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Yogurt is an age-old food product that is very rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and various minerals. Yogurt is a diary product that is produced by fermentation of milk by certain bacteria, majorly lactic acid bacteria.
There are several types of yogurts based on the fat levels such as non-fat (0%), low-fat (around 2%) and whole milk (4%). Probiotic yogurt is said to contain a third strain of bacteria in addition to the regular two bacteria that are found in yogurt.This third strain amplifies the usefulness of probiotic yogurt. However, it is said that the best probiotic yogurt available in the market is manufactured by Dannon. There are many pros of probiotics—those microscopic bugs that populate our guts play a big role in overall health. Stress, medications, poor diet, and even age give the “bad” bacteria a chance to  gain a foothold in the gut—and thereby compromise immunity, digestion, and   more.
Promising research is looking into how probiotics may prevent and treat obesity, mental health issues, autism, asthma, certain types of cancer, and even heart, liver, and kidney disease. Prebiotics can be found in many foods including artichokes, flaxseeds, garlic, onions, soybeans, and wheat.
You’ll find probiotic supplements specially formulated for infants and toddlers, children, men, women, seniors, and even pets. Capsules: Many probiotic capsules are designed to resist breakdown by stomach acids so they reach the intestines intact.
Pearls: Small pearl capsules are particularly easy to swallow and convenient  to carry in your purse or when traveling. Chewable tablets: Yummy natural flavors make it easy for kids (and adults) to take their daily probiotic supplement. Sprays: Sprays may combine homeopathic remedies and probiotic strains to provide intestinal discomfort relief.
Probiotic soaps: Help to balance skin bacteria topically, and are suitable for oily and dry skin. In addition to supplements, other probiotic sources include yogurt, kefir, miso, and other fermented foods, says Cox. JARROW FORMULAS Jarro-Dophilus EPS 25 Billion, with eight beneficial probiotic strains, is shelf-stable at room temperature and enteric coated to ensure safe delivery to the intestinal tract. NATURE’S WAY Primadophilus Reuteri features the unique Lactobacillus strain (reuteri) found in human breast milk, one of the first defenses a nursing mother passes to her child.
RENEW LIFE Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion is specially formulated to relieve occasional constipation, gas and bloating—and each capsule includes 50 billion live cultures. Nope, not even close, although I doubt it will stop big food from marketing Activia yogurt and others as a solution for expanded waistlines.
Over the past few years there has been a huge surge in the addition of specific probiotic cultures into various fermented milk products, such as yogurt.

Unfortunately, while I don’t think the evidence in this one study is overly convincing, lack of evidence has rarely stopped companies from making exaggerated claims. So what happened after the 12 weeks in this study that might make Danone execs dizzy with excitement?
The group ingesting the active fermented milk (including said probiotic culture) lost a whole 1.1 kg of body weight in 3 months (in contrast to no change in control group). Nevetheless, it should be noted that there is potential for something to be happening here – obviously not a very strong effect, but something. I’d certainly hold my breath for more evidence in this area, and for the time being would caution against binging on yogurt jam-packed with probiotic cultures to lose weight – remember yogurt has a bunch of calories!
I have read so much info on probiotics because the supplements we take from Vidazorb were the one and only thing to help our child with his severe Eczema and food intolerance. Because your stomach acid will kill 99% of the bacterial cultures before they get to your lower gut, which is where they need to be. Another benefit of adaptogenic herbs is that they help lower cholesterol and regulate hormones (ask a woman after menopause if the hormone shift has effected her weight and you’ll know that this is yet another weight benefit).
Although yogurt like probiotic yogurt is derived from milk, it is digested by our bodies much easier compared to milk.
These probiotic yogurt brands offer a wide range of yogurt in different flavours such as strawberry, mixed berry, vanilla, cherry and prune containing variety of fresh fruits, artificial sweeteners, chocolates etc. A recent UCLA study, published in Gastroenterology, shows that changing probiotic bacteria balance through diet affects brain function. Probiotic supplements can contain 15,25, 30, 50, 100, 200, 400 billion—or more—live cultures.
This common food contains prebiotics—special fibers that stimulate your gut’s good bacteria to grow and become active. Yacon root, a prebiotic food, has been used for centuries in Peru to make a natural, low-glycemic sweetener, says David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: the Food and Medicine of the Future. Some supplements are specifically formulated for immune support, digestive balance, bowel regularity, or other health challenges, and blended with enzymes, vitamins, or prebiotics.
These liquid formulas can be particularly helpful for folks who have trouble swallowing pills. For the most part the marketing push behind these products has focused on the potential for regulating digestive function (i.e.
While the authors also report miniscule changes in body fat percentage (<1%), since they measured body fat using bioelectrical impedance, this number is essentially meaningless.
Although the data is not presented in the study (not sure why), the authors assure us that the dietary patterns or physical activity patterns of either the active or control fermented milk groups did not change throughout the study. Subscribe to Obesity Panacea and have future stories delivered regularly to your email account or your RSS reader.
Research demonstrates that the type of gut bactera one has determines whether you gain or lose weight.

Yogurt can also be sweetened and flavored with fruit, chocolate and any other natural flavour desired. Probiotic yogurt is basically any yogurt that has live active cultures referring to the bacteria.
You might be wondering what is different about probiotic yogurt, as both normal yogurt and probiotic yogurt contain bacteria, which propel the people’s general health condition. There are a few other popular brands but research shows that Dannon yogurt is the most bought yogurt and rightly so because it is of high quality and worth the price. Also look for raw, heat-resistant, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free formulas.
This particular probiotic, which originates naturally in human intestine, was chosen as recent evidence suggested that Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 ingestion lowered adipocyte enlargement caused by a high-fat diet in rats (the importance of which, we have recently discussed).
Of course when dealing with a 1kg difference over a 12 week span just a few calories in the right direction on a daily basis could lead to such a change. He was itchy all the time and miserable at night and we put him on his chewables and within a short amount of time he was dramatically better! Yogurt is consumed almost daily in many parts of the world due to its high nutritional values. Probiotic yogurt was first manufactured in the year 2000 and according to the manufacturers, they select the beneficial bacteria in such a way that it is more likely to survive digestion and reach the colon to perform the adequate tasks. All these brands are also available in low fat and non-fat varieties for people who are health and weight conscious. However, due to a recent study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, I forsee a swift change in gears towards billing various fermented milk products as the panacea for obesity. Don’t understand these fat-free artificially flavoured pro-biotic pink slop-type single serving things. Researchers concluded that the L.casei supplement improved inflammatory status in RA patients, calling for further studies. As for yogurt and the big trend that is happening now, I personally feel like it is a shame.
Many food companies are using the info and research to boost sales which just add confusion for consumers.
A person would seriously have to eat a ton of yogurt to get the probiotic benefits that just one supplement has and who knows if the “bugs” are even live really?

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