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Starbaits Probiotic Coconut with Eva Milk Boilie, Starbaits already popular Probiotic boilie range is set for the addition of this little beauty Probiotic Coconut with Evaporated Milk. In the advancement to keep Probiotic baits at the pinnacle of bait design, Starbaits have moved the Pro Coconut and Evaporated Milk into the super-visual category. A great all round boilie for any weather conditions, from the heavy pre-baiters to the intricate PVA baggers the Starbaits Probiotic Coconut with Evaporated Milk range is for you. Starbaits Probiotic Pro Plus Plum Pop ups available in 3 sizes, comes with a small tub of matching dip.

Not only will it be a winter winner but the lads testing it have had success all year round while in the testing stages.
Keeping the philosophy that the Probiotics baits offer nutritional goodness for the fish by stringently selecting high quality ingredients from the finest supply like yeasts and livers, various salts and spices with increased use of refined digestible oils. Pridanim roznych druhov korenia a vysoko atraktivneho Robin Redu je tento dip uspesny aj v studenej vode. The Starbaits Pro Coconut has the added ability to blanket the lake bed with a highly visible white covering that carp have found irresistible to investigate.

Ked ryby neberu v prilis teplej vode je Probiotic the Red One dip tou spravnou volbou pre posilnenie pachove stopy. In shallower water the Hi-Viz effect of the white colour will increase the light refraction and pull the fish to investigate the change, where upon the effective feed stimulates and hunger triggers injected within the bait will encourage the fish to gorge.

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