’ve been making sure to do the little things like get my nails done often enough that I actually look like I care about myself (LOL).
Like this mask is working naturally so my face is feeling brand new, this daily supplement is working naturally with my body to help support my health in three ways: Heart, Digestive, and Immune Health. Mason jars are not just for granny to can her jam or trendy restaurants to serve their drinks in. And the ones that came out well had to be transferred into jars… and those jars were cluttering up the fridge. I even went to the pool all by myself to get some swimming and some peaceful relaxation in. I mean, only Culturelle Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Complete Formula combines the #1 clinically studied probiotic with the power of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving naturally sourced from clean, Omega-3 rich ocean fish (something I also have on my list of getting more of). Not only can they be repurposed for a TON of DIY projects (we came up with 100 ways to use ‘em), but they can also be used to make some of the best tasting fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut, chutney or kimchi).
Okay, we know the word “fermented” probably freaks you out, but really it’s just the process of converting carbs to acid. Plus, fermented foods contain probiotics, enzymes and vitamins, so they’re super good for ya.
It makes for a much better life for the entire family when you are content and in a good state of mind, something that being mindful of treating yourself well, leads to.

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