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Combining probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG supplements with aloe vera may slash cholesterol levels by over 40%, suggests a new study with lab rats.
Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Probiotics: These Microbes are very healthy By Pooja BiraiaThen, there were Ice creams, now there are Probiotic Ice creams.
In fact if you visit a departmental store, and look up the milk, curds, ice creams sections, most of the products will also have their corresponding probiotic versions. In simple terms, probiotics refer to small bacteria that are friendly to your body and function to maintain the natural balance of organisms in your body. There are numerous bacteria in your body, 20 times more in number than the number of body cells. Irregular meal timings and poor eating habits, junk foods and chlorinated drinking water, work pressures and the rat race, various ailments and the use of antibiotics can cause chaos in the gastrointestinal tract by destroying good bacteria and allowing undesirable bacteria to multiply. And when the number of good bacteria is lowered in the body, problems such as gas, bloating, constipation, intestinal toxicity and poor absorption of nutrients take place. And probiotics play an especially important role in stocking up the levels of health promoting good microbes in your digestive tract. It is not that a person completely relies on probiotic food, but supplementing your daily food with probiotic variety, can help in various ways.
As of now In India, foods that contain probiotics are primarily dairy products and dairy beverages, including curds, milk, ice creams, drinkable yogurt and certain dietary supplements too, for example, capsules, tablets and powders.

She also says that there is no research that can wipe out the importance of probiotics, in fact, all research and studies prove its benefits. It is believed that those probiotic tablets, which have a special enteric coating to protect them as they pass through the acidic environment of the stomach to get to the lower part of the intestine, will really be helpful. As probiotics increasingly occupy shelf spaces in supermarkets and general stores, manufacturers appear to be exploiting the increasing popularity of these ingredients, as a way to promote their products. There are a number of microbes in your body and most of them in your intestine, these microbes actually help in the process of digestion. Most probiotics are bacteria similar to those naturally found in people's guts, especially in those of breastfed infants (who have natural protection against many diseases).
All the more your body weight is not just you, but the billions of microbes that live in your gut. When your lower intestine will contain at least 85% of probiotic or good bacteria, then, they can prevent the effect of the 15% of disease causing microorganisms or bad bacteria. These probiotics also join the existing friendly bacteria in your body to help inhibit the growth of more harmful microbes.
In probiotic foods and supplements, the bacteria may have been present originally or added during preparation.
Hence, it is pertinent that before buying, a customer checks the label so that they buy the genuine probiotic product without being fooled into a fake one. Suddenly a new word has been added to an ever increasing vocabulary of a food connoisseur, and interestingly, it’s fast becoming a trend, a way of life and one that is here to stay.

And Probiotics are live microorganisms that are beneficial to you just as the good bacteria inside your body.
This, in turn, will help improve the digestion and absorption of your food and stimulate and support the immune system. And it is then that probiotic foods establish large, healthy populations of friendly bacteria that compete with the bad bacteria that try to take up space in the body. Says Dr Lalwani, “ If it is prescribed by the doctor fine, else, enteric coated tablets are not essential. Also, it is important to seek the guidance of your health care provider before using any probiotic supplement.
In fact, you will be surprised to know that at any one time, you have more bacteria in your body than the total number of people on the planet. But, she adds, that if a person is taking probiotic supplements, then it must be for a limited period only, ranging from a week to ten days, and through a doctor’s advice.

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