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Organic Environmental Technology Announces Probiotic Water Treatment Proven Effective on Reducing E. A new probiotic water treatment developed by Organic Environmental Technology exceeds municipal target benchmarks for safe levels of E. Organic Environmental Technology (OET) announced today the public release of a Scientific Paper documenting the successful reduction to safe levels of markers for E.
Scholz continued, 'This probiotic water treatment technology contains a unique formulation of naturally occurring life sustaining bacteria and have been shown to be effective in brackish wetlands and tidal waterways, freshwater lakes and rivers as well as in the treatment of hog and poultry farm effluent lagoons.
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Improves scalp circulation and strengthens hair’s biological defenses against damage from chemical treatments, environmental stresses and styling practices.

This complete protein’s firm film forming properties bind to the outside of the hair shaft to help protect hair from environmental damages without any buildup. Penetrates inside the hair fiber’s cortex to reduce split end formation while providing intense conditioning and longer lasting color.
Using anaerobic digesters food-waste - including cooked and uncooked meat, sea-food, onions, garlic and dairy - is layered with bokashi where a fermentation process occurs. Coli, Enterococcus, Total Coliforms and Copper in a field trial they conducted on a public lake with the City of Los Angeles. Developed in the 1980s in Japan bokashi is now globally used for the management of food waste. Not only does this stop rotting (and thus smells) it also pre-digests the food waste so that it can be quickly and easily composted or trenched.

Following the two week period, the fermented - stable and non-rotting - food waste can be safely trenched, composted or fed to worms. Through this simple action, not only are you turning food-waste into a resource you are also reducing the volume of other material going to landfill.
There are many recipes for bokashi - just google "how to make bokashi" - but in general you need a carrier (bran), molasses, water and the mix of EM (effective micro-organisms). The fermentation process also releases amino acids thus enabling faster uptake of nutrients by plants.

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