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Researchers from the University of California at San Diego have determined that healthy skin bacteria serve as defense mechanisms against infection, and can fight off even the sometimes deadly MRSA infection. This of course explains why not everyone who comes into contact with the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria – or any other skin infective agent for that matter – becomes infected.
The researchers tested a typical skin (probiotic) bacteria Propionibacterium acnes against MRSA in several settings.
The research found those Propionibacterium acnes cultures with greater glycerol mediums significantly inhibited the growth of the MRSA bacteria. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria feed off of the glycerol produced by the body’s sebaceous glands. One of the central mechanisms of Propionibacterium acnes’ ability to inhibit MRSA was through a biochemical called propionic acid.
The researchers then tested the ability of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria to prevent infection on the skin of mice. Meanwhile antibiotics applied to the skin will produce a die-off of these important skin bacteria – which leaves the skin vulnerable to infection once the antibiotics wear off. Compounding this risk, MRSA and other infective microorganisms are now resistant to many antibiotics. Is it a coincidence that hospitals – places where the most antibiotics are applied or prescribed – have the greatest rate of infection of these antibiotic-resistant microorganisms? Probiotischer Joghurt beeinflusst die Darmflora offenbar auf ganz andere Weise als bisher angenommen. Sowohl beim Menschen als auch bei den Mausen habe man signifikante Veranderungen in der Aktivitat der Darmflora beobachtet, berichten die Wissenschaftler. Diese Erkenntnis konnte neue Erklarungen dafur liefern, warum einige Probiotika gegen entzundliche Darmerkrankungen oder Durchfalle helfen, wie vorhergehende Studien belegten. Um die subtilen Wirkungen der Probtiotika aufzudecken, nutzten die Forscher eine Methoden-Kombination: Ihren ersten Versuchsteil fuhrten sie mit Hilfe von sieben menschlichen Zwillingspaaren durch. Der Joghurt enthielt neben den typischen Milchsaurebakterien Bifidobacterium und Lactobacillus noch drei weitere probiotische Bakterienarten.
Einen zweiten Versuchsteil fuhrten die Wissenschaftler mit keimfrei aufgezogenen Mausen durch, die mit 15 Stammen menschlicher Darmbakterien geimpft wurden. Durch diese Vorgehensweise konnten die Forscher Abweichungen vom normalen Stoffwechselschema erkennen und gezielt auch bei den menschlichen Probanden nach ahnlichen Mustern suchen. AYUDA A MANTENER EL EQUILIBRIO DE LA MICROFLORA INTESTINAL EN PERSONAS QUE VIAJAN FRECUENTEMENTE. Los viajes al extranjero, junto con el consumo de alimentos con los que no se esta familiarizado, pueden dar lugar a veces a una alteracion del equilibrio saludable normal de los miles de millones de organismos de la microflora que existe en el intestino, y esto puede dar lugar a malestar intestinal. Cada capsula de probiotico para viajeros contiene 12.500 millones del ampliamente estudiado grupo Lab4 de bacterias probioticas beneficiosas, junto con Jengibre, L- Glutamina y Aloe vera, y esta combinacion de ingredientes esta disenada para ayudar a mantener el equilibrio de la flora y mejorar el confort intestinal al viajar. Based primarily of my previous two articles How to eliminate Candida & biofilms and Resistant Starch- a concise guide to the biohack of the decade this post will serve as a reference guide expanding the knowledge of what can be done to biohack the gut. Fatty acids are a primary fuel source for the cells and tissues in your body along side glucose.

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are fatty acids with aliphatic tails of 6–12[5] carbons, which can form medium-chain triglycerides.
Based on the above results it appears that initial starting pH of stomach acid will affect the pH through the rest of the gastro intestinal tract. Your body produces mucin (as in mucous a type of glycan) in the gut and this is also there for the purposes to help nourish your microbiome. Prebiotic oligosaccharides change the concentrations of short-chain fatty acids and the microbial population of mouse bowel. Pectin in this study inhibits some of the absorption of food nutrients so best probably taken away from food. Fermentation of animal components in strict carnivores: a comparative study with cheetah fecal inoculum. While there are many bacteria that have benefits for one reason or another these ones specifically are singled out for their remarkable properties in conjunction with RS. Bifidobacterium infantis – implicated in the serotonin production pathway, has anti-depressant like effects and improves motivation.
Lactobacillus brevis and Bifidobacterium dentium – best GABA producers (reference) B.Brevis is rated 2nd in terms of reducing gut permeability in a 9-species comparison. Lactobacillus Plantarum – strong imuno-modulation tendencies; may also cure eczema (reference) Rated 3rd in reducing gut permeability compared to 9 other species. The researchers conducted laboratory studies by growing cultures of Propionibacterium acnes with and without their preferred food medium of glycerol, and tested these varying cultures against a species of MRSA bacteria known to be one of the most fatal – the USA300 species. Those Propionibacterium acnes mediums with less glycerol had less resistance against the MRSA bacteria. The researchers isolated the propionic acid from the skin probiotic and found that propionic acid in itself significantly inhibited the colonization of MRSA.
The Propionibacterium acnes bacteria cultures significantly inhibited MRSA infections – at even greater degrees than within the laboratory. Propionibacterium acnes bacteria make up approximately half of the total probiotic bacteria living on the skin.
This means that a topically applied antibiotic might kill our skin probiotics while allowing MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Fermentation of Propionibacterium acnes, a commensal bacterium in the human skin microbiome, as skin probiotics against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Er fordert weder eine Ansiedelung gesunder Bakterien im Darm, noch verandert er nachhaltig die Zusammensetzung der dort ansassigen Mikrobengemeinschaft. Sie analysierten sowohl bei menschlichen Studienteilnehmern als auch bei Mausen, wie sich die siebenwochige tagliche Einnahme dieses Joghurts auf die Darmflora und deren Stoffwechselaktivitat auswirkt.
Die Mikrobengemeinschaft produzierte von einigen Enzymen mehr, von anderen weniger als normalerweise. Noch sei allerdings unklar, welche der beobachteten Veranderungen fur welche Gesundheitswirkungen verantwortlich sein konnten, sagen die Forscher. Von diesen eineiigen Gewisterpaaren trank jeweils ein Zwilling das probiotische Praparat, der andere nicht.

Nach Angaben der Hersteller solcher Produkte sollen diese Mikrobenarten unter anderem eine gesunde Darmflora fordern und das Immunsystem widerstandsfahiger gegen Infektionen und Allergien machen.
Tatsachlich sei es erst dadurch gelungen, die insgesamt 86 Veranderungen in der Enzymproduktion der menschlichen Darmflora zu identifizieren, sagen die Forscher.
While the body can produce fatty acids from glucose or stored fat, bacteria also play an important role supplying energy to the body. This is relevant because the pathogenic form of Candida Albicans grows in an alkaline environment.
And that way the gut bugs can help us both to exploit fucosylated glycans from plants and add it to the mucosa. B.Infantis which is likely the primary bacteria responsible for Serotonin production is not found in 90% of probiotics on the market. Also rated the top bacteria in a comparison study with 9 others from VSL#3 in terms of reducing gut permeability.
The researchers also found that the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria tended to colonize into and around any wounds on the skin of the mice – thereby preventing MRSA infection into the wound. Das berichtet ein internationales Forscherteam im Fachmagazin "Science Translational Medicine".
Auch die Frage, wie die probiotischen Bakterienkulturen diese Effekte im Darm auslosen, musse noch erforscht werden. Die Analysen von Stuhlproben ergaben jedoch, dass zwei der Bakterienarten, Streptococcus thermophilus und Lactobacillus delbrueckii, schon die Darmpassage nicht uberlebten. For example acetic acid (as in the kind from vinegar) is used by the citric acid cycle to create energy in the form of ATP in your body. Cutting edge research is exploring these glycans and how they relate to various microbiota. Bacteria metabolize glycans (virtually all prebiotics are glycans), which is helpful because the glycosidic bonds that link these sugars to various molecules are indigestible to us (as they should be if we want our flora to access them). Die anderen Arten schafften es zwar lebend bis in den Darm, konnten sich dort aber nicht ansiedeln.
If a person does not have the appropriate bacteria and they are not feeding them their favorite foods your energy production will become compromised. Jenny McCarthy attributes curing her son of autism partly through the use of Threelac which contains this bacteria.
The fatty acids produced by the friendly bacteria also add a measure of protection from pathogens by lowering the pH in your GI tract.

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