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The primary difference between regular yogurt and the amasi was the volume of lactic acid bacteria such as the lactobacillus family. Raw milk made from specific cows producing Beta casein A2 and eating a 100% grass and green food based diet is extremely beneficial.  Traditional milk that is produced with a high content of Beta casein A1 proteins is extremely inflammatory and can trigger systemic inflammation throughout the bodies (9).
Grass-fed animal meat and milk are bothrich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, CLA, B12, zinc, iron, creatine, L-carnitine,  These products are some of the highest quality superfoods to consume. He has several incredible products including:  Amasai – a super probiotic drink that tastes amazing. Beyond Organic has partnered with the great international company, Youngevity in order to expand their reach and distribute Amasai to more people. Bacterial diversity of aMasi, a South African fermented milk product, determined by clone library and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis analysis.
These resources incorporate both ancient healing practices and new, cutting-edge strategies to supercharge energy and flow of life!
Exercise is a measured stress applied to the body to exploit a desirable genetic, cardiometabolic, endocrine and immune response. Absolute risks and 95% group-specific confidence intervals (gsCI) for incident vascular diseases, by strenuous and any physical activity, excluding the first 4 years of follow-up.
The authors analyzed data on physical activity an exercise for 1.1 million women without prior vascular disease along with and many other personal characteristics in including time spent walking, cycling, gardening, and housework each week.
The data suggests that pushing past moderation goes over the hump of the dose-response curve into over-training with degraded outcomes. Chronic inflammation, the common denominator of aging and most chronic diseases, is promoted by an imbalance between proinflammatory Th17 cells that drive autoimmunity and the anti-inflammatory Treg cells (regulatory T cells). There is a wealth of scientific evidence for the importance of the Th17 and Treg interplay in autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.
Endurance exercise induced a significant increase in Th17 cells and a sustained decline in peripheral blood Tregs population. In a paper published recently in Autoimmunity Reviews, the authors link industrial food additives to intestinal barrier damage that leads to loss of immune tolerance.
Clinicians need to constantly bear in mind factors that commonly have an impact on intestinal barrier integrity. Microbial transglutaminase (mTG): used to modify the function of proteins in food products. The bottom line is that there are several mechanisms by which industrial food additives can damage the intestinal barrier and contribute to loss of immune tolerance. Disruption of the gut microbial ecology is one mechanism by which the intestinal barrier is compromised leading to loss of tolerance to gluten (and other foods).
When the designated active principle (AP) is combined with the other chemicals in a commercial formulation toxicity is greatly increased. There are multiple environmental factors contributing to the widespread increase in both undifferentiated and full-blown autoimmune disorders in clinical practice. They acquired data for 303 patients surgically treated for NSCLC that included C-reactive protein (CRP) for systemic inflammation, prealbumin levels for nutritional status, and tumoral infiltration by CD8+ lymphocytes and mature dendritic cells in correlation with relevant clinical-pathological parameters.
Prealbumin, a plasma protein made by the liver, reflects nutritional status (over a 2 day period) and is valued as a marker for malnutrition. In other words, lower systemic inflammation correlated with a better inflammatory response to the tumor.
This speaks volumes for the importance of structuring treatment plans to ensure well-regulated immune function.
However, many of us have had a serious concern that IL-10 might suppress the anti-tumor immune response.

This is particularly welcome information for clinicians who use low dose cytokine therapy including recombinant IL-10. Acne vulgaris case management with sustainable, functional methods requires its recognition as a disorder of inflammation associated with loss of immune tolerance for a commensal skin bacteria.
Acne has always been considered an inflammatory disorder in its later stages, but emerging evidence indicates that acnes starts with inflammation.
Inflammation driven by Th17 white blood cells and the cytokine interleukin-17 (IL-17) is a hallmark of autoimmunity. As might be expected for a condition characterized by a dysregulated immune inflammatory response—essentially loss of immune tolerance to P. As with other autoimmune inflammatory disorders the potential role of the gut-brain axis should be considered with acne. Our relationship with the single-celled friends is so strong that some scientist have come to regard us and our hitchhikers as one human-bacteria super-organism.Cork Institute of Technology lecturer, Dr Roy D.
The fact that we are so outnumbered ten to one by our bacteria guests may sound worrying to many. Typical rod-shaped bacteria are Escherichia coli and Salmonella bacteria, but there are many others. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Lugol’s Iodine is made of potassium iodide (10%) and elemental iodine (5%) with water (85%).
Iodine has received a lot of attention due to the recent Fukushima catastrophe since Iodine supplements can help protect against thyroid damage by radioactive iodine. Iodine is mostly is mostly found in the thyroid gland situated in the neck area (about 70 – 80%).
A deficiency of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels); symptoms of this condition include sluggishness, weight gain, and sensitivity to temperature changes.
Radioactive Iodine is also absorbed by the thyroid gland where it can damage or kill the gland and lead to thyroid cancer. Please note that iodine supplements can’t prevent radioactive iodine entering your body, can’t repair any damage to the thyroid that may already have occurred, and won’t remove any radioactive iodine from your system. Utilization of various starter cultures in the production of Amasi, a Zimbabwean naturally fermented raw milk product. Antimicrobial properties of lactic acid bacteria and yeast-LAB cultures isolated from traditional fermented milk against pathogenic Escherichia coli and Salmonella enteritidis strains. Bacteriocin production by Lactobacillus plantarum AMA-K isolated from Amasi, a Zimbabwean fermented milk product and study of the adsorption of bacteriocin AMA-K TO Listeria sp.
The role of interaction between yeasts and lactic acid bacteria in African fermented milks: a review. Prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics affect mineral absorption, bone mineral content, and bone structure. This was linked to National Health Service (UK) cause-specific hospital admissions and death records. An important study published in PLOS One reveals one of the mechanisms by which more than moderate strenuous exercise can increase cardiovascular risk.
These alterations in CD4+ T cell sub-populations may be attributed to changes in TGF?, IL-6 and IL-2 serum levels. HIIT (high intensity interval training) in particular efficiently yields desired cardiometabolic and other benefits with reduced risk for injury. The intestinal barrier—epithelial cells forming the inner lining of the intestines—is designed for nutrient absorption while protecting the GALT (gut associated lymphoid tissue, the greatest mass of immune system tissue in the body) from compounds that should not gain access.

A number of in vitro studies have confirmed the cytotoxicity of gluten’s main antigen, gliadin. Studies done to assess the toxicity of pesticides typically test the main active ingredient, such as glyphosate in Roundup® (hence it’s classification as relatively non-toxic to humans). As with all other cancers, untangling the role of systemic inflammation (cancer promoting) versus inflammation in the tumor microenvironment (cancer fighting) is of fundamental clinical importance. This certainly makes sense considering the pivotal role of systemic inflammation in promoting the development and spread of cancer stem cells, a major determinant of metastasis.
In these studies, the uninvolved skin from acne patients was found to contain elevated levels of CD3+ and CD4+ T cells in the perifollicular and papillary dermis and increased macrophage numbers similar to those seen in papules. Evidence for their role in acne suggests that a loss of immune tolerance may be an important factor in developing an inflammatory reaction to P. The authors of a review article published in the journal Beneficial Microbes articulate the gut-brain-skin theory and several mechanisms by which intestinal dysbiosis and altered gut permeaiblity may contribute.
Many types of bacteria are found on human skin, especially associated with sweat glands and hair follicles. Sleator, 36, from County Kerry in Ireland, has spent the last four years studying the subject.'Bacteria have now come to be regarded as a virtual organ with the combined output far in excess of the liver,' said Dr Roy. The rest is distributed throughout the body, particularly in the ovaries, muscles, and blood. If, however, the thyroid is already saturated with non-radioactive iodine, no further iodine can be absorbed.
If the dropper is tilted it will more or less double the amount, so please keep the dropper vertical.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. A large study using data from 1.1 million women recently published in the journal Circulation offers evidence that strenuous physical activity 2-3 times per week significantly lowered their coronary heart disease risk while more frequent strenuous exercise actually increased it. Damage to the tight junctions of the intestinal barrier is a major contributing cause of loss of immune tolerance and autoimmune disease. This data highlights the importance of consuming natural, unprocessed, non-toxic organic food for immune system health, with implications for regulatory and public health policy. A welcome study just published in PLOS One (Public Library of Science) sheds light on this critical conundrum while including the aspect of nutritional status. To all The Staff at Pill Box Pharmacy, thanks so much for your care and support for my Mom. Iodine is an essential component of the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). This may be analogous to gastrointestinal disorders than ensue from the immune system having lost tolerance for commensal organisms in the gut. In either case, as the immune system reacts to the compound that has penetrated the intestinal barrier it can cross-react to self-antigens, thus mounting an inflammatory attack on the body’s own tissues.
The thyroid gland controls metabolism, proper growth, helps burn up excess fat and gives you more energy. This is how diminished intestinal barrier integrity is contributing to the pandemic of diffuse and blatant autoimmune phenomena.

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