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If the thought of sauerkraut only brings to mind the thought of canned condiments on hot dogs, it is high time you tried making your own! Since the only place I could find it was Whole Foods – for a whopping $10-$20 per jar – I knew it was something I needed to get better at making! This is a recipe for basic raw sauerkraut, just cabbage and salt, but once you have got this down, get creative! Tarashaun founded Blender Babes after discovering high power blenders (such as Blendtec and Vitamix) and realizing their massive potential to help people eat healthier AND heal their chronic illnesses through food.
Just wondering how much of this wonderful raw sauerkraut you would recommend for a person to consume in a day . See what happens when you give up dairy for a few weeks, and cut back on your other animal products (like fish oil capsules) so that you’re only having them a couple of times per week (if at all). My secret (well, not so secret anymore!) weapon against acne that has really helped me on my own journey has been the Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, which replaces the good bacteria you may have lost through poor dietary choices in the past. Your body needs plenty of water to function well and look youthful, and though you want to make sure you’re drinking enough so that you’re not dehydrated, you shouldn’t forget to eat fruits with high water content, either! Speaking of cucumbers, they’re one of the best Beauty Foods for your skin in general, used inside or outside. A study found that eating more foods rich in carotenoids, like tomatoes, bell peppers, mangoes, watermelons, and even leafy greens can actually shift your skin tone for a positive effect, so that it appears to be glowing even more.
One more note on hydration: if you’re tired of drinking plain water and you’re active, you can enjoy young coconut water (look for one that doesn’t have any added sugar), which is an incredible hydrator that contains lauric acid, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
Gently exfoliate your face with a washcloth or a mixture of ground oatmeal and water or oil (olive or almond, or choose your own personal favorite).
If your dress shows much skin at all, whether it’s your arms, back, or decolletage, you’ll want the skin on your body to look just as gorgeous as the skin on your face. If you’re unhappy with the results of your current skin care routine or you’re starting to question whether some of the ingredients are good for your skin, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little. For face cream, just take a look at the ingredients list and avoid ones full of petroleum-based ingredients or polyunsaturated oils.
For a little something extra in the skin care department beyond just washing and moisturizing, Sally B’s Antioxidant Skin Boost brightens skin and fights free radicals.
Pineapple is like a wonder food when your skin needs to look amazing, and it tastes incredible!
The bromelain in pineapple helps your digestive system break down protein, which in turn makes it easier for it to exit the body and less likely to hang around in your gut to cause acne and other skin issues. If you’re having trouble with inflamed skin, pineapple can come to the rescue like Prince Charming once more and reduce that, plus it helps form more collagen, which will lead to new, healthy skin cells for smooth, soft skin. What you put into your body and how much you move around are both important and will result in beautiful, glowing skin, but on special occasions—like your wedding day—you want to look extra vibrant. Vapour Beauty’s Aura Multi-Use Blush is another great product for emphasizing your beautiful glowing skin. I have read all of your articles on skin and I was wondering what you think about Diatomaceous Earth? One single way for make glowing skin for wedding day which eye rid serum it’s natural and healthy glowing skin serum.
An efficiently functioning system allows your body to make the most of the nutrients you consume, and when you eat the right foods, they promote a healthy metabolism.
A great thing about the Beauty Detox Power is that it naturally promotes a healthy metabolism, because it is designed to continually cleanse your system to keep it working optimally.
While some people have maligned coconut oil over the years as a source of unhealthy saturated fat, recent studies show it is not only healthy, but it also has positive effects on your metabolism. How to use it: You can incorporate coconut oil into your diet by swapping it for all of the oils you regularly use to cook. Bee pollen also contains vitamins C, E and most B vitamins (except B12), which help you deal with stress, improve digestion and increase energy.  They provide about 25% bioavailable protein, from complete amino acids. Like other warming spices, cinnamon can boost your metabolism by increasing your body temperature.
Along with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, garlic can help loosen up toxins and mucus, and promote them being flushed from your body. Not only are sea vegetables like dulse and nori loaded with the nutrients your body needs, but they also offer a welcome saltiness without adding table salt. Cabbage is a huge weight loss booster because it contains high amounts of  B Vitamins, considered natural metabolism boosters.
Raw uncooked nuts (with the exception of peanuts) give a high dose of fiber, protein and enzymes crank up your metabolism and help promote a healthy heart. Hi Tina, if you prefer the taste of cinnamon to cut through the celery you can throw in a dash or substitute celery for another green. Hi Kim, do you practice putting hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide in your water to alkalize?
Hey Sara, Be sure you are following Blossoming Beauty, and taking lots of probiotics while eating Probiotic & Enzyme Salad. I have gone through your new book The beauty detox solution and got some new insight about eating right foods.
From last 3 weeks I have added GSS as the morning breakfast and also added hot lemon water as first thing in the morning.
I have acne problem since last 15 years and I was hoping my skin would start looking better after making these few changes in my diet.
I am really disappointed and would like you to suggest if there are any special foods which I need to add to my diet which would help me in getting rid of acne and scars.
It takes longer than a month to calm the acne, your body is pushing out all the dairy grossness. In her bestselling book, The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder—one of Hollywood’s top celebrity nutritionists and beauty experts—shared the groundbreaking program that keeps her A-list clientele in red-carpet shape. In The Beauty Detox Foods you can get the star treatment with this guide to the top 50 beauty foods that will make you more beautiful from the inside out. The Beauty Detox Power is filled with revolutionary advice, inspiring personal stories, and powerful tips and tools.

Blender Babes researches, tests, and ONLY recommends healthy living products we know our community will love – and negotiates the best deals for you. Sauerkraut is not only a delicious way to use your cabbage, the laundry list of heath benefits leave no wonder why fermented foods have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. Obviously, making your own fermented foods is much cheaper than store bought brands, and best of all, it’s kind of fun! I boil water in a huge pot and add my mason jars and lids 3 at a time or so – and boil them for 10 minutes.
The salt will pull the water out of the cabbage (through osmosis), and this creates the brine in which the cabbage can ferment and sour without rotting. You can also try adding garlic, carrots, brussel sprouts, spices, caraway or fennel seeds, even seaweed. Her mission is to create a MOVEMENT: to encourage and teach people how to make inexpensive, fast and healthy meals and snacks at home, and to test, review and share an abundance of healthy living products, recommendations and GIVEAWAYS!
I’ve heard that raw sauerkraut can last almost indefinitely in the fridge if sealed… It will definitely last for months in the fridge, so feel free to make a BIG batch!
I think I overfilled my jars as when I went to go peak on them two days in I found they leaked through the very tight seal of the mason jar leaving me with purple liquid everywhere ( i used a mix of purple and white cabbage).
Minimize or eliminate processed and refined foods, too, and eat a more natural, plant-based diet. Do something that you love so you’ll feel as if exercise is something you get to do, rather than one more chore. The slight yellow tint your skin takes on when you consume more of these fruits and vegetables is perceived as healthier and even more attractive to others, so you’ll look even more gorgeous than usual in those wedding photos by consuming more of these Beauty Foods that promote beautiful skin. This is perfect if you’re dealing with dehydrated, lackluster skin and feel as if regular water’s just not doing enough for your complexion on its own.
Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead, dull skin that’s hiding the beautiful, glowing skin underneath. Experiment with your products well in advance of your wedding day so you’ll have time to determine what works best for your skin.
Of course you can increase your intake of almonds and have coconut oil in small amounts to benefit your skin from the inside out, but you can also apply the oils directly to your skin to take advantage of their antioxidants. One of the lines I recommend is, because it is non-toxic and has lot of great natural, benefit-driven plant ingredients, is Sally B’s. It also helps reduce bloating (not a skin issue, but definitely not something you want to deal with on your wedding day!).
It’s the Soft Focus Foundation, which gives your skin a satiny finish while moisturizing and reducing inflammation. You can use one of their rosy shades as blush or choose a lighter shade that highlights your cheekbones, under your brows, or even your decolletage or shoulders.
No, I am not a bride to be but the information here is very helpful ?? I was wondering if you could recommend a type of dry brush, thanks!!! Each of the foods I recommend in the Beauty Detox Power serves more than one purpose in the body, and many have a specific effect on your metabolism.
Adding cayenne or other hot peppers also raises your body temperature, turning up your metabolism.
Along with metabolism boosting effects, it also breaks up mucous, reduces inflammation, soothes the digestive system and improves blood circulation.
It is also essential in supporting healthy metabolic function, so you need to drink plenty in order for your metabolism to work properly. It also helps to eliminate free radicals and uric acid (the acidic by-product that heightens in the body from consuming excessive amounts of animal protein).
I know you mentioned in The Beauty Detox Solution that romaine lettuce and spinach are great plant sources of calcium. Drink lots of lemon water between meals, and try the Mag07 supplement and get more colonics! I love your blog (and the GGS, BEST breakfast ever!) and appreciate you sharing such great and helpful information! But it looks like I am getting more skin breakouts than I used and now my face is full of them. I’ve had acne since I was 10, it got worse the first month, but after the second it started to calm down and has become less than ever before. Stop wasting your money on fancy, expensive beauty products and get real results, while spending less at your neighborhood grocery.
Please Note: We are an affiliate for some of the goods and services we recommend and we receive a small commission if you purchase from our links. The salt will also help keep the cabbage crunchy, by inhibiting organisms and enzymes that soften it. Lining your intestinal walls with friendly bacteria increases protective mucous production and decreases the chance for harmful bacteria to populate. Let us know how it works out for you though, there’s more than one way to make kraut! So I quickly took some of the cabbage out from each jar being careful to just skim off the top and not disturb what was in the rest of the jars. Fermentation is a testing process and you WILL find your groove, however we are not experts in this!
I shredded cabbage, massaged in salt(pink himilayan) and tamped it down into the jar, I poured filtered water to just the top of the shredded cabbage then placed the rolled cabbages on top, then if the water was pushed up i poured a little out just so the shredded cabbage was covered. But if you want your skin to glow as much as possible for your wedding day, there are a few extra things you can do to ensure you—and your skin—look your best on your big day. What the meats, dairy, and processed and refined foods do is clog up your intestines with acidic toxins that can contribute to acne. This not only gives you a healthy glow post-exercise, but it also keeps your skin cells healthier in the long run. If wedding planning is stressing you out, you need the exercise to release some of that anxiety. For example, watermelon’s high water content is accompanied by the antioxidant lycopene, plus calcium, magnesium, and sodium; and cucumbers have B vitamins, electrolytes, vitamin C, and fiber.

In addition to eating them on your salad or as a snack, try a couple of slices on your eyes in an at-home spa treatment or even use them on other parts of your body you’d like to tighten up.
You can add coconut water to your Glowing Green Smoothie in place of plain water if you don’t like the taste of coconut water right out of the fruit or the box. The bromelain in ripe pineapple also helps cleanse the blood of toxins and assists circulation, which is always helpful for a glowing complexion!
Your newfound glow that comes from the inside will be the perfect canvas for strategically placed natural beauty products. We both want to be in tip top shape when we walk down the aisle so it was perfect timing to read this.
I know what you say about juicing vs having the fiber but I juiced one recently and have been loving the really creamy milkshake like texture! By definition, your metabolism is your body’s ability to break down foods for energy and synthesize nutrients. Instead, it consists of medium-chain fatty acids that your body burns into energy rather than storing.  Coconut oil also stimulates thyroid function, firing up your body’s metabolic furnace. They are packed with amino acids, including the amino acid phenylalanine, which helps to control hunger and appetite.
Recent studies show cinnamon helps your body manage blood sugar effectively, which may be valuable for people who have developed a sluggish metabolism caused by insulin resistance. How to use it: If you’ve never purchased sea vegetables, you can find them at health food stores, Asian groceries, or in the Asian section of your local supermarket.
The GGS is the best way to start your day, because it gives your body everything it needs to kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning.
I’m also experiencing very very bad breakouts around my mouth, is this a symptom of the Candida going away? If you are at all drawn to meditation of the path of Paramahansa Yogananda, I wholeheartedly encourage you to pursue it.
Previous IBS issues would knock me out of commission for days at a time and in very serious pain.
You can buy cabbage fresh and chop it yourself, however I prefer to buy pre shredded cabbage if possible to save time, since I am eating it for the fermented benefits, not the nutritional value of the cabbage. With clean hands MASSAGE the salt into the cabbage to relese the natural moisture and aid in the brine process.
Typically if you are going to eat a heavy meal (meat, cheese, etc.) you will want to eat some raw sauerkraut before eating the heavy meal. I resealed and put them back to ferment but I don’t know if it’s too late, if fully opening them messes with the fermentation process and spoils the whole jar? Those toxins overwhelm your organs and alter the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestines. You’ll get glowing skin, boost your mood, and be able to think more clearly with a little physical activity. Dry brushing will assist in circulation (it makes your skin tingle and sometimes feels like it’s increased your energy!) and exfoliates like no store-bought exfoliating product can. When your metabolism functions efficiently, you will have more energy, expel waste more efficiently, and be less likely to gain extra weight. I’ve found that consuming bee pollen is so nutritionally complete that it helps you eat less overall food in a day, and helps balance cravings. Please note: If you have an allergenic reaction to bees, or a health condition like asthma you should not consume bee pollen.
How to use it: Sprinkle some cinnamon in warm almond milk like my Almost Raw Vegan Vanilla Latte, or mix with chia seeds and almond milk to make a yummy snack pudding. How to use it: Add lemons to your Glowing Green Smoothie, squeeze it on salads or fresh vegetables, and definitely start your day with hot water and fresh lemon! Plus, it provides nutrition, fiber, and energy to quell cravings and keep you away from metabolism-harming substances like caffeine and diet soda. If you use a regular blender, it might be chunky and nasty, which certainly won’t inspire you to want to make and drink it every morning.
Is there anything you know of (supplements?) that I can take that will make this more manageable? Check out this link for more info, and for applying for The Lessons, which are nothing short of amazing. Lay them out to dry on some towels or paper towels and then get ready to stuff them (and I mean MASH DOWN!) with your cabbage mixture!
When you removed some of it, did you replace the full cabbage leafs at the top to make sure the rest is still submerged under water? The bristles may feel quite firm at first, but you’ll start to get used to and even love the firmness. Not that you need to have digestive problems (see health benefits below) to benefit – eating raw sauerkraut will provide much needed probiotics for your gut as well as help PREVENT digestive issues. Lactobacillus acidophilus is also a great benefit to your immune system, having shown benefits to patients with IBS, Chrons Disease, high cholesterol, lactose intolerance, Lyme disease, hives, and more! Additionally the weather has gotten quite hot and humid where I am and I fear it’s gotten too warm for the fermentation to take place. It’s supposed to get cooler tomorrow and I am currently on day 4, has the heat spoiled them or will it just stop the fermentation temporarily until the temperature drops and can continue again?
Currently my thermometer reads at 77 which is over the recommended temp (Kim suggests between 65-70). Place your jar in a relatively cool corner of your kitchen where you will not forget about it.

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