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Our 100% natural water retention tablets Bloat Less consist of 11 active herbal ingredients formulated specifically to get rid of water retention and support kidney cleanse and detox programmes.
Contains 11 active herbal ingredients which work in synergy to gently rid the body of excess fluid. The formula used in our Bloat Less herbal supplement is widely recognised as one of the most effective available.
Bloat Less is a herbal diuretic for excess fluids, that contains 11 active herbal ingredients which gently alleviate water retention. Dandelion Leaf, Juniper Berry and Celery are frequently used in bloating remedies, but our Bloat Less natural water retention tablets include some less commonly used ingredients. Research indicates that Kelp, Nettle Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Radish Leaf and Watercress may help reduce bloating, and Alfalfa is used extensively in India Ayurvedic medicine, and by Chinese herbalists, to help get rid of water retention and swelling. Finally, magnesium and  vitamin B6 are included, as a deficiency in either of these is also thought to be a cause of water retention within the body. Our natural herbal thermogenic fat burning pills benefit from the latest research into weight loss and as such contain the best known ingredients to help aid a healthy weight loss program. These super fat burning pills contain the optimum amount of raspberry ketones, African mango extract, capsicum and green tea extracts, apple cider vinegar, l-tyrosine, guarana and several other potent natural weight control aids, all within one easy-to-take capsule. Check how the ingredients of our Hot Stuff fat burning pills compare to those of other weight control products to really understand why our Hot Stuff formula is such good value for money. Now back with a new formula making it even more effective, Super Skinny Me is an 100% natural weight management and body shape support combination formula that aids a healthy fat loss program.
Uber Super Berry Glee contains 100 capsules of high strength freeze-dried acai berry 1065mg along with 465mg of carefully selected extra antioxidants including Resveratrol, Grape Seed and Pomegranate Extract. A completely natural probiotic for children,  Bio Buddy is a child-specific formulation of 7 strains of naturally-occurring friendly bacteria that is suitable for toddlers and children. As children are unable to swallow capsules or tablets, the Bio Buddy kids probiotic is provided as an easy-to-take powder, in 30 individual 1g sachets. Green Envy, a nutritious, all-natural, 100% organic superfood powder, to boost your energy, detox your system and promote optimal health and vitality.
The ingredients within this nutritional green powder offer an exceptional nutritional profile. Perfect for athletes recovering from high-intensity exercise, vegans and vegetarians, the elderly and people with a poor diet or recovering from illness. 300g of 100% natural organic green powder goodness that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and perfect for those looking to loose weight. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Natural Fibre is a vegan dietary fibre supplement that helps keep the body in good shape by providing the fibre which can easily be missing from modern diets. 100% natural and suitable for those with common intolerances such as those suffering from cealiacs and lactose intolerance.
Wholemeal bread, bran, cereals, nuts and seeds (except golden linseeds) are all sources of insoluble fibre.
A side benefit of eating plenty of fibre is that it encourages fluid intake, which also helps to cleanse the body.

For those who have the time to sit down and eat proper meals, breakfast cereals, wholemeal pasta, brown rice and potatoes with their skins on are all good ways of adding fibre to mealtimes. The ingredients in Natural Fibre have been carefully chosen to provide a blend of soluble and insoluble fibre and include psyllium husks and seeds, ground flaxseed, prune juice and figs, along with a range of other foods, which are high in dietary fibre. 1 capsule of Uber Super Pro Bio contains as much friendly bacteria as 40 tubs of probiotic yoghurt. Eight strains of probiotic bacteria per capsule to cover a variety of beneficial actions in the digestive system and bowels.
Colon Clear is a completely natural intestinal cleanse remedy to keep your digestive system healthy. Our colon cleansing formula includes Psyllium seed husks, a source of hygroscopic, indigestible, soluble dietary fibre. Colon clear is an intestinal cleanse remedy that is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial additives, a 100% natural colon detox solution made from only the best ingredients available. Candi Clear is a 100% natural complete formula to support to establish a healthy, yeast balance, digestion and colon  that has been specifically formulated to help promote the correct balance of gut microflora bacteria and yeasts whilst encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria (probiotics) amongst other things. Liver Wizard a 100% natural, vegetarian, all in one liver and gallbladder cleansing formula to help support a healthy liver.
Oxy Pure is a herbal free oxygenated bowel cleanse formula that is ideal for those who are sensitive to herbal colon cleansers or have stopped responding to them. Therefore if you experience cramps, bloating and urgency when taking certain herbs and herbal colon cleansers then this is the product for you. Nature's Plus is a leading manufacturer of natural vitamins and supplements for the whole family.
For over 40 years, Nature's Plus has worked hard to become the "gold standard" among natural vitamin and nutritional supplement suppliers. Whether it's for weight loss, overall health or blood sugar control, millions of people have adopted a low-carbohydrate, low-glycemic diet.
Source of Life® GOLD is now the gold standard for whole food-based multivitamin supplementation. Nature's Plus recognizes the need for a comprehensive prenatal formula offering increased doses of Calcium and other major minerals, vitamins E, C, A and D, amino acids and a complete B-complex in a fortified rice bran base. Citrimax is an important breakthrough in the field of natural weight loss and healthy living. Source of Life Immune Booster Adult Formula is a revolutionary bi-layered tablet designed to supply rapid-release essential nutrients while simultaneously delivering the extended release of powerful botanicals.
Nature's Plus® E FEM is a natural, patent-pending formula infused with the essential nutrients that will stimulate and balance your personal body chemistry for a more youthful and vibrant you.
Nature's Plus GH MALE® is nutrition science's greatest breakthrough to safely boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production naturally.
Healthy, natural testosterone levels promote strength, endurance, stamina, vitality, energy, brain function, mood, sexual function and more. Nature's Plus® T MALE™ is a revolutionary supplement that nutritionally supports healthy, natural testosterone production in men. Nature's Plus® Adult's Ear, Nose & Throat Lozenges promote healthy microbial ecology of the inner ear, nose and throat with the breakthrough probiotic K12!

DreamQuest ProCreation is created with a natural approach to reproductive health as a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement specially designed to nutritionally support optimal reproductive function. Consisting of 90 water retention tablets per tub, Bloat less is 100% natural, suitable for vegans and jam packed with high quality herbals to help you get rid of water retention without filling your body full of E numbers. Foods high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes can be a menace to weight loss, but if you are struggling to say goodbye to carbs completely, a carb blocker like Super Skinny Me could be the answer you are looking for!
This is indigestible fibre, which literally cleans the digestive system as it passes through the body and helps move other foods along the digestive tract. Studies have indicated that Omega 3 oils are helpful for maintaining the health of the heart and the joints.  Omega 6 is useful for brain and muscle development (by promoting healthy cell growth). This effective yet gentle formula is designed to help cleanse and oxygenate the bowel whilst also supporting efficient colon function and the grown of intestinal flora. Their commitment to excellence has earned the loyalty of thousands of natural whole food products retailers and millions of their customers across the U.S. With revolutionary new all-natural ingredients and more Energizing, Antioxidant, and Anti-Aging power than ever before, Source of Life Gold will change your life with an unparalleled Burst of Life and Burst of Health! Citrimax is a highly concentrated extract of Garcinia Cambogia, a healthful fruit indigenous to India and popularly used for hundreds of years.
The fast-releasing side of the tables supplies powerful levels of vitamins A, C, and E, all of which have been shown to fortify the immune system. Every day, the stresses of life diminish the body's ability to produce HGH and we lose more of its associated youthful energy, strength and vitality.
ULTRA T MALE dual-action Bi-Layered Tablets help nutritionally maximize healthy production of revitalizing testosterone, immediately and throughout the day or night. Testosterone positively influences male physiology, promoting strength, endurance, stamina, vitality, energy, brain function, mood, sexual function and more. In addition to powerful immune-supporting benefits, Adult's Ear, Nose & Throat Lozenges provide the friendly flora that promote healthy, clean and fresh breath. That’s why MHP developed X-FIT POWER, the ultimate 24 hour muscle building and recovery formula. The NHS recommends that adults should aim to eat a minimum of 18g of fibre a day (other sources recommend more). Because the body can not break down the insoluble fibre, its bulk keeps the digestive system feeling full, which helps stave off hunger pangs. Carefully studying the natural vitamin market, he observed that consumers were seeking energy and an enhanced quality of life from their vitamins. SPIRU-TEIN® GOLD is designed to meet today's relentless energy demands and give you the steady spark you need to keep going.
The active ingredients in POWER (HICA and DAA) are clinically proven to fight off DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and boost testosterone levels to help activate muscle building, so you can be fully prepared to conquer tomorrow’s workout. X-FIT POWER contains no substances banned by WADA, so athletes can be confident in its powerful muscle building and repair benefits.

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