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Your gastrointestinal (GI) microflora is made up of three and a half pounds of bacteria – good, neutral, changing and bad. Look for the International Drug Good Manufacturing Practice certification, which will ensure that you are receiving the highest quality probiotic that meets pharmaceutical standards. You must also look for a potency guarantee for each strain is listed on the bottle label through the printed expiration date. Probiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks may not be as healthy as they are claimed to be - the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found that there is not enough evidence that these products have a positive effect on the immune system and digestive health.The manufacturers of these products had been claiming that these foods could help relieve digestive irregularity and boost the immune system, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

My kombucha habit is close to out of control, but for good reason: It’s filled with probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria, and like kombucha (a fermented tea), your body is filled with them. Probiotics can also be found in supplements; however, consult a registered dietitian or your doctor before taking any, as supplements are not regulated like food. Erin Klegstad is passionate about health, wellness and fitness, and spends her free time chasing iron{wo}man finish lines.
This is the official health and fitness blog of Anytime Fitness—the world's largest co-ed fitness franchise.
Your body is even made up of ninety percent bacteria cells and only ten percent human cells.
He found that many disease-producing organisms died or could not develop in milk containing these powerful bacteria. This is where you must trust a reputable probiotics manufacturer to research and formulate their probiotics with the best and most beneficial bacteria available. This also guarantees that the product has been tested for potency and safety in all stages from the culturing of the bacteria through the printed expiration date. Several probiotic companies claim that they have shelf-stable products but these have never been proven effective. This provides nourishment for the probiotic and has been found to increase the benefits of the probiotic by up to 50 percent.
Dark glass bottles and tin lids protect the probiotics from the damaging effects of light and moisture.
The food industry's probiotics sector has complained that EFSA uses excessively rigorous scientific standards, similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry, to assess claims. Packed with goodness of Live and Active Cultures and blended together with real fruit juice, it is a delicious and convenient way to get your daily boost of Probiotics for a healthy digestive system.

However, there is no need to worry; many of these bacteria are beneficial to you and are necessary for your optimal health. However, the idea of beneficial bacteria aiding us in life wasn’t thought up until the early 1900s when Dr. This, along with his other research on the immune system, lead Metchnikoff to connect lactic acid bacteria to improved immune function, which relates to optimal health and vitality. But their complaints don't help the consumer, who simply wants to know whether probiotic food products, which range from yogurts and yoghurt drinks to dietary supplements, are likely to benefit their health.Probiotic expert Bob Rastall, head of Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading, firmly believes probiotics are useful for health. These “good” bacteria help reduce the growth of unhealthy and harmful bacteria and keep a healthy balance in your gut. Look for “live and active cultures” on the packaging and stick to kinds without added sugar. During a recent sinus infection and subsequent antibiotics to treat it, for example, I drank a bottle of kombucha every day to help balance out that bad bacteria. Within each family, or genus, of bacteria, there are many species and each of those species has hundreds of strains.
He stresses that probiotics are considered to be "functional foods" - products that have ingredients or components in them that can improve health or reduce disease risk in humans. He was surprise to find so many people living to be 100 years of age or older and concluded that this was due to the large quantities of yogurt they consumed. Lactobacillus is the family (genus), acidophilus is the species, and NAS or DDS-1 are strains.
Rastall said that by increasing the population of the so-called good bacteria (probiotics), the health of the gut could be improved.

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