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Collard greens or nori sheets are a great alternative, but every so often, I do like a crunchy yet soft shell for my wraps.
This recipe is easy with only a few ingredients, and can be adapted depending on what you have at hand! Dehydrate at 42 degrees Celsius or 108 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours or until you can just peel them off the non-stick sheets. Dehydrate for another hour orĀ until the wraps are dry but still pliable – for wraps, you do not want to dehydrate them for too long.
If you do forget to take them out in time, place your wraps in ziplock bag overnight – they will soften up a bit. You can also cut off very dry edges and sprinkle these crunchy bits over salads or onto soups.

Cut the semi-dried batter into squares or triangles and dehydrate until crunchy for delicious crackers.
Stuff your wraps with any veggies you might have at hand or leftover salads, and add a dash of hummus, cheese crumbles, sour cream or some dressing of your choice! Formulated especially for the face, this soothing facial scrub gently exfoliates the skin, uncovering a healthy and glowing complexion. Massage a generous amount into moistened face and neck, working fingertips in an upward circular motion. This smoothing peach yogurt exfoliant delivers probiotic benefits and fruit enzymes leaving the skin soft and smooth. Jack Whitmore cofounded the Champions Veterinary Hospital with Dr Gary Sizenbach and Dr Moray Coop.

She enjoys many aspects of veterinary medicine with dentistry, internal medicine and abdominal surgery and acupuncture as her peak interests. Originally from Houston and now calling Spring, Texas her home, she spends most weekends outdoors playing with her husband as well as both her human and canine children.

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